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A good ember for goods situations

January 21, 2014 by LuizJoze
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Searing Chains

1 3 5 7

Sleight of Fist

10 12 13 14

Flame Guard

2 4 8 9

Fire Remnant

6 11 16


15 17 18

A good ember for goods situations

January 21, 2014

How To Lane

First of all I would like to say hello and thank you for choosing my guide, but maybe you are a little confused with the starting build, yea maybe a surpass a little but the essencial here is to get the Quelling Blade, with that you can last hit a lot.

Passing to other things I would tell you the lane you choose: Mid or Bot(Radiant) or Mid and Top(Dire). Next the details:

Mid: If you're going mid, you should take care because you will be alone against maybe an annoying hero like Razor or Pugna that throw spells like every 10 seconds, in that case you should get Tangos and do your best to get the creeps and farm. Dont gank if you are not lvl 7, and already have the ring of Aquila, to have raise stats, armor, and mana regen.

Other Lanes: Here you can relax a little bit but always trying to get last hits, and dont get attacked to much by creeps or enemy heros, if you can go with the support hero that is going to give you tangos and salves due to you dont have any. Dont use spells too much because fast you are out of mana and thats not good idea. Wait for mid ganks and buy your items as soon as you can to prevent any unexpected death by gank, tower, etc...


If you are mid and you need to gank, its good to have the right items(Read How to Lane Chapter), and secure that your support had buy wards in the rune to gank that lane where the rune is, is not neccesary to have a bottle due to are complete in life and mana. Try not to draw any attention.

Engaging Time: To reach your enemys use 2 of your fire remmants, followed by Searing Chains and Flame Guard to DPS your enemys while your allies are also throwing spells, attacking... Save one of your Fire Remmants as escape option.

Chasing Time: Only chase your enemys if they're far from their tower, to gain time in the chasing and dont receive damage at all. If youre already in the tower is good to stay close to the enemy and damage with Flame Guard instead of attacking to get a deeper distance. When your life is below 300 hp or your Flame Guard has gone, use your remain Fire Remmant to get away from the tower attacks or any other spell that can nuke you, after this go to the Side-Shop and buy a Town Portal Scroll and teleport to your base quickly before anything happens.

Fighting and Farewell

When you're in a team fight at Late Game is good to iniciate the fight with 2 remmants, throwing all your spells and step back until your tank or allies arrive ato your location, due to Sleight of Fist has low cooldown is going to be your mana going down, prey for one of your allies have Arcane Boots, and do you most do, focus someone or saving allies with your Searing Chains. Also your teammates have to take care of you since you are a carry, and maybe you can be the only carry from the team so they are expecting too much from you to take the lead and control the situation.

Remember to always save one your Remmants to escape any situation that can cost a death and feed the enemy team.

And the most important thing of all: Have fun; dont worry if your team is getting killed due to you let them die, its a game and not a big deal if you lost, it gives experience in this games and friendship if you are playing with friends.

Well, thank you for taking the time to read this and remember to share this guide to your friends. This is my first guide I had made in my life so I really nervous about the results
and I will doing some other guides for heros like Leshrac, Death Prophet, Medusa, and more.


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