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7.07 Hammer Riki

November 1, 2017 by InfuriatedBrute
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Riki

7.07 Hammer Riki

November 1, 2017


This is a troll build that works surprisingly well but is probably not viable. It is, however, ****ing hilarious.

Riki has a very high winrate with meteor hammer, despite high pickrate. This might be because your opponents can't see where Hammer will land, they only know if they see you channeling, and with Riki they can't. So as long as they act predictably and don't detect you, you deal 600 damage and a 1.5 second stun, like a 50% better Dagon which often hits two targets. It also helps with pushing towers and farming, things that Riki lacks a bit. Has a small amount of synergy with Smokescreen and Tricks of the Trade. Is usually a good item for semi-supports/carries.

Urn and Phase are probably just ideal small items for Roaming Riki. Ethereal tends to be the best way to catch up with damage late game, has some synergy with your items and the risky support playstyle that is necessary to land a 600 range 3-sec channel ability. Anyways, it's hard to see what else this build wants.

This sort of build does not work on Nyx or BH because it breaks their invis. It kind of works on Treant, Weaver, Mirana, Oracle's level 20 talent, or any hero with Glimmer Cape, in order of decreasing viability, but I don't think any of those except treant are particularly good. Other heroes that are good with Meteor are all good mainly because of disables that make it easier to land, or because of their cast range talents which allow them to damage towers from out of range.

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