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A Burning Passion

January 12, 2015 by MagiCKal
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Build 1
Build 2

Greedy Naga Siren

DotA2 Hero: Naga Siren

Hero Skills

Mirror Image

2 4 5 7


10 12 13 14

Rip Tide

1 3 8 9

Song of the Siren

6 11 16


15 17 18

Understanding the role of the Radiance Carry

Any illusion Radiance carry you play will have draw backs to it if not played properly:

You are going to be farming with your Radiance for a majority of the game and not helping in teamfights, but another way you could help the team instead is by sending in illusions to do your dirty work, and by pressuring the lanes and farming the enemy jungle. But of course you will eventually help your team in teamfights.

The importance of the change to Diffusal Blade

This most recent patch: The Shifting Snows has implemented a VERY important change to a very useful item, Diffusal Blade. What that change was, was that now the Mana Break instance is no longer a Unique Attack Modifier, which opens up your item build options by a lot.

Before the standard item Illusion based carries would build for tanky illusions is Heart of Tarrasque because a majority of builds include Diffusal Blade in them, but now that it can stack with other UAM's, you can now build a MUCH more effective item IMHO: Eye of Skadi. Skadi gives your hero much more in the way of stats than Heart does because it gives you stats in ALL areas instead of just Strength, this makes your illusions much more effective much earlier because now with this item you get basically the same stats as both a Eaglesong and a Reaver combined, and more INT to boot which you might need early on to farm efficiently.

The transition from Early to Mid Game

Rushing Radiance on illusion heroes is a difficult thing to know how and when to do it, and how and when to skip rushing Radiance to help your team.

Especially for Naga Siren, Radiance is an EXTREMELY effective item for farming and making the game very hard for you opponents, but not all of the time are you going to be able to get the farm to get your Radiance, if this is the case then you have to know what to build and how to help your team.

In tough circumstances, your team is going to want you to help them with fights and early agression, and with you trying to pool 3800 gold with Brown Boots and a Ring of Aquila, you're not going to be able to do anyhing to help. So you have to build accordingly: most of the time Drum of Endurance is a very good boost of stats to your illusions to help you fight, you should also build Power Treads to gain more stats and go into Manta/ Diffusal Blade to give you either a slow and purge with tons of AGI, or more illusions and Move Speed.

Importance of early Skill Builds

Naga Siren has a very good lockdown ability in the form of Ensnare, her W. But she also has probably the strongest illusion ability in the game Mirror Image and her AoE magic nuke Riptide is very good for split-farming with your illusions, and in the early game your skill build could change your effectiveness in farming or helping with kills.

Your skill build in the lane could change how much farm you are able to attain, every carry player wants to be able to be greedy and get away with it, and for Naga Siren, she can be built very greedily for example:

Not skilling your Ultimate or Ensnare until later levels to get more value levels in your two farming abilities or getting more stat levels. This is extremely greedy and should only be done if your supports do not need another stun to help you get a kill/ if you know you're going to get free farm and your team does not need an extra stun or team fight Ultimate. But most of the time not skilling your Ultimate or Ensnare could be a big detriment to your safety of farming and the safety of your teammates in teamfights.

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