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7.07 Dueling Fates -- Off-lane / Hard-lane *

November 10, 2017 by fff legion
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DotA2 Hero: Axe

Hero Skills

Berserker's Call

2 8 9 12

Battle Hunger

4 13 14 17

Counter Helix

1 3 5 7

Culling Blade

6 11 16


10 15

Hero Talents

2x Battle Hunger armor multiplier
+100 Berserker's Call AoE
+150 Culling Blade damage/threshold
+1 permanent armor per Culling Blade kill
+30 Counter Helix Damage
+10% Battle Hunger slow
+1.5 Mana Regen
+20 movement speed


I previously made a guide "We'll Grind that Axe for a long time" but I'm not able to log into that account now. so I used this acc.

Nyway, in the latest patch(7.07) I tried different builds and this build worked best for me.

Im not a pro player, but I feel this guide might help someone who has just begun playing Dota2 (the best game ever made)

Ive have a good Axe win streak and assure u with this build u will win most of ur matches. Im under 2k.

Any suggestions to improving the game are welcome. - Latest matches

About Axe

Artist - LEO SHARK, Deviant Art
[/color]Axe is one of the easiest hero to play and also can be the biggest feeder if played badly. Axe is also one of the easiest hero to kite.

The play style with axe -

1.Level up fast or fail

2.Be aggressive as possible and avoid dying.

3.Avoid tower Damage early game UNLESS if it's a sure kill and u benefit otherwise it's a waste to trade 1 for 1 specially if the enemy kills u first.

4.Unless ur laning partner wants to go ultra aggressive, or u want to terrorise another enemy hero, avoid drawing creep aggro on urself as it pushes the wave unnecessarily and not to forget u still take a lot of damage from creeps early game.

5.U can draw creep agro on urself by right clicking on any hero on the map. You don't always need to CULL either. Try and save as much mana as possible.

6.If u have a lane where you are vs 2 ranged heroes, request to switch lanes,
if that doesn't happen ask to solo (at least u get better XP gain)

7.Worst case or last option if nothing happens as planned , run into jungle and don't come back ... till u get blink dagger... then work ur way up your other core item.

Starting items

1 set Tangoes,
1 Mango,
1 Stout shield,
2 Iron branches....
nothing goes wasted... by the time u have a Magic wand and a Tranquil boot ready, you are all set to Risk a lot and Fight.
...And also not die and save up for Blink dagger.

In my opinion, u don't really need 2 sets of tangoes.

Magic wand gives 1.5 hp regen.. plus Axe's high hp region, u are almost already set. plus the burst charge of 17x 15/color] of hp and mana[ Giving you 255 Health Points and 255 Mana points Early game is like popping a mini cheese. Magic wand will secure you kills. And it's cheap*.
Tranquil, best boots on Axe.

Blink Dagger or Vanguard first?

Axe is not An item dependent hero but U need an initiation tool.. There is no other item as good as blink Dagger . also it helps u survive during crucial moments.

Best to get Blink ASAP .. but if the enemy focusses u all the time, **** everything else and rush a Vanguard...

Its better to be Laughed at for rushing Vanguard first than having to feed every team fight.

Crimson Guard Vs Blademail


Crimson Guard before Blademail?

Crimson Guard has an active AOE which when activated blocks 60 damage from all incoming attacks + 2 Armour in a 900 radius,for 12 seconds hence secure more kills for urself and ur carries..

It affects all Allied heroes.

But remember to use the guard only when ur hp is very low, or if u want to save an ally.

Avoid using the active if somebody just used it(another crimson guard active), as it does not stack. And has a long cool down, almost a minute.

Most people rush Blademail and completely ignore Vanguard. But they usually get a Heart right after. If u have a lot of gold, its fine otherwise either u must do too much AFK farming or keep dying. either way The team suffers.

Manta Style - How to Exploit

One of my favourite items on Axe.

Although its not always needed, its amazing against SINGLE TARGET HEROES.
Plus the Bonus movement speed and agility, I prefer Manta over Force staff.

GG vs
5.Legion Commander
7.Split push

How to use vs different heroes
3.For all these heroes, Blink-Call-Blademail-Let Blademail be done- Manta- Crimson- Run or kill
5.Do not show the enemy when u pop ur manta and send one of the illu. It procs helix just as the original. and move AXE around just as u would to ur regular hero. Watch a rupture or a duel. Do this over and over again. lol.
6.Send ur illusions into the suspected areas and watch mines explode/ get wasted.
7.Use illu for pushes when ur teammates just won't leave jungle, but u need to push.

*Once u get to higher mmr, this strategy might now work, but under 2k works almost every time.

*Ps - If u already enjoy microing, u will love this but if u don't, then go for some more reliable item.

Late Game items

Its purely up to your play style .

But remember, you're role is to cause chaos in the Battlefield... and if are doing ur job, its perfectly fine what ever items u want to go.

If not sure, ask your teammates what to buy next. In Dota2, there is always someone better than you



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