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A Faceless Void, to rule 'em all

January 12, 2013 by MrJamFury
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void


Faceless Void is one of my favourite heroes in the game,is and one of the strongest/hardest(yes it's an hard-carry) to play with.
So with this guide I'll try to share with you what I've learned :)

PS: I'm not an english speaker so, sorry for the mistakes that this guide may contain.

Playing Style

First of all, if you are going to use Darkterror, you MUST know the basics of laning, farming etc. and you have to know them REALLY good.
You really can't pretend to use him, if you're playing since 2 weeks, you'll just get owned by other heroes.

With Void there are 2 different styles of playing that you have to use, but in different moments:
-The farming/passive/safe style
-The aggressive style

You have to use the first one early game, the second mid/late game.

With Void is important to never get killed in early game, because you'll lose important exp/gold that you need, and you can't really be offensive to reagain them(or you'll get pwned).

It's important to change your skill build, depending on which are your enemies 'cause there's not one that goes for all types of games, if the other team has got stuns, go for some early Time Walk, if it has some strong Carries try to level Time Lock and Backtrack first.

The farming/passive/safe style (early game)

Void has probably the hardest early game of all heroes, 'cause he hasn't got too much resistance, his attack speed and damage are pretty weak, and you can get ganked even at level 4-5 really easily(at least until you get your ultimate).
So usually is better to go top with Dire, bottom with Radiant, with some stunner or support that knows how to play, so you can remain alive and get some kills if you're lucky.
Early game just stay back and try to take some last hits(that you really need, because the items you have to buy are expensive) if possible, but try to always have at least 70% of your HP, because of you're weak resistance, so if they attack, you can escape without getting killed.

If the other hero in your lane is not really helpful, you can easly start jungling at 6-7
but it's better to have at least the Morbid Mask and Power Treads/Phase Boots, to farm good.
Best creeps to farm with, are the Golems(not the ancient ones), the Satyrs and Large Satyrs(those are pretty strong, but give a lot of exp).

When you reach level 9-10, you'll start to be a problem for your enemies.

The aggressive style (mid/early-late game)

Now you should be something like level 10, and you should have the Mask Of Madness and the Power Treads, now you can start attack enemy heroes but, not alone, you still can't do it. Your ultimate is starting to be a really good skill to use in team fights, because of his disable for 5 secs, while you can pop out your MoM(Mask Of Madness) and get some easy kills, but don't initiate the fight alone, because when the Chronoshpere ends, you'll be owned by the other heroes that will come if they see you use your ulti, for sure.
You still can use the Chronosphere for escaping(it's better to use Time Walk to escape anyway)
or to don't let escape other heroes.

Now for increase farming and to have the cleave bonus, that is useful while you're in the Chronosphere, start building the Battle Fury, it will increase not only damage but it will give you a boost, for mana, that is always good to have.(for the skills obviously)

From now your objective is to build the Butterfly, and for doing this try to get kills with the Time Walk/Chronosphere combo, gank with your teammates, or try to take out Roshan(you should manage to solo him). Having the Butterfly means lot of bonus agility,which increase the attack speed and increase the probability of permabashing enemies.

Now you should start building the Daedalus/Monkey King Bar, to get some serious damage increase(that Void lacks, so it's a must to have at least one of these items, that will even increase lifesteal) but I personally reccomend to take the Daedalus, because of his crits(you can reach 900 DMG critcal strikes) and the fact that the bonus stacks with your Time Lock skill, when the bonus of the MKB doesn't.
When you have those items(and you should be at level 18-19), you really can destroy most of the agi/int heroes, but you still can't kill tanks like Brewmaster or Doom Bringer(at least not so easily).

Late Game

Now you should be at 20 to 22 level you should have all the core items and some situational building up, and you're GOD!
With your ultimate you can change the fate of all team fights, and you can easily get the entire team with it, just try to not dare too much, when attaccking the enemy team, because if you get stunned or disabled and you have the entire team that's attacking you, you'll probabily die even if you try to escape with your Time Walk.
But this shouldn't be too much a problem, 'because of your incredible high damage/lifesteal output.


So, the most important things are:
-stay safe early game
-try to take the most last hits you can take
-if you havent at least the Daedalus, you shouldn't go too much alone
-mid game try to get some kills with ganking
-take all the core items and some situational if you can
-kill everything late game, but don't dare too much if the enemy team know how to play
-if you're planning to use Void make sure your team know how to play, because Void is really strong when the team knows how to support it(especially early game)

And some tips:
-use the Quelling Blade to create hiding spots to escape, or to do some ganks/ambushes
-use the Chronosphere only when you see more than one enemy, or you'll just waste it(and it has a big cooldown)
-learn how to junk properly, and do it with Void, you'll see how many more kills you get

The following map contains some spots that I find good for using you Chronosphere, because in these the enemy is trapped by the environment and you can more easily do good ganks(obviously if it's a team fight there)
In RED the ones that are good, in YELLOW the ones that are still good but not so crucial.Of course you can still use Chronosphere in other places if you need it, but if it's possible try to lure the enemies in those spots to have a better crowd control, and blocking them properly.

And so this, is what works for me, I hope it will work for you guys :)
PS: this is my first guide so be gentle xD


-Added the Battle Fury in the build
-The order of getting the core items is changed from Daedalus->Butterfly->Situational items to Battle Fury->Butterfly->Daedalus->Situational items
-Added a second really EXPERIMENTAL/CRAZY build :D tried only one time, really not so good if you're planning to play a "serious" match
-Revisited/amplied some aspects

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