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A Guide to a right-click Snowballernar

March 30, 2015 by Gubbard
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Get Ready to Snowballernar

DotA2 Hero: Night Stalker

Hero Skills

Heart of Darkness (Innate)


1 4 7 10

Crippling Fear

2 12 14 17

Hunter in the Night

3 5 6 8

Dark Ascension

9 11 16


13 15 18

A Guide to a right-click Snowballernar

March 30, 2015

Goals of Build

This Night Stalker build is designed to take extreme advantage of Night Stalker's nighttime bonuses (preferably in safe-lane, for the side shop). It relies heavily on attack damage and movement speed to make yourself unstoppable and flexible during periods of night. It relies on ideal conditions, which means that alterations should be made if things aren't going your way after the first couple of nights.


We're only buying the blades and tango at first so that Boots of Speed can be bought in side shop, and possibly Gloves of Haste as well before the first night begins. As strange as it sounds I recomend building boots of travel as your first main item, as it will make you insanely fast during night(which means enemies escaping is unlikely) and actually decently fast during the day(so you aren't stomped). The Hand of Midas should follow it up, just because I find that the attack speed synergizes well with Night Stalker's auto. From there the build is quite flexible. If you're having trouble with death and too much harass, just go ahead and buy a Blink Dagger, or maybe a Drum of Endurance. If you can't survive 1v1's, you may want to rush the lifesteal components of your satanic. Much of it is personal preference, the ones I listed just worked best for me. Once you're already snowballing, you can really buy any of the big carry items and still be effective.

Play style

In terms of play style, I would recommend very safe farming in safe lane with a support until the first night begins and you've reached level 3. Once the night begins, feel free to go ham. Lane switching and ganking are very effective tools for becoming a true snowballernar, as your lane match ups may not always be great. Later on, use your ult during daytime to pounce on the enemy team, wrecking havoc with your high speed attacks. You'll probably want someone with some crowd control helping you, because you have none.


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