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A Modern guide to nyx assassin

November 28, 2014 by NYX assassin
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fearful nyx assassin

DotA2 Hero: Nyx Assassin

Hero Skills


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Mana Burn

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Spiked Carapace

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A Modern guide to nyx assassin

NYX assassin
November 28, 2014


Introduction to NYX

Nyx assassin is a very good ganker in aerly game and can stop some heroes from being feed with his ult vendetta he can be a very good ganker or finisher, makes a good pair with bloodseeker on the team due to thist location from bloodseeker. i put 2 clarity in the starting because nyx surelly have a mana problem just like techies everytime you gank you will dry fast pretty much all your mana, you only pick nyx assassin against inteligent or squishy heroes never use him against a team with 3 or more durable heroes like centaur warrunner, lifestealer, and earthshaker in particular, because then can pretty much F*** up your day, but in this guide ill show you how to counter then.

Early game

laning with Nyx is a problem

nyx usually go mid just to get vendetta as fast as you can... but the reason why is hard to saty in lane with him is his poor hp and defense, any harass make you go a bit behing in the lane making hard to farm, this is why i put helm of iron will in this build, i tryed many times using this iten and it worked so well, with the bonus armor you will stack hp regeneration, the lack of mana regen nyx have it compensate on hp regen, so make a good use of this each time you get harassed stay aback for a bit and you will be fine, try avoiding lane with Drown ranger, Vengeful spirit, And sniper, but later on they will become your main PREY for ganking. (i was in a match using nyx, i entered in a lane with a sniper, this little annoying thing will really f*** up your day but when i got vendetta he surelly died a lot from me witch is nice always go for him when you get vendetta i easelly killed him right after)

Core game

Now things are becoming interesting

you may be thinking now: ward nyx assassin? why? shoudnt i farm my dagon before the wards?
the reason why i put wards before dagon is to enemy jungle controll and to avoid being ganked only 1 ward buy is needeed put one in your lan side and other in the enemy jungle cliff, as nyx is squishy he will be many gankers like bloodseeker juggernault drown ranger tinker and sven target, all you need is time to avoid then and the wards will lent time to you, if you're playing against riki use spiked carapce *** soon he hit you and run for it if he smoke you first you're pretty much dead only if there is no one close to you, always lane with heroes ho can stun or support you. when you get your dagon you can kill almost anything but be sure to vendetta way before getting close to the enemy you want to gank... go for outworld devourer to mana burn the **** out of it or go to a squishy enemy ho you was avoiding early game, you can kill durables enemys if they have 60% of health so go for it.
TP scroolls are perfect for ganking with the cost of 100 gold you will kill a enemy pretty faster and get up to 300 gold giving you 200 of extra gold plus XP witch you need tokill even more... use it fo farm your dagon recipe

when finish core

only when you got all the previous itens in the build go for those itens, giving you a nice mana regen and speed now in the middle of the mid game to late game enemyes will get tankier and endure you vendetta impale mana burn dagon combo so EUL will help you to chase down low health enemyes or avoid gankers chasing you, the active of the scepter will help to slow down enemys ho outspeed you and giving you time to rechard your impale to more damage and time, i consider EUL as important as dagon, it will give you the lovelly mana regen and speed everything a nyx need, soul ring will help before the gank, if you ganked before no need to go back to base, use the soul ring and activate vendetta you will save mana and if you're with the helm of iron will your health will be fine in aboult 30 seconds or less gank with a team mate for 100% of kill and always be in the middle of a team fight your great stun will be pretty helpfull your team and vendetta to stay behing the enemy team so you can kill any heroe who is scaping the fight with low health this will ensure you to farm easy gold and get more kills. ask for team mates to mark down regenerations runes when needed. upgrade your dagon to level 3 the great 600 damage will help you to steal kills or get kill by yourself.

Late game

sell your iron helm and get lvl 5 dagon and the linken sphere, blood stone and the MKB, now with a full set nyx you can pretty much kill every moving thing if alone MKB willl give you damage, linken sphere can save you from suprise ganks like riki and plus mana regen NEVER GET A DIVINE RAPIER you only hit once when comboing but if you steal one try to be more careful and make the bloodstone first with the full set of the 6 itens DAGON MKB LINK BLOODSTONE ARNCANE BOOTS AND EUL you have 450% mana regen a lot of speed a emergecy suicide button gank material and some nice damage if you want sell arcane boots and get boots of fast travel go and get the most powerfull enemy to stop it from dominating your team when fully set a nyx assassin wil come handy all the time BEWARE OF TRUE SIGHT GEMS stay in a hight ground and be cautious against tanky enemys they can still f*** you up lifestealer with infest is a problem because you never know where he might be, enjoy the build english is not my native lenguage.

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