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A Guide to Jakiro - Hard Support

July 25, 2013 by Elya
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Hard Support

DotA2 Hero: Jakiro

Hero Skills

Dual Breath

2 3 5 7

Ice Path

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Liquid Fire

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A Guide to Jakiro - Hard Support

July 25, 2013

Hero Description

Jakiro is a ranged intelligence hero played primarily as a hard support with one of the best AOE disables in game. He also he has considerable lane and tower pushing strength with his Dual Breath and Liquid Fire skills. He has the highest base strength out of all of the intelligence heroes currently in game, providing a starting HP pool of around 600! Whilst Jakiro's lane presence is strong, harassing or trading blows with his auto-attack can sometimes be problematic as his attack range is only 400. His real strength in lane comes from Ice path's extremely long range, in addition to a formidable slow as well as damage from his Dual Breath. Overall, Jakiro is an asset to most team setups - his skills just take a little getting used to!

Pros and Cons

+ High early game HP
+ Long range stun
+ Strong team fight
+ Less item dependent

- Low movement speed
- Animations can feel delayed
- Low attack range
- Unreliable stun

Skill Build

This skill build is my personal favourite but by no means is set in stone! You might find you prefer the extra stun time on Ice path early over the damage of Dual Breath, or if you're running a pushing line-up you might want to level Liquid Fire early to melt towers instead. Jakiro's skills can take some getting used to and the only way is through practice!

Dual Breath is Jakiro's main damage early game and is a spammable spell with just a 10 second cool down, meaning it's great for pushing a lane or farming. Jakiro will launch a cone of fire and ice in the direction you click which slows and burns units in it's path. This skill has a deceptively long range and deals 360 damage in total!

Ice Path can be a little tricky to place but it is extremely useful due to it's very long range and potential to lock down the whole enemy team. You do not have to land the Ice Path directly on top of your enemy, obviously this is ideal if you're going to be chaining stuns with allies but if you're attempting to cut an enemy off and prevent them escaping, try to predict where they'll run and attempt to land the Ice Path just ahead of them.

Liquid Fire is a passive skill which deals damage over time and slows enemy attack speed quite significantly, it also affects buildings which is another reason Jakiro holds good pushing potential.

Macropyre is Jakiro's ultimate skill which deals damage per second to any enemies who stand in its AOE. This skill can be devastating to a team fight if enemies are caught within its radius, meaning Jakiro combos well with heroes who have the ability to lock the enemy team down. This skill can also be setup using Ice Path or in a choke point or bottle neck such as a ramp.

Item Build

Obviously games don't always go our way and you might find yourself in a tough position. As a support, you should prioritse Observer Wards, Sentry Wards, Dust of Appearance & Smoke of Deceit above any other items you want in order to keep your team in with a chance - map control is vital! You should also always try to have a TP scroll on you in order to be able to quickly travel across the map to help team mates if they're being ganked, or to escape.

Laning Phase

Playing Jakiro in most public matchmaking you should typically be laned with your hard carry in the safe lane ensuring he/she gets the farm they need. To do this effectively you should work on harassing the enemies in lane with auto-attacks whenever possible, but without sacrificing your safety too much - positioning is key. Denying your own creeps will also hinder the enemies farm and experience. If you can do both of these things you're doing well, any kills on top of this is an added bonus! On the safe lane, pulling the neutral camp is another strategy which will help to control the lane and keep it within safe distance of the tower (I will not elaborate on pulling in this guide as it deserves one of its own!).

In more competitive matches you will likely be playing Jakiro in a trilane. Heroes with set-up skills are excellent companions to Jakiro, as this allows almost guaranteed placement of your spells to destroy your enemies. Heroes such as Shadow Demon, Rubick, Sand King and a variety of others fill this role. Jakiro's Ice Path is also a brilliant counter-iniatiate skill due to it's large AOE; another reason this hero is such a strong support in lane.


Jakiro's ganking potential isn't the greatest due to his sluggish movement speed (Smoke of Deceit can help here) and animations, but it's still formidable when paired with a hero with a good set-up skill as previously mentioned.


I'll try not to go too much into warding, as it's another area which should have it's own guide.

As a hard support, this should be one of your top priorities throughout the game! Good warding is a big part of good map control, be sure to always keep wards up so you can keep an eye on potential ganks and know what your enemy is doing. The Observer Wards should always be on cooldown in the shop! Early in the game you should always keep a rune spot warded for your mid lane to give them better rune control.

If you find the enemies are constantly counter-warding your wards, ask your teammates to help you counter-ward them back! Going alone to counter-ward can be dangerous, especially thanks to the miss chance up hill... Putting your observer wards in unusual places can lower the chance of them being counter-warded so try to get imaginative if they're winning the counter-ward battle!

The Roshan pit is another key area to keep warded so you can disrupt the enemies attempt at Roshan and take a team fight. You should also keep it counter-warded for this reason, and to stop an invisible hero sneaking in to steal the Aegis of Immortality should your team be doing Rosh.

Team Fights

This hero loves team fights! Every single skill of Jakiro's has an AOE. In order to contribute well to a team fight you should focus on correctly positioning and predicting what might happen. Does it look like you might be initiated on soon? Hang back and be ready to counter-initiate with an Ice Path! If you can see a good opportunity to catch one or more enemies out of position with Ice Path make sure you take it. Don't forget to follow up with your other spells in order to get the most out of your damage (don't be afraid to use your ultimate, it's only a 60 second cooldown) - hopefully your teammates will be aware enough to follow up with stuns/skills of their own and keep them locked down and melting in your ultimate! Similarly, if you have an initiator on the team such as Enigma, Axe, Darkseer, Faceless Void etc. make sure you're ready to follow up with your powerful combination when they go in.

That's all I've got to say about Jakiro for now, if I think of anything else I'll be sure to add it in later. Let me know what you guys think & thanks for reading!

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