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A quick guide to get you started on PHANTOM ASSASSIN

September 4, 2012 by SuperNova
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A quicky guide for newbs

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

2 4 8 10

Phantom Strike

3 7 13 15


1 5 9 12

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


14 17 18

A quick guide to get you started on PHANTOM ASSASSIN

September 4, 2012


Hello everyone this is my 2nd guide on dotafire. I am SuperNova and this is a quic guide for players new to phantom assassin.
Pros of PA

-Has Tremendous amounts of dps due to her ultimate ability
-has a good escape/gank teleport power
- if laned against agrresive ranged heroes she can still last hit creeps with dagger for a pathetic amount of mana
-doesnt show on the minimap due to blur

Cons of PA
-fairly squishy if pinned down early game
-stifling dagger does laughable damage to heroes
-against any form of damage reflection she will spontaneously combust

Justification of skills

Blur should be taken early because of the evasion it gives you, allowing you to tank creeps easily when combined with shield, after that dagger and blink so you will be ready to gank as soon as lvl 6 hits and after that finish lvling up blink strike as it only provides cooldown bonuses when skilled up whilst blur gives extra evasion and dagger gives more duration on the slow. Coup de Grace is your most important ability as it is your only source of good dps so it must be skilled at 6,11,16 no matter what

Justification of items

starting off is just a tango for heals and some items for building into stuff later then you want to get your aquila and shield fast for good survivability as well as a band for later. Treads should be bought first instead of phasers due to the stats and attack speed you get from them, phasers are good for chasing but you wont need them if you use your dagger/blink combo right. Your core items will have vlads and BKB as additions because when you deal that much damage you will be difficult to take down and well, BKB is what every carry needs to tank disablers or nukers. Late Game Battle Fury is a priority as at lvl 16 your dps wil be enough that you can wipe out entire camps or creep waves with one hit and this means that you will be able to grab your luxury items and sange+yasha quicker than other heroes might be able to so if the game is still going on you can get great items like maelstrom and assault cuirr***. Aquial should be dissasembled to make vladamirs as they dont stack with each other.


You should try to grab one of the side lanes because of the side shops having useful items in case you are falling off and you need to build a safe item before you can get more farm, laning with a disabler is good as it means you can probably snag first blood but solo lane is ok. dont waste time hitting creeps, wait until their health is low enough then take em out with a single hit also if you cant hit the creeps for whatever reason then stiffling dagger must be used as its mana cost is very small and it does full damage against creeps. When you hit level 6 you should start trying to get kills, look for isolated,scouting or heroes that have strayed to far away from their tower that you can take for easy kills so you can build your vladamirs and BKB. Always apply dagger on a hero before you blink strike to them as the slow is very useful as most players will run as soon as you appear next to them. when you hit lvl 11 you will be able to jungle for your items and easily take out lone heroes or undefended supports during teamfights and your black bar will stop you from being focused on by nukes or disables, like all carrys she will dominate late game with battle fury opening up lots of opportunetiess for good items and providing her with great lifesteal

tips that should be followed


-dont attempt ganks until you are sure they will go down
- dont try to kill enemy heroes with dagger, its max damage is about 100 so its not a nuke
- dont forget that dagger is good for last hitting creeps from a distance
- dont forget that blur means that you dont show on the minimap and it will also be an indicator when enemy heroes are nearby, if you start blurring it means an enemy is about
-lifesteal means that when coup de grace procs you will get a large amount of damage as health
-never,never,never,never,never,never NEVER EVER attempt a gank on a tank on full health, if you dont think you can kill them then dont risk it. i have seen plenty of PA's go down after trying to kill a tiny or a brewmaster when they were at full health


WEll, thats the end of this, thank you for taking the time to read this and if you think you could suggest an improvement please leave a comment and guys please also leave a vote. no random downvotes just because you dont agree with it, if you dont like this guide or me then dont bother leaving a comment or vote. This is a quick guide and i have taught my friends how to play PA with this so i assure you its legit.

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