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A guide how to play Nightstalker I guess

February 15, 2013 by Samashy
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Do this

DotA2 Hero: Night Stalker

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Crippling Fear

10 12 13 14

Hunter in the Night

2 4 6 9

Dark Ascension

8 11 16


15 17 18

Nightstalker IS NOT A CARRY

For the love of god, do not play Nightstalker like a carry.
He is not a carry. If you want to try and carry as him then you have no business playing him


Wanna go mid, want to start with some stat items, Gauntlets and iron wood branches are your best friend, get last hits harass mid wait for the first night. Then go hunting. First night is pretty crucial. Try not to mess it up. Get kills gank, gank, gank. Get to runes and such. Get early orb after bottle it helps chase

Items because you need this explained to you apparently

Okay, you want to get an early urn for charges, then go for an orb of venom for helping chase you want to go for a point booster next so you can get a little extra health and mana, then I suggest going for a Scepter because of the fact it makes your nights last forever, then go for eye of Skadi once you get that you will have mountains of health and they will never escape you.
The rod is a suggested item it makes chasing even easier and it's good for helping you being able to spam your spells more so.
Last item is entirely up to you. I say get a heart because if you manage to get that then you will never die. I mean it.

I think that scepter is 100% core on Nightstalker. The night vision and extended ult make him so much more useful in the game than you would realize.
I also like Skadi because it's almost impossible to escape him when he has Skadi
Later on in the game if you find you still have more gold to spend. I suggest selling your urn and getting something like a BKB or a Skull Basher or a heavens halberd, these could be instead of your heart as well.

Entirely up to you though. Items can be pretty situational. But this build has never really failed me

The deal with getting his ult at 8

Normally I find it better to put points into your Q and E before ult because for one I reach level 6 while it is still day time. And another point I would like to make is. I generally manage to have it work out so when it comes off cool down I have hit 11. So that way I have an extra 75 seconds of night not 50


For skills you wanna max Q and E as fast as possible. And you want to take a point in your ult at about 8/9 putting points in W if they have a lot of CC or escape abilities and you need to to stop that, generally though you don't really need it. Max stats last

How come I don't deal damage late game?

Well that's because Nightstalker doesn't need to do damage late game, that's the carries job. Late game your role is to be annoying, to be a bully, to be a meat shield.

It's why I like things like Skadi and Atos on him. He gets more use out of being annoying than trying to be all super damage

A small point I would like to make

Try and save your Q when you gank. they might try and teleport away, so don't open with it. Come in and start hitting them, the allies in the lane you're ganking should also be there. If they don't have a TP on them then by all means start with it. If they do then try and save it for when they use it

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