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Advanced Gold Hunter 7.20c

December 1, 2018 by majormax17
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BH Offlane 7.20c

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game items

Mid Game Items

Core Items

Optional Items

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

4 7 9 11


2 3 5 8

Shadow Walk

1 13 14 16


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+300 Track Gold
50% Evasion
+90 Jinada Gold Steal
+75 Shuriken Toss Damage
+350 Health
+50 Attack Speed
+25% XP Gain
+20 Movement Speed

Advanced Gold Hunter 7.20c

December 1, 2018


Bounty Hunter (BH in chapters bellow) became quite interesting hero , and possible "lane cancer" . It's because his skills were reworked . Now his Second skill doesn't deal CRIT dmg and no longer applies slow . Instead it gives you bonus 80/110/140/170 dmg and it steals unreliable gold 12/16/24/30 each time you hit enemy hero . And his third skill no longer gives bonus dmg but instead applies 14/20/26/32 % slow . Now his ultimate skill gives bonus movement speed 16/18/20 % , when chasing tracked heroes (only to him , not whole team). And it makes every hit that BH lands - CRIT dmg 140/160/180 % .
So this means that he can be used as constant harasser who is not letting enemy carry farm by taking his gold and constantly dealing heavy dmg . So in laning phase , you should use every chance to hit enemy carry with your second skill as much as possible .
NOTE : This build is only for advanced players that already have some experience with this hero . Preferable way to play would be dual offlane where BH has the role of semi-support or semi-carry .


The best skill to start with BH is 3rd skill . It can be very useful in many ways . For example , u can apply slow and help your teem getting first blood , steal enemy rune or even kill the enemy courier . The most important thing now is stealing gold so you should max out 2nd skill as soon as possible . And ofc your 1st skill which is important for getting kills .
When we talk about talents , u might wanna pick +25% XP Gain on lvl 10 . It will enable you to quickly gain EXP and get to lvl 15 . There you should take + 350 Health Talent , trust me you gonna need it . With your bonus XP talent you should be able to get to lvl 20 very fast . And that was the actual point of all that we have done till now . The next talent should be +90 Jinada Gold Steal. It will allow you to annihilate enemy farm and secure your gold without much farming . And lastly , when you get to last talent , you should most certainly pick +50% Evasion . It is because you don't need any more gold , it is already late game and you have most needed items . Btw , in my opinion evasion is much better choice any way you put it .


Starting and Early Game Items :

"Circlet" and "Slippers of Agility" will give you some needed stats , and will later become "Wraith Band" which is needed lane Item because of its bonuses . ANd of course more standard items like "Tango" , "Mango" and "Healing Salve" .
Next item that should be aimed for is a "Stout Shield" and "Magic Wand" that will allow you harassing that we were talking about in INTRODUCTION . We saw that this way of playing BH is all about harassing . So if you harras too much , there is a good chance that you will be harassed too . So you gonna need a way to heal your wounds . And there is no better Item for such purposes than "Tranquil Boots" . These boots will give you great HP regen , and movement speed . 7.20 Patch made them even better because now you can attack without disabling your boots . That means that you won't lose bonus movement speed and bonus HP regen even if you hit enemy units . You will lose those only if you get hit .

Mid Game Items :

The first item you should aim for is "Orchrid Malevolence" . It will give you a way to stop enemy from using spells , deal bonus dmg , and gank and kill supports . It will also give you nice mana regen , so you won't have to worry about that anymore . Next Item should be something like "Vladimir" or "Hood of Defiance" . These items will make you less dependable , and less vulnerable and will help your team . After getting lvl 15 , you will be even able to tank fights to some extent .

Core and Optional Items :

Core items are now completely your choice , but here's what items I did find as best in most situations . To cut with explanations i'll simply get down to it . Those items are : "Bloodthorn" and "Pipe of Insight" with "Sange and Yasha" or "Abyssal Blade" .
These are all mixed team and solo Items . By buying these you get : stats , status resistance , movement speed , bash , HP regen ,physical and magical dmg block and other useful stuff . So as much as these Items are good for you , they're good for your team too .
Optional Items are here to serve the right purpose . They're depending on different situations or heroes you are fighting against . So , as i always say , just choose wisely and don't rush with expensive Items early . Get what your team needs and what is corresponding to the current situation that you and your team are in .

NOTE : For this to work , you gonna have to get "Orchrid" as your first core Item . Others are optional . I just gave you my version that is (in my opinion) best in most situations , as i already said before .


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