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[7.00] Sniper Kit

January 8, 2017 by kruemelmonsterxD
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Build 1
Build 2

Lightning Strike

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills


3 13 14 16


1 4 7 8

Take Aim

2 5 9 11


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+6 Shrapnel Charges
+100 Attack Range
+24 Shrapnel DPS
+28 Knockback Distance Headshot
-14% Shrapnel Slow
+30 Attack Speed
+15 Damage
+1s Take Aim Duration


I am kruemelmonsterxD and I discovered that no builds for sniper in 7.00 exist. So here I am making one :D

I hope you will like my way playing sniper.

When and why pick Sniper?

When/Why should I pick Sniper?

    You're the only or 1 of 2 carrys in the team
    You have a supporter that wards river and jungle if needed
    You want to have an incredible K/D/A
    You love Lightning Strikes :P

When shouldn't I pick Sniper?
    Your team has already 2 carrys
    Your team has no or an unexperienced supporter (shouldnt happen, still happens sometimes -.-)
    Phantom Assassin, Spectre, Pudge, Centaur Runner or Monkey (especially in higher ranks) is picked by the enemy team

Sniper Teammates


    1. Drow Ranger (gives bonus damage to all ranged allies with Precision Aura + slows enemies movement with frost arrows)
    2. Necrophos (reduces enemy movement speed with Ghost Shroud + stuns with Reaper's Scythe)
    3. Luna (stuns with Lucent Beam + gives bonus damage to allies with Lunar Blessing)
    4. Mirana (stuns with Sacred Arrow + makes allies invisible with Moonlight Shadow)
    1. Ogre Magi (increases movement and attack speed with Bloodlust + stuns with Fireblast)
    2. Treant Protector (regeneration and damage block with Living Armor + stop enemies from moving, attacking, using invisibility and blinking with Overgrowth)
    3. Omniknight (heals with Purification + slows movement and attack speed with Degen Aura)

Pros / Cons Lightning Strike

Good farmer/pusher with Shrapnel
Long range, which gets even longer with levels
Incredible Offensive with Headshot

Very bad movespeed
No Escape Items (exept Manta in very late gamne)
Can be easily blinked/waveformed/timewalked/shadow bladed
NEEDS farm

Pros / Cons Bullet Hell

same as Lightning Strike
Incredible Offensive with Headshot
HUGE damage with Devine Rapier

pretty similar to Lightning Strike
A bit better against ganking then Lightning Strike
Not the highest movement speed
No Escape Items (exept you buy Shadow Blade)
If you lose your Devine Rapier youre fu**ed!

Items Lightning Strike

Tango for healing
Wraith Band for early Agility buff --> higher damage and attack speed

Power Treats on Agility Mode for higher movement and again higher damage and attack speed
Ring of Aquaila for higher damage and armour (also a little mana regeneration for Sharpnel)
Maelstorm = LIGHTNING! and you as you may already know higher damage and attack speed

Aghanim's Scepter for higher attributes and making Assassinate multi-target
Mjolnir = EVEN MORE LIGHTNING! and who seen that coming higher damage and attack speed
Assault Cuirass for higher armour and attack speed
Manta Style to be able to create multiple versions of yourself for higher damage, attack speed or escaping

Items Bullet Hell

Same Starting Items as Lightning Strike but if someone drops you 3 Tangos you can buy 2 Iron Branch instead for a better start.

Phase Boots allow you to deal extra damage and run faster to catch fleeing enemies.
Blade of Alacrity gives bonus attack speed and damage
Point Booster gains mana and life points

Aghanim's Scepter for higher attributes and making Assassinate multi-target
Demon Edge for bonus damage

Devine Rapier DAMAGE + 50% chance for each rapier that you enemy wants to leave the game...

Important Tips

DON'T DIE (really you dont want to die with sniper any time!)
Steal kills (your the carry youre allowed to do so)
Buy Items every time as fast as possible


Sharpnel creates a shower of explosive pelles from charges (normally 3) over a specific area. This Skill is perfect to give damage to larger groups of creeps and/or heroes and to push towers. It can easily be combined with stuns.

Headshot does greater damage and may stun your enemy.

Take Aim gives a longer attack range. With upgrade 3 you can attack without being inside their attack range! Great for pushing and killing pushing enemies.

Assasinate = BOOM HEADSHOT! This skill allows you to take out any hit enemy over huge distances. It also gives true sight and if combined with Aghanim's Scepter it can hit multiple targets at once after spotted in one area. The Shot/s takes about 1.7s to release and deals huge damage.

General Tips Lightning Strike

Early Game
Play as defensive as you can and dont let the creeps push. You are very vulnerable and need farm to be a sucessfull sniper, so the enemy team will try to gank you as long as you are weak (<Lv8). To prevent this let your supporter place wards on both sides of the river and "hug" your tower. Buy Power Treats as fast as possible for higher movement speed and then Ring of Aquila to gain atleast a little armour. With both items and Lv6 youre already a pretty high damage dealer and may kill your opponent on mid.

Mid Game
Push the first mid tower with 1-2 teammates then return to your lanes. Look if the enemy team is also pushing mid. If they do so go back and place sharpnel around your tower. wait for teammates to help you killing them. If they dont push mid you can switch lanes to top/bot and help your team pushing the first lane towers (you should have a teleport scroll with you to be able to return to mid). After 2 pushed towers you should have enough gold for Maelstrom, which allows you to kill creeps very fast and gain gold in mass. By creeping, jungling and bounty collecting you should be able to buy Aghanim's Scepter. Now you can target multiple enemies and are ready to push the 2. wave of towers. Repeat the steps for pushing like the first towers, but this time place wards in the top/bottom jungle to prevent ganks.

End Game
You have pushed the first 2 waves of towers and should be able to buy Mjolnir. Youre attack speed is insane and gaining gold is no problem anymore. Wait for large groups of enemy heros play sharpnel on them, hit them for around 3 sec. and place Assasinate. In the best case your team helps stunning the enemy team and let you do the work. If the game still goes on youre now able to buy Assault Cuirass and Manta. Both gain you incredible attack speed and the possibility to escape.

General Tips Bullet Hell

Pretty similar to Lightning Strike but youre only dependant from your teammates till about Lv10. Then you will be able to strike your enemies easily down in case of your range and huge damage. More experienced players can use blink dagger to follow enemies better, unexperienced players can use shadow blade to prevent being killed and Desolator for slowing enemies down. The Bullet Hell Build can be used for Damage Dealing over Range AND Ganking depending on the items you choose. The Standard Build as I am using it is a ranged Sniper that deals incredible damage with his ultimate and stays away from enemies.

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