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Abandon using Abaddon.

August 21, 2013 by The Orochi
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Global Bubblepopping.

DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

Hero Skills

Mist Coil

10 12 13 14

Aphotic Shield

1 3 5 7

Curse of Avernus

2 4 8 9

Borrowed Time

6 11 16


15 17 18

Abandon using Abaddon.

The Orochi
August 21, 2013

It is time.

Global bubblepopping.

Hi everybody! This guide is for those who hate teamwork and want to be "the amy of one".
Strategy of soloing Abaddon.
Before level 6:
What to upgrade:
Aphotic Shield and Curse of Avernus.
What to buy:
Tango, Boots of Speed, Clarity.
What to do:
Farm. Lasthit. When the enemy hero is nearby, cast Shield on yourself. Ignore allies, but when some newbies try to enter the enemies' territory, do not allow this. Only if your allie is near death, cast shield over him to make him explode AND damage the enemy hero. Avoid ganks. Do not leave the friendly/neutral territory.
Strategy to kill the enemy hero (ON YOUR LANE!!!):
if you are not seen, activate the shield, wait. Go to the enemy (better do it from the behind) and start hitting. When your shield expires, autohit them to the death, or recast the shield and autohit.
Do not perish.

Level 6 and after:
What to upgrade:
Borrowed Time (always), Aphotic, Curse. Do not upgrade Mist Coil before the stats unless your nemesis is an escaper.
What to buy:
Power Threads, Bottle(!), Vladimir's Offering, Mjollnir/Aghanim's Scepter, Aghanim's Scepter/Mjollnir.
What to do:
First thing Abaddon has to do is to... ABANDON your team. Ignore them. Completely. But try to make your team's rune***** mark the runespots (Lanaya's Psionic Traps). Continue farming and 1vs1 killing untill you get your Threads, Bottle and Vladimir's.
When you get them, the real bubblepopping begins. Find enemy groups of 2-4, then go to them. Before engaging activate the shield to make sure the cooldown will end in the heart of the battle. Start hitting the disablers, silencers and tanks. Make sure you are in the center of them. When your shield explodes, quickly reactivate it. The next time it explodes just autohit them. If someone uses a highly-damaging spell and your shield is not availible, Borrow Time to devour all that damage. In case they are just RClicking you and your Time Borrowing is availible, RClick the most fragile ones and continue fighting. Do not look at your health. When it drops lower than 400, you start Borrowing Time automatically. This way you can easily triplekill. But do not lose your head unless you have 8 levels more than your enemies. If you have got Mjollnir, self-cast Static Charge right before the fight. It'll grant you 20% probability of striking all enemies around you with some damage when you are hit. Static Charge and Vladimir's Offering perfectly synergize with Aphotic Shield or Borrowed Time. Just look: you get no damage/devour all the damage, steal life, do AoE damage with Static Charges and slow enemies with your autoattack. That is why it is better to get Mjollnjr before the Scepter. But if things are going awful, take Scepter first.
Your nemesises:
Silencers, disablers, long-rangers.
Your friends:
Rune priority:
Regeneration>Double Damage>Illusion>Haste>Invisibility.
If your bottle is empty, there are no runes to fill it and you are out of mana, return to the fountain. Always!
Try to get Godlike to boost your experience gain.
Do not battle 5-group unless you are extremely powerful.
Battle alone.
Be egoistic, egocentric and narcisstic.

That's all! Commend.

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