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7.05 Tide Hunter - negative armor abuse

May 4, 2017 by Pl3b
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Make Tide Great Again

DotA2 Hero: Tidehunter

Hero Skills


8 12 14 16

Kraken Shell

1 3 9 11

Anchor Smash

2 4 5 7 13


6 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+50% chance to proc Anchor Smash on attacks
+0.8s Ravage Stun Duration
Anchor Smash affects buildings
+40 Kraken Shell Damage Block
+25% Anchor Smash Damage Reduction
+120 Gush Damage
+50 Anchor Smash Damage
+10% Gush Slow

7.05 Tide Hunter - negative armor abuse

May 4, 2017


Im going to keep this guide short and sweet.

The primary purpose of this guide is too point out the value tide can provide as an enabler/core whithout losing any of the exceptional teamfight characteristics that make tide great.

General Playstyle

The talent tree is the inspiration for this build and i beleive if the meta is now a slow enough pace to allow tide back in!

Treads and echo sabre give great stats to tank tide up as well as providing great attack speed to synergise with his level ten.

Post level 10 you should focus on fighting with ravage and farming during the down time.Blink is fantastic on tide either for blink ravage, or alternatively - due to this fantastic build - blink, double hit into gush and anchor smash.

I would say there is a point after blink where you need to decide whether to go for medalion/solar crest - which will result in negative 24 armor when combined with your talent - or a more traditional tide build with shivas and refresher orb. Basically you need to think, will my team really benifit from the negative armor?

If you decide on solar crest then you should be very close to your level 25 by now. Getting aghinhams scepter is highly synergetic at that point and allows you to spam gush in an AOE applying -12 armor with a cool down of 7 seconds.

Finally refresher has always been baller on tide so, ya know.

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