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7.00 Luna - Demolition Expert

January 4, 2017 by transilvlad
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

1 3 5 7

Moon Glaives

8 9 12 13

Lunar Blessing

2 4 14 16


6 11 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+0.25s Eclipse Lucent Ministun
+20 Lunar Blessing Damage
+100 Lucent Beam Damage
2 Moon Glaives Fired on Lucent Beam
-30s Eclipse Cooldown
-2s Lucent Beam cooldown
+0.3s Lucent Beam Stun
-8% Moon Glaives Damage Reduction

7.00 Luna - Demolition Expert

January 4, 2017


Luna is not the most durable of heroes and thus requires a babysitter in cases where she has to face strong early game heroes.

She has a mini stun but it will not help much early on so don't bet your life on it. Best to save your mana and use it if a fight breaks out. I have seen many player use lucent beam to push back enemy heroes early on and then ran out of mana when the fight was on.

You need to put a point in your aura at lvl 2 as it will give you the best night vision of all heroes. I have seen many forget this and they prepare to gank just at the edge of your vision without realizing they are close enough for you to see them and call for backup and turn the tide.

Since farming is the key you need lifesteal so get a Morbid Mask after your boots. You can finish it into a Vladimir's offering later (Manta style was so so nice before 7.00). Mask of Madness is also an option, very handy if you have no contest and need to quickly take down structures and get away with it when they come for you but it's dangerous as it will silence you so no ult.

Manta Style. Nothