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A ongoing mastapiece countering LC's enemies...

February 1, 2018 by stormknight
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A good days work...

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

4 13 14 16

Press the Attack

1 8 9 11

Moment of Courage

2 3 5 7


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Press the Attack grants 2s spell immunity
+30 Duel Damage Bonus
+8% Moment of Courage Proc Chance
+250 AoE Press the Attack
+75 Overwhelming Odds Damage Per Hero
+40 Press the Attack HP Regen
+100 Overwhelming Odds Radius
+200 Duel Cast Range


Legion Commander doesn't have a huge amount of Physical Resistance and Magical Resistance so it's easy to see why it's a moment of courage when she's at the front line as a young looking woman...

She has everything to lose...

She's quite calm looking in her breathing and she shows no ailments with a upright posture and a huge movement speed to boot in the early stages of the game.

Most people expect her to be a front line martyr with Blade Mail which is what i despair considering her natural durability...

Though I did test some low level armor upgrades and your talking double damage resistance for a chainmail and triple for a platemail. However as her level goes up and her armor (agility) and thus the level of damage resistance gained from platemail and chainmail is reduced...

Starting Game Tactics

Rush down the offlane and perch yourself at the top of the steps nearest the enemy tower overviewing the bounty rune area. You can strike straight away, wait or go round the side when you think the enemy has gathered there and there likely won't be anymore arriving. You have 2 heals and boots and now you need to do the maths and "push" taking good engagements only...

What do I mean by good engagements?

1v1, 2v2 anything where your not outnumbered or trading less attacks...

10%+ I have first blood kills just simply because the enemy is not prepared or simply does not know what to do...

Use Press the Attack when facing enemy heroes in the lane and attack them to force them to fight or flight. Until you get Moment of Courage and Stout Shield taking engagements while enemy creeps are attacking you is not good.

Early Game Tactics

Once you have Moment of Courage you can push past enemy creeps to enemy heroes which proc your Moment of courage so you'll be able to hit twice because of it's peseudo proc nature.

You can solo behind the enemy tower taking creeps if you wish with a stout shield and quelling blade but it can be risky if your not aware of the enemy capabilities. Pulling the creeps alongside the tower rather than behind it allows you to take experience from allied creeps being killed?

You should have some observer wards viewing the bounty rune from the steps nearest the tower and then the shrine and ledger once T1 has fallen as this will allow you to see enemy allies coming in from different directions allowing you to "chose" which engagements to take. It also helps for ganking enemy mids that wander by.

If your Defending you can observe in the early game for any ganks if need be and then later on 'deward' enemy observer wards...

Try not to go under the enemies tower chasing enemy heroes unless you've got the maths right and you know you can come out clean either way.

You may have to go back to the fountain or shrine if you get low health and mana before the 4 minute mark knowing you can lane gold without dying after regenerating... Although sometimes fighting creeps can heal you instead... I'll perhaps check the timings one time.

You should be trying to balance your health and mana so that anytime you have more mana than health "press the attack" and any time you have more health than mana think about attacking more... This is just a simple guideline.

Remember Press the attack is about fighting the enemy heroes ideally then the creeps if need be alongside moment of courage when soloing creeps to heal and then if need be to farm neutral creeps quickly.

Mid Game

By now you should be working alongside allies to throw down all T1 and T2 towers throwing up observer wards over shrines and towers in good locations...

You'll probably have a good amount of dust and sentry wards for team ganks and you'll be playing a major role in supporting your team in any offensive with PTA and escape safetly with Shadow Blade.

You want to control the game in a way that suits you and not the enemy so splitting off from the main force can help especially if you can 1v1 their team forcing them to retreat.

You want to farm neutral creeps until you ready to push the enemy towers if you want to fight as a team as not to feed the enemy creeps waves and also to draw the enemy in closer and potentially divide his team.

Consider your location carefully and consider enemy pushes in the lane your own before going to help allies.

Late Game

This is where you kill the enemy heroes and get rewarded with huge amounts of out of play times... The pace is high and there's not always time for niceties such as Press the Attack and Overwhelming Odds.

This when team fights are king and a simple gem of true sight carry can make a huge of amount of difference. Try not to buy back unless it's essential and keep some gold leftover if needed. Aganhims Scepter really makes a difference in this scenario since frontline situations are paticularly dangerous for Legion Commander and those large out of play times can be at least even'd up a bit.


