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A True CarrySupport

March 31, 2014 by zekiewon
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DotA2 Hero: Silencer

Purchase Order


Animal Courier
Null Talisman
Power Treads
Force Staff
Scythe of Vyse
Shiva's Guard
Orchid Malevolence

Hero Skills

Arcane Curse

3 8 13 14

Glaives of Wisdom

2 5 9 12

Last Word

1 4 7 10

Global Silence

6 11 16


15 17 18

A True CarrySupport

March 31, 2014


Silencer is a fantastic laner. You must be weary though. He is not always great for pub matches because pub folk have a bad habit of not calling missing. But get him onto a good team and he can help support some but will end up looking sort of like a carry. As you can tell from the build, we are gonna max out the int of Nortrom. When you get scythe of vyse, and indeed even after force staff, His Glaives of Wisdom become your death punch. Yes, your finger on the W key will become associated with big kills for the Silencer. On top of the int maxing and deadly W ability, you will simply piss off the entire other team. Your double silences (and triple after you land orchid) will fulfill your namesake and possibly even cause some rage quits. Now, let's get started.

Early/Mid Game

Start in double lane. Mid only if positively necessary. You will be great in lane with a decent carry. I prefer bottom on Radiant and top on Dire (the lane near YOUR jungle). You want that shop nearby so you can grab power treads as fast as possible. Harrass lightly with your Glaives, and sometimes with your glaives of wisdom. Be careful to preserve mana early though because you wont be buying any mana regen items early. As soon as you get power treads, put them on blue (Intelligence increase) and leave them. This is when you can begin playing a bit more confident. Next, you're shooting force staff. This increases mobility and guess what else...Intelligence. By mid game you should have 1 to 3 kills (in lane and ganking), and you should have your force staff and be heading for the magical 2700 gold item, the mystic staff (part of scythe of vyse). At this point be using the force staff mainly for escape. Do not use it to initiate a battle. You will most likely get wrecked. The only offensive example of using the force staff that I can think of would be if two or three of their team is dead and you are chasing someone with low health. If that is the case, then force staff and glaive the SOB for another kill. Once you get the mystic staff you will begin to see the power in this build. Never forget about your Global silence or your Q and E abilities in early team fights. They can be a big help to you teammates (and they piss off the other team). But make sure you are getting your fair share of Glaives of Wisdom in.

Late Game

The game is going long? Your build just gets better. Shivas guard makes it possible to force staff into a fight and actually take a little damage, but don't be stupid. When team fights begin, do not try to play initiator. Hang back...then right before the initiator begins the fight, use global silence then force staff in. Hex the other teams carry with your scythe then use E on him. If there is a cluster of enemies use Q. If there is a deadly caster on the other team, keep that douche bag silenced (Orchid Malevolence). But other than that...GLAIVE OF WISDOM ALL THEIR.....butts. It would not be surprising to hear the phrase ULTRA KILL at this point of the game. But, overall, take care of yourself early, get that int, and you'll be on your way to a very good, and FUN, game. Happy Glaiving and pissing everyone off.

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