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[7.06f] They Can't Stop Me! - A Comprehensive Guide to Monkey King

October 4, 2017 by Cyike
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Build 1
Build 2

Lane Dominator (Offlane)

DotA2 Hero: Monkey King

Hero Skills

Mischief (Innate)

Boundless Strike

2 8 9 11

Tree Dance

4 13 14 16

Jingu Mastery

1 3 5 7

Wukong's Command

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+350 Cast Range and Additional Wukong's Command Ring
-1 Jingu Mastery Required Hits
+60% Boundless Strike Critical Damage
0 Cooldown Primal Spring
+110 Jingu Mastery Damage
+450 Tree Dance Cast Range
+0.3s Boundless Strike Stun
+100 Primal Spring Max Damage

[7.06f] They Can't Stop Me! - A Comprehensive Guide to Monkey King

October 4, 2017


Hello everybody! I am Cyike, but I normally go by Lt. Cyike. I don't normally build guides, but after having used this site and having a Steam Build up for about 7 months, I think it's about time I make a real guide to a hero who I genuinely love: Monkey King, otherwise known as Sun Wukong.

Monkey King is a very strong early/mid game carry whose ability to control the battles and decimate the playing field makes him a force to be reckoned with. Whether the enemy is cutting down trees or fleeing in fear of his Jingu-Q combo, when in the right hands and against the right people Monkey King is truly a fantastic hero with, most of the time, underestimated capabilities.

Maelstrom vs. Echo Sabre - Pro's and Cons

To be written...


Sange and Yasha vs. Diffusal Blade - Pros and Cons

It shouldn't come as a surprise to most people that a good chunk of the foundation of my build came from both the recommended Dota 2 build as well as the Torte de Lini builds. Simply put, I find him an incredibly reliable source of information about a hero, and the update to his build tells me a lot about how the meta is changing for Monkey King. For a large example, I use to argue that Shadow Blade was a useless item on Monkey King because you are wasting about 3k gold for an initiation that is already built into him (Tree Dance onto a tree, ult, stun, whack). It wasn't until I tried out Shadow Blade myself that I saw the critical use for it; better initiation plus escape plus attack speed bonus, all of that is perfect for Monkey King.

With that said, recently the Torte de Lini build has been updated to accommodate the lack of "keep up" with Monkey King. Many Monkey King players know, as well as myself, that more often than not Monkey King has a really tough time staying on top of his opponents (that is, if you don't Primal Spring first, but generally it's harder to get off a Primal Spring since the enemy now knows when it's coming, and if they have a Blink Dagger than it's practically useless). As such, Diffusal Blade was put in place of Echo Sabre. While I do agree that Diffusal Blade works very well on Monkey King, I would argue that Sange and Yasha provide much more benefits to Monkey King than a Diffusal Blade.

The Pros and Cons section below outlines the positives and the negatives of using a Diffusal Blade as opposed to Sange and Yasha

- very generous AGI boost
- nifty amount of INT that combs over nicely with his low mana pool
- Great slow that allows him to stay on top of his foes
- Works great with his ultimate
- Solid price (~3k gold)
- Dispels buffs from enemies

- Charges (only have 14 if you spend the 700 to get the upgrade, which if you are Monkey King you will be ganking heavily, leaving you with no charges in some rare games)
- Has no real use for the Mana Burn
- Cannot be disassembled
- Single target slow
- Lacks STR stats

This is the section where I'm supposed to slam Diffusal Blade and call it out for being a bad item, and while I will be doing that below as I go more in-depth to the usefulness of S&Y, I want to make it clear that I'm not calling Diffusal Blade a bad item on MK by any means. I am simply stating that if you have the gold, there is a better option out there. Some games, a Diffusal Blade will actually be better than an S&Y. That's just how Dota is. But more often than not, you should be using a Sange & Yasha and here's why:

- AGI & STR boost that works very nicely with him
- Movement speed increase that allows him to more effectively chase down people who are under Greater Maim
- Attack speed increase to help get more hits i.e. Jingu faster
- Can be disassembled if needed to make items like Heaven's Halberd and Manta Style
- Small boost in damage that makes Jingu more effective
- Single & Multi-unit slow (with Wukong's Command)
- No charges

- More expensive (~4k gold)
- Lacks Mana Burn which can be viable in certain games
- No basic dispel
- Worse AGI gain and thus lower ATK spd + DMG increase
- No INT to appease his low mana pool
- Lesser slow than Diffusal

So, which one is truly the more viable option? It's a personal preference, really, but I'll be playing more of my MK games with an S&Y than a Diffusal, surely.

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