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DotA2 Hero: Spirit Breaker

Hero Skills

Herd Mentality (Innate)

Charge of Darkness

1 3 5 7


4 8 9 10

Greater Bash

2 12 13 14

Nether Strike

6 11 16


15 17 18


June 5, 2023

Chapter Title

After 2 years of adventuring South America hunting Baranthum, I am back to raise my 71% win streak with Spirit Breaker, to above 80%. Follow my live stream at

*Update 7/24/2022* After 11 years of roaming the jungle in Congo, Baranthum has increased his win percentage to 84.47% over the course of nearly 5000 games with SB. Thank you for the 100k+ guide supports. RIP to those who continue to be slaughtered by SB in Dota 2- no one is safe.

*Update 6/5/2023* After 12 years of off the grid living and navigating creeps and foliage around the world, the guide has still held true to its efficacy. I have repopulated brother nature with baranthums (eg; Spiritbreakers) and have continued to make Youtube and Twitch highlights all over the world. Now with having 5000K+ games with SB, and over 2000K wins, I am SPIRITBREAKER4EVA. Thanks for the 200k views.

Chapter Title

Introduction: This is the official guide to Achmadalatooshieboo's spirit breaker build. Many people have been contacting me to post up a build guide to counter these "New Metagame," heroes.(ie: Furion, Tinker, Pudge, etc.) This build has been used for over 1500 games (verify dota user "Achmadalatooshieboo") and is clearly successful. With a win rate of over 79%, is evident that this is absolutely the best possible build for Spirit breaker.

Initiating items: If you have just began your DOTA 2 Career, Spirit Breaker can be used for universal roles. This particular build is a GUNKER/CARRIER and should always lane in the safe lane. The initiating items are crucial, because with this particular build, you must play very aggressive. Spirit breakers base damage and health points are clearly above and beyond any other characters stats. With his base damage, there is no possible way that you can miss last hits. (ie: CS)

Early Game Items: At about 8 minutes, you should have already racked up about 1700 gold, assuming you didn't miss any last hits. At this point you should have your Power treads and Morbid Mask. Depending on your lane circumstances, you can either abandon the lane to jungle with your SpiritMask. Remember that you should always level up the Charge ability, to maximize your mobility and gank all lanes. If you are even a sub par DOTA 2 wannabe, at 8 minutes you should have already taken lane control and have first blood. (Sometimes 2nd blood if you are I) Keep in mind with this build you cannot be a vagina esque player, or else you will not be successful in your DOTA 2 career. At this point in the match, (~ minute 8) Spirit Breaker is the strongest, fastest, bro hero on the map. It is very crucial to know what your hero is capable of, so that you can dive appropriately.

Mid Game Items: At this point (~15 minutes) You should have at least accumulated 3-13 kills(3000-5000 gold) and have a Black King Bar, and a Crystalis. If you have been engaging aggressively, you should have pushed through T1 tower in your lane. If you havent, you need to grow a pair and sack up. I cannot reiterate the importance of playing aggressive with this build. During the 15-20 minute mark of the game, is where Spirit Breaker really shines. At this point, every time you charge someone, they should be dead.

Mid Game Crisis: Many users and DOTA 2 affiliates have approached me and asked me, "What if I played with some noob cake that fed the lane?" Well, my response to that question is as follows: In life there will always be someone that does something that no one understands, and that is when we give a lending hand. Spirit Breaker was given an ability similar to Boots of Travel. (Aka BOT) There should be no second thought when the so called FED hero appears on the min-map. Once you have the Charge locked on, the hero whom you are charging, regardless of the level will be dead. No questions asked. Repeat the process if the "FED" hero is extremely "FED."

Late Game Items: (~20-21 minutes) The items after you have built your Black King Bar, and Crystalis, are what we call Hyperstones. Hyperstones increase Spirit Breakers Attack speed, and with his passive bash, it gives an addition 10% possibility of bashing. Which means, he will bash every 25% = on the 4th hit. (Try to count 3 swings on creeps, so that when you hit the hero, he will be bashed. In the event of a late game crisis, you should have 2 open slots of space, in which you can purchase 2 more Hyperstones to increase your attack speed by 230% (2 attacks per second). That then gives you an ADDITIONAL 20% on the bash percentage, which in turn will basically mean you have a bashing chance of 45% = every other hit. Don't believe me? Do the math yourself. Keep in mind that you also have a critical strike chance of 15%, so essentially, you are critical striking or bashing on every swing with this late game build.

Post Game Conclusion: Realistically, if you have perfected this build, and learned the mechanics of this hero, there should be no late game phase. The game should consist of ~20-23 minutes at most. If the match duration proceeds over this time frame, there has clearly been a mistake with your gameplay/judgement etc. Warning: Spirit Breaker is not for everyone, nor is an easy hero to use.

Post Guide Message: I do want to sincerely thank you for reading my Official Spirit Breaker guide, and I apologize to anyone in the DOTA2 world for ruining your day with my accurately timed bashes, charges and phenomenal game play.

Memorandum to Post Guide Message : Due to the nature of the DOTA 2 world, and the release of new characters, I can only verify that this build will win 100% of the time as of 8-30-13. I do predict that a character made specifically to counter Spirit Breaker will be released at some point. Please feel free to spectate any of my Live games to witness the annihilation.

This guide is copyrighted and is not allowed to be re posted without permission.

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