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Abaddon, support/ utillity

May 9, 2015 by The Frosto
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Abaddon, support/ utllity

DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

Hero Skills

Font of Avernus (Innate)

Mist Coil

2 5 8 9

Aphotic Shield

1 3 4 7

Curse of Avernus

10 11 12 13

Borrowed Time

6 16


17 18

Abaddon, support/ utillity

The Frosto
May 9, 2015


Abaddon is one of the heroes with the highest winrate because he is able to turn teamfights by giving quick burst of heals and to be able to block damage and purging debuffs from himself and his allies. This guide focus on the support play but you can also go oflane, mid or even Safelane carry. Personally i like playing abaddon because you can go full rambostyle with him and if the game goes really well you are even able to kill their cores because you are really tanky and you have good damage and attackspeed for a support.
I raised 500 MMR by playing this hero and i think that everyone can do that if you play him correctly

This is my first guide so tips are always welcome. Also English isn't my native language but if you see a fault just tell me and I will change it.


Because we are playing him as a support you have to remeber you need to buy wards, courier, dust, etc.
Starting items are basic support stuff and a pair of tangoes and a clarity. You can also buy a branch. If someone else bought support stuff you can get a gauntlet of strenght to make an urn. If you are up against a brood or natureprophet oflane and you have the money buy a stoutshield because this will drasticly reduce the damage you take from there creeps. In some cases you can buy brown boots and a pair of tangoes as starting item and skill curse first if you want firstblood by the rune.
The mango is also a great item if you have enough starting gold. You don't have to buy a clarity than.

In the early game we buy the boots of speed and we try to finish our urn but if you have mana issues go soulring first. after that we buy our tranquil boots. Sometimes you have to go manaboots if your team need that but i prefer tranquils. However if nobody is going to buy a gaurdian greeve and you think you can get it on a decent timing go arcaneboots.

Now we have all our core items actually so we can focus on all the wards and smokes but that would be boring so we try to farm a mekanism. Never steal lasthits from the carry but if nobody is farming the jungle or lane, farm that ****. If our team has a melee carry or mid like a Tiny you can get a vladimir before you get a mek. If the enemy team has lot of magical damage skip the mek and go for a pipe first or when they have lot of rightclick, especially against a brood go crimsonguard. The crimson guard will block all the damage from the spiderlings. Also it is legit to buy the stoutshield as starting item against a brood. You can upgrade this in a vanguard and later in crimson guard but if you aren't thinkig of getting crimsonguard just buy poormanshield. After those items you can get some mobility. I prefer forcestaff but a blink or euls is also great. Against high physical damage get a ghostsscepter. If you like a drum and you think your team needs movementspeed and you have to tank up a bit buy a drum than but i'm not a big fan of that.

Late/Luxury items are just everything you think is good. A scythe of vyse is an item that is always a goo purchase(btw a lot of people call it a sheeps stick so now you know that when some guy is yelling at you in the voice chat "Use your ****ing sheeps stick" what he means). A aghanims is also a good item because it will make your team tankier and you counter those "smart" players that don't want to attack you during borrowed time. If the game last longer than 40 minutes you should get a scepter.
Abysall blade is properly one of the best lategame items because it gives a stun that goes trough bkb. Only problem is that it is melee range so a mobility item is required.
Buy a necronomicon of your team has bad pushing power. This item is good on abaddon because the curse of avernus will give your necronomicon units additional attackspeed.

If your team is doing good you can always buy a hearth of tarrasque because it will gives a lot of regen. If nobody gets an ac and you can effort one than you can always buy one so your team get the bonus attackspeed and armor aura. If there is already a ac in your team and you have lots of money than go shivas guard. This will also give a lot of armor a good slow and some mana.

Rod of Atos is a really good item because it gives a lot for what you pay. Good intellegence, hp and a really good slow with ridiculous castrange. Heavens halberd is a good pickup if the enemy team has rightclickers that don't like buying a bkb and/or mkb like juggernaut. It gives a strong disarm and it gives good strenght and damage. The slow is nice and the evasion makes you really durable against rightclickers.

all the items by optianal are things you can consider in the really late game but they are not core! I think even if you get position 1 safelane or mid farm i think you should buy utility items like mekanism or euls etc. And not go for the pure rightclick build.

The new 6.84 items are really interesting for abaddon. Now you can also consider arcane boots if you want a gaurdian greev. The Solar crest is a really good upgrade on your medalion and will give you also evasion or the ally you use it on.

The Quelling blade is not for farming!!!!!! it is to deward on cliffs. You can use the quelling blade to deward untill a radius from 450.


The reason why abaddon is a hero with such a good winrate is because you can turn a fight completely. For instance the enemy team is chasing someone from your team suddenly you heal that guy and shield him. The enemy team is than properly deep inside your territory and you can easily counterinitiate with your team on theres.

