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A new Cancerous Journey Begins

January 1, 2017 by idealsykes
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Aggresive King

DotA2 Hero: Monkey King

Hero Skills

Boundless Strike

2 8 9 11

Tree Dance

3 13 14 16

Jingu Mastery

1 4 5 7

Wukong's Command

6 12 18


10 15 17

Hero Talents

+350 Cast Range and Additional Wukong's Command Ring
-1 Jingu Mastery Required Hits
-7s Boundless Strike Cooldown
0 Cooldown Primal Spring
+110 Jingu Mastery Damage
+450 Tree Dance Cast Range
+0.3s Boundless Strike Stun
+75 Primal Spring Max Damage

A new Cancerous Journey Begins

January 1, 2017

i dont need an introduction

Monkey King is an incredible early-game fighter and carry that relies on getting the first jump on enemies. Thanks to his extended range and strong damage from his abilities, Monkey King often times can take out most enemies or gain enough of an advantage in a fight to comfortably escape and re-engage.

Be wary that Monkey King is frail to nukes and heroes that give flying vision may detect Monkey King hiding in the trees

Monkey King is an agility hero and can lane in mid lane, this is the best lane of him because he’s not that good in position 1 safe lane and too squishy for off-lane

Monkey King requires a moderate degree of skill, coordination, and timing to execute. He is a melee hero that is:

Carry – will become more useful later in the game if they gain significant amount of gold.
Escape – has the ability to avoid danger or death.
Disabler – has a guaranteed disable for one or more of their spells.
Initiator – good at starting a teamfight.

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