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Abaddon Multi Task

September 25, 2014 by Wiwocs
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DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

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Abaddon Multi Task

September 25, 2014

Chapter Title

This guide will help you to make a solid Abaddon that can kill almost any Heroe Alone, and can support his partners without getting low of HP.
At beggining you are going to be with less items that most of the other heroes, but its because we focus in obtain this 2 items first:
- Tranquil Boots
- Vladmir's Offering
With this items, we will recover our HP really fast when atacking and when we are not atacking, also, we move quickly than most of the other heroes in map. Thats why, you must get your Tranquil Boots first Than Vladmir's Offering.
Now, its time to focus in get the Skull Basher, with this, we get a decent atack and we stun enemys.
When we get the Skull Basher we buy the Hyperstone at the Secret Shop, and start make the Assault Cuirass, with the Hyperstone our attack speed would be great, you will get the money needed really fast.
To this point of game, you will be supporting your team and atacking solo, moving at all the map, and enemy Heroes will try kill you first, so you can choose between the situational items deppending how the match its going.
This is the Basic way to be a Multifunctional Abaddon.
Good luck

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