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A ongoing mastapiece countering LC's enemies...

January 11, 2018 by stormknight
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A good days work...

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game

Core Items

Constantly Keep these handy

Extension Items

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

4 13 14 16

Press the Attack

1 8 9 11

Moment of Courage

2 3 5 7


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+40 Duel Damage Bonus
-10s Press The Attack Cooldown
+60 Movement Speed
+10% Moment of Courage Proc Chance
+30 Attack Speed
+50 Overwhelming Odds Hero Damage
+25% XP Gain
+8 Strength


Here is my player certificate https://www.dotabuff.com/players/133536355

I am a only ranked 600+ at the moment so I've got a long way to go...

I find any form of regeneration early game really helps you stay alive and better yet win a few kills.

Generally I reflect quickly after each game and match as to what I could have done etc etc so without further ado lets begin!

Starting Game Tactics

Rush down the offlane and perch yourself at the top of the steps nearest the enemy tower overviewing the bounty rune area. Once your comfortable to dig deeper go round the side if your dire aswell to get a count of enemy heroes. You have 2 heals and boots and now you need to do the maths and push taking good engagements only.

What do I mean by good engagements?

1v1, 2v2 anything where your not outnumbered or trading less attacks...

10%+ I have first blood kills just simply because the enemy is not prepared or simply does not know what to do...

Early Game Tactics

You wanna go for Last Hits and or hero attacks to start with until you have atleast Moment of Courage and Stout Shield.

Once you have Moment of Courage you can engage creeps more freely due to procs of heals when attacking.

In the offlane you ideally want to push allied creeps under the enemy tower while being behind their tower killing creeps... This will help loads but it should be done gradually to make sure the enemy knows his place.

i.e If I were to just straight up go behind the tower successfully with the enemy having creeps beneath his tower he will build his Items around regeneration of health which is not what I would want when pushing... Continuing on.

Once your behind their tower taking guaranteed gold watching the enemies health go lower and lower (dependant on the enemy)

You should have some observer wards viewing the bounty rune from the steps nearest the tower and the shrine.

You can now run for the hills once they come to attack.

Try not to go under the enemies tower chasing enemy heroes unless you've got the maths right and you know you can come out clean either way, you may have to go back to the fountain or shrine if you get low health and mana which early on is not time effective since the enemy will re spawn quickly early on.

Mid Game

So by now your looking to get a shadow blade or you've got one...

You want to control the game single handedly when possible so it's essential to carry on pushing the enemies T2 tower once T1 has fallen. Shadow Blade will fill any gaps Observer Wards don't fill i.e. invisibility from enemy shadow blade users.

It's important to observe on the ledger overlooking T2 so you can now see the enemies teleporting in or even walking in...

If by now you haven't got much of the enemies attention you'll be on your way to helping your allies however it's important to remember that taking T1 and T2 and even pushing T3 to take the enemies attention elsewhere you should always consider the effects of not being their to support your team especially if they are being killed alot (middle anyone?)... Which can happen...

Late Game

By now you should be working alongside allies to throw down all T1 and T2 towers throwing up observer wards over shrines and towers in good locations...

You'll probably have a good amount of dust and sentry wards for team ganks and you'll be playing a major role in supporting your team in any offensive with PTA and hanging about safetly with Shadow Blade.

You'll probably find that without Skull Basher some enemies may simply stun you alot or put out alot of damage or just simply run away or even just simply evade Physical attacks... with Skull basher you can reliably put the enemy before your blade with a almost executionary power.

You'll probably find it hard to take engagements without losing health quickly and being forced into a supportive/oppurtunistic role however this isn't where LC will thrive so it's important to get a morbid mask and head for satanic especially for those rabid Blade Mail users.


Mangos are great for those times when your low on mana and need to quickly escape with overwhelming odds or worse yet heal with PTA.

Shadow Blade is perfect for escape but quickly becomes useless (for intended purposes) when somebody dusts you up... however most enemies teams have a single person who carries dust/sentry wards and even the gem of true sight which is dreaded.

If either of these show up on your radar you may be forced out of the lane into team engagements...

Skull Basher is perfect for keeping you safe 1v1 in duels in a none team engagement and then after duels when the enemy has suffered and helps pin the enemy down. Very good for the team fights.

Boots of Travel is cheap and will give you that regeneration you may lack later on in the game when you need it the most.

Satanic will allow you to regenerate health and genuinely put you at the front line of team fights where LC gets extremely powerful...

If your ready to get some new shiney items like Butterfly and BKB backpack the observer/sentry wards and stash the dust and you'll have a new slot ready and waiting.


Self explanatory really.

Regenerate Health with PTA. Be wary of LH's and Moment of Courage. When the odds are overwhelming for you or the enemy hit it. Perfect for Last hits on fleeing enemies...


I may use PTA 5 second cooldown if the enemy is knee deep in my base...

Team Work

Never Iniate wildly always with good intelligence. If iniated upon you'll quickly die if you don't stay flexible with Shadow Blade. Try and be the core/support of the team. Intelligence gathering is very important least you'll feed the enemy team.

Pros / Cons

Ranged Targets that deal with creeps and evade like Wingranger can be difficult to lane against... with this guide...

Shadow fiend can Nuke LC unless you stop him early on.

Early Nukes can prevent early aggression and cause death by dangerous proximity.

Creeping / Jungling

Last Hits and depleting hits for pushing the enemy.

If you need to gather intelligence creeping can be a good time to do this... (I need to do this more)


If the enemy is fed more than LC she can have such a hard time... i've played games where Shadow Fiend controls the map incessantly but if you've got a good mid or if you can force the enemy mid in his safe lane you can win the game...

General Tactics

Always carry observer wards and sentry wards.

Only engage with intelligence unlike Sven

Support your allies with PTA.

LH enemy heroes with Overwhelming Odds.

PA dies to Javellin or Skull Basher

Be wary of enemy locations and capabilities and items

If iniated upon with no vision / enemy positions knowledge run.

If the enemy isn't inferior one on one # Blinker Dagger in, Shadow Blade out atleast depleat their health.

Heavens Halberd triggers Linkens Sphere so buy this if you want to duel Linkens sphere users.

Fountain Sniping

If you wanna do some fountain sniping buy a Scepter, Blink Dagger and Hurricane Pike and you'll be invulnerable while duelling with a quick entry and escape. Add a refresher orb for a 2 in 1 snipe.

I think you can use dust of deciet in the shrine area if no one is there. Heart of tarrasque helps aswell.

Skull Basher

Most strength heroes carry Blade Mail so Crystalys becomes a delayed attack stance whereas Skull Basher plays it safer.

Most Agility heroes attack fast and deal physical damage so stunning them is really effective.

Intelligence heroes will still get a chance to cast spells but there chances of escaping by running lower with Skull Basher.

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