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A New Breed of Evil By PlanetWarren

December 3, 2013 by PlanetWarren
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Nuke Em! (Solo Mid to Roaming Ganker)

DotA2 Hero: Tinker

Purchase Order

Basic Needs (In Order On What to Buy)

Soul Ring
Boots of Speed
Magic Wand
Arcane Boots
Dagon 1
Boots of Travel


Dagon 1
Diffusal Blade
Ethereal Blade
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Ghost Scepter
Force Staff
Monkey King Bar

Items if Mana Starved

Soul Ring
Arcane Boots
Ring of Basilius
Magic Wand

Items if Desperate for Health (From Least to Greatest)

Magic Wand
Urn of Shadows
Tranquil Boots
Pipe of Insight

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Heat Seeking Missile

2 4 6 8

March of the Machines

10 11 12 13


9 17 18


14 15 16

A New Breed of Evil By PlanetWarren

December 3, 2013


Hi. Your reading one of the best guides to tinker out there. It is short, easy, and effective. Unlike most guides this guide allows you to learn what you need to do in a short period of time. Stop sifting through thousand upon thousands of guides and learn what you need in a brief concise format. This is so you can do less reading more playing. For this guide you will have to go mid. In order to play this effectively you have to make use of your laser, Heat-Seeking missiles and your Rearm. The goal here is to max out you laser and heatseeking missiles first before you even get 1 level in Laser to start and then to max Laser and Heat-Seeking Missiles before your Ulti! The reasoning behind this is that in order to have a good stable start your Soul Ring, Urn, and your Arcane Boots will take care of your mana and health problems. Damage is key. By taking your Ulti at 6 you can end up mana starved early game. In order to avoid this you level laser and missiles first than 1 level of multi and then march of the machines and stats until you have Bloodstone. You don't level Rearm to keep it at 150, just as much mana as Soul Ring Produces. If you are really having mana Issues early game get a ring of Basilius.

Tip 1: Rune Control will be Essential Early Game.
Tip 2: Use Missile to cancel enemy regen like Bottle, Clarity, or Healing Salve. DO NOT USE WHEN ENEMY TANGOES!

In order to Burst you will Laser, Dagon (If you Have one), and then heatseeking missile them. In total this deals 645 (With Dagon 1005/1105/1205/1305). If they are still not dead disengage with a Force Staff and then Blink-Rearm. If nothing else you force them to return to base and/or make them use their regen early on.

Tip 1: Refresher Orb will double your Damage and will only cost you about 75 mana with your soul ring arcane boots!
Tip 2: Soul Ring before you missile for a total of 150 health and 35 mana cost!

Your role will to finish opponents off after a team fight. Go for the stragglers.

Make sure you are invisible for ganking. Shadow Blade is a great item because you can refresh it with rearm and that laser will deal 100 more damage.

You are a beast early game, but late game you will need to rely on your damage and attack speed. Laser will be used defensively and heatseeking missiles will be used as a finisher. Also March of The Machines can be a Great way to start a fight and then finish it.

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