Mist coil: This is your heal. It uses a little mana but it also cost hp from yourself. This is interesting because you can deny yourself with the selfdamage. However you need some skill to do that because it is not that much damage and the cast animation is pretty long and you have to face directly the guy you are mist coiling. It is however a bit easier if you use soulring first and than mistcoil because your hp will be a bit lower than. If you want to heal someone always use mist coil first than shield because mistcoil has a bigger castrange. Mist coil is a good burst heal but a bad nuke because it is only 250 magical damage but it is 250 pure as a heal. remeber to spam this spell on everyone from your team.

Aphotic shield: With this spell you give someone a shield that blocks damage and explodes and deals damage in an area around the explosion when the damage treshold is reached. This abillity has a long cast animation and a lot of mana cost for an abaddon. Important to know is that the shield purges debuffs so if someone is slowed or stunned you can cast it on him so he can escape away.

Curse of Avernus: This slows the enemy gives bonus movementspeed to abaddon and all his allies that attack the same target. It also gives bonus attackspeed and an attackspeed slow. I max this spell last but it is sometimes usefull to skill it on level 1 or 2 for chasing potential.

Borrowed time: The ultimate from abaddon makes him really tanky because you can't die during the duration and all the damage you takes heal you. However if you use soulring or armlet it will still damage you. You should try to always use a mistcoil during borrowed time to heal yourself a bit. This ultimate can be activated or will prock automaticly when you go under the 400 hp treshold. If you get bursted by a lagunablade for instance before you activate your ultimate you will still die and no borrowed time will be activated passivly.

Ranked Play

When you play abaddon on a highleveled ranked play or maybe in a competitve game than you should stay at the back of your team and you can't effort dying. I know i said you can go yolo with him but when you want to tryhard don't do that stuff cuz people know how to counter you and you will just die after your borrowed time is finished. What you should do is staying at the back of a teamfight healing and shielding everyone and doing some rightclicks to do damage. when the enemy is going to use big ultis than you go in and tank it with borrowed time while still playing carefully and healing everyone.

Because you heal so much you will be low on mana and hp so that's why you have to play carefully. And remeber a dead abaddon can't help his team winning or turning teamfights. Focus on buying ward and pull a lot because you can't harras the enemy oflaner well. But if your carry is in trouble you should always be able to help him. Also prioritize someone else to shield above you. Abaddon is a good defensive support and can be a good pick when you are up against an agressive dual or trilane because he can keep the support and carry alive. I don't recommend abaddon to zone the enemy oflaner. Just pull and heal your allies. Abaddon's laning presence isn't amazing. He is a greedy supportpick who shines in the midgame.

What can i do with abaddon?
The best you can do with abaddon is early and mid game pushing. Deathball strats are really good with abaddon because you or an ally can easily tank towers whitout losing a lot of health. Midgame abaddon is a beast and you should be really active during the midgame. If the game progresses you can be really anoying for the enemy team.

Pros / Cons


    Abaddon can heal so your team is always full hp
    Abaddon can shield and purge debuffs like shadow strike from QoP
    Abaddon can easily transist into a semi-carry.
    Abaddon is really tanky
    Abaddon has good base movementspeed.

    Has no disable only a slow that isn't that great on level one.
    When played as support you will has low hp because of soul ring and mistcoil and if the enemy isn't an idiot he will kill you after borrowed time.
    Abaddon is a bad nuker.
    Can't gank and is bad lanesupport also he is melee and dewarding and pulling is more difficult.
    Isn't good at making comebacks, if you are losing you can't do a lot with abaddon.

Friends and foes

Abaddon is good in lane with ranged heroes with disable like Vengefull Spirit, Lion, Shadow Shaman and especially Crystal Maiden because of her arcane aura.
Also the carry you pick with abaddon should be a ranged one like sniper or Drow Ranger who has good slow and lot of kill potential. However Weaver is also really good with abaddon, he is squishy but he can play really agressive so when you shield a weaver during laning stage you can easily get kills with him. This is because weaver does a lot of damage with succuci and geminate and when he get attacked he is protected with shield.
Another good friend of abaddon is axe because you can shield him and than he does a call so the shield will explode and do a bonus nuke with the axe. If the axe becomes low on health you can always heal him.

Also one of the biggest counters against abaddon is axe. First he ***** on melee heroes like you and also his quelling blade goes trough borrowed time, you will still die even when activated.
Ancient Apparition is a counter to all healing heroes with his ultimate Ice Blast.

Abaddon counters:
Abaddon is good against heroes with damage over time because you can stop it temporarly with aphotic shield, heal with mistcoil and your ulti will allow you to heal because a damage over time is a garantied damage source. He is also great against mirana or pudge because he can purge there long disables with apothic shield. Also there is no way that a pudge can kill a abaddon if he has borrowed time ready.

Farming with abaddon

If you have soulring and you are level 7 you can easily jungle. Use soulring activate aphoticshield and attack every creep until every creep has 250 hp left. Than your shield should explode and you have jungled whitout losing mana or hp. When you have a vlads you can just jungle whenever you want. In lanes you can shield the creep that tanks the most damage and push the wave pretty fast this way.

Try to get bountyrunes they are really good. But always check the bottle from your mid. If the bottle is empty you leave the rune for your mid.

In the early game is there not a really good way to farm except pulling and laning if there is no carry in the lane.

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