Shadow Blade: If the enemy dusts you up and you know you can't escape turn around and you may even kill or better yet stun them.

Boots of Travel is cheap and will give you that regeneration you may lack later on in the game when you need it the most. However leaving team fights too soon can damage your team assault when they just need a single PTA or just the bait, presence or confidence to win the game.

Satanic will allow you to regenerate health and genuinely put you at the front line of team fights where LC gets extremely powerful... However it can easily make you overextend and when you get stunned or interrupted from hitting the enemy it will be useless and unfortunately it may be the cause of your heroes death...


Self explanatory really.

If you can think about the odds being in or against your favour... Do you need to press the attack or sound the horn for allies to do exactly that when your under fire.

Either way this best used in a offensive situation thanks to the attack speed offered.

Balance your health and mana so that when your pushing your health is higher than your mana and when your mana is higher than your health or equal to it you need to "Press the attack" or even Overwhelming odds for some better creep engagements.

Overwhelming odds can be used both to escape, nuke and catch up with fleeing enemies.


If you want to Press the attack every 3 seconds you will need bloodstone and is it hilarious? Yes! Every player can hear it on the map at times and i'v e made a short video of me using this item and talent tree choice at level 25. It definately gives the impression everyone reacts to it in different ways so you can really crank up the pace of the game with this and will most certainly make everyone go completely nuts...

Team Work

Press the Attack should be used to save allies who are rooted or stunned or just generally low on health or just need a small attack speed boost in order to win the fight.

You should Shadow Blade out when your health gets low as not to die and potentially save a ally or better yet get some gold from ancients or neutral creeps.

Sometimes taking the towers while the team is fighting, in the late game, is good enough you can easily do this if you go under with duel damage and enemy creeps attacking you.

I.e. You have assaulted T3 and taken it down along with it's barracks... The two teams are fighting and you don't like your chances so you go to either the top or bottom T3 and attack it while enemy creeps attack you giving lots of Momemnt Of Courage Procs allowing you to quickly take it down and perhaps both the barracks too.

You shouldn't encourage bad engagements by sticking around and make your allies aware of who's lurking around by calling the heroes name who is missing and pinging the approximate location.

Pros / Cons

Ranged Targets that deal with creeps and evade like Wingranger can be difficult to lane against in the early stages so consider mixing it up by changing lanes to a 3 1 1 or killing Neutral Creeps.

Sometimes if you buy Shadow Blade first you can find if your losing that it's no where near enough to duel a hero easily and put out alot of damage.


Legion Commander is really good at picking enemies off when you have the right items and can win quickly in a duel.

General Tactics

Always carry observer wards, sentry wards and dust so you can set up attack runs safely and efficiently.

Support your allies with Press The Attack.

Use Overwhelming Odds to last hit enemies you cannot reach or for a extra speed boost.

Be wary of enemy wards, abilities, Shadow Blades and items.

If initiated upon with no vision it's usually best to disengage depending on the situation.

Heavens Halberd triggers Linkens Sphere so buy this if you want to duel Linkens sphere users.

Fountain Sniping

You can duel under the fountain without taking fountain damage with the Aghanims Scepter.

I think you can use dust of deciet in the shrine area if no one is there.

Skull Basher and Crystalys

Skull Basher: Is perfect for countering enemies which bash you and or put out alot of physical damage in a duel. i.e. most carries such as Phantom Assassin.

Crystalys: Highest damage item item for Legion Commander which puts Legion Commanders Moment of Courage to full use due to the increased number of attacks when being attacked... Makes duels almost instant vs most intelligence heroes in the late game.

Shadow Blade, Blink Dagger and Boots of Travel.


If it's possible to initiate using duel without having used Shadow Blade so that if your surrounded or in a bad position you can quickly Shadow Blade out.

If they have Dust of Appearance or someone in the team does you can bet that in a team fight when you try to escape with Shadow Blade you will become revealed.

If they have a gem of True sight and it's not looking good for iniation in the late game you may want to consider blink dagger or boots of travel if you haven't already got it and base trading if possible.

Heavens Halberd and Silver Edge

Perfect against Sniper ;) watch out for wards and gems though.

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