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7k mmr Grandmaster - pos 5 Undying 60% Winrate - 7.34d

November 19, 2023 by Mrki55
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Build 1
Build 2

Hard Support Undying 7.34d

DotA2 Hero: Undying

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Soul Rip

11 13 14 16


2 4 8 9

Flesh Golem

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+6 Tombstone Attacks to Destroy
+60% Flesh Golem Strength Bonus
-2s Decay Cooldown
Tombstone On Death
+10 Soul Rip Damage/Heal
+20 Tombstone Zombie Damage
+50 Decay Damage
-15 Tombstone Cooldown

7k mmr Grandmaster - pos 5 Undying 60% Winrate - 7.34d

November 19, 2023


Created by a immortal Undying enjoyer with over 4k games on Undying. If you find the guide usefull remember to leave a rating :)

This build is ment to be played by a Support Undying.

It will also keep Changing/Getting Tweaked along with the meta


Open dota:


Skills Guide


In lane cast decay to increase your durability and damage and to decrese enemy durability and damage.

Decay steals 4 str (88hp) from enemy heroes as well as some hp regen and damage if they are STR or UNI.

Once the enemy laners are weak and you are strong use tombstone or blood grenade to secure kills.

You should always try to hit as many heroes as possible.

Soul rip:

Use rip to heal your teamates and tomb (if its effective) or use it to secure a kill.

Make sure to position yourself around creeps/units before using it.

Max damage/heal per lvl: 150/250/350/450

Agressive lane use:

Use tomb to secure kills in lane once the enemy laners are at 50% or less hp and are far away from their tower.

Defensive lane use:

Use tomb only when the enemy laners decide to comit to a fight so that they are going to be pressured to retreat or fight under tomb.


Try to put tomb on cliffs giving it evasion against ranged heroes and safety from melee heroes. It will also gain unobstructed vision.

Tomb provides 1200 vision at day or night.

Zombies also give vision.
Flesh Golem:

Use Flesh Golem to multiply your strength and gain movement speed, increasing your life expectancy in fights, and to empower your attacks with plaque debuff.

To use plague debuff simply attack the enemy that your carry is focusing to slow them down and amplify the damage they take.

Remember to always use golem before getting into a fight.

Plague debuff affects roshan allowing your team to take him down faster.

Talents Guide

+50 Decay Damage:

42% more damage for decay.

Dealing more damage lets you trigger zombie deathlust faster.

Deals even more damage when the enemy is affected by plague debuff.

+10 Soul rip Heal/Damage:

Increases soul rip healing and damage by 22%

Max damage/heal per lvl: 250/350/450/550

Tombstone on death:

Punishes enemies when they kill you by summoning a tombstone.

One of the worst things that can happen to undying is him dying first in fights. With this talent you atleast drop a tomb...

+60% Flesh Golem Strength Bonus:

At lvl 25 you allready have a huge amount of str to amplify.

Laning Stage Items


In lane use mangoes to restore your mana when its time to drop tombstone or cast a clutch decay.

Blood Grenede:

Use grenades to secure kills.

Rain drops:

Good early mana regen item that also blocks magic damage.

Can block from 300 to 720 magic damage over 6 charges.

Core items

Solar Crest:

Very good utility item that can be used for many things.

Use it on your carry to increase their attack/movement speed so they can deal more damage.

Use it on the enemy your team is focusing to reduce their armor and movement speed.

Can be used when you are in danger so that the hero attacking you has reduced attack speed.

Shine can be dispelled.

Aghanims shard:

Gives you the option of saving an ally or yourself by bunkering into tombstone.

The bunkered unit takes no damage and is not affected by any debuffs.

Exeptionaly good against abillities that dissable and crontrol your cores.

Some examples are: Duel, Chronosphere, Fiends Grip, Lasso, Dismember and many alike...

Blink dagger:

Blink close to the ally you want to bunker into tombstone.

Allows you to initiate when in golem form.

You can use blink to get into better positions for casting tombstone.

If your blink is muted you can hide inside tomb to wait out its cd since you do not take any damage when inside tomb.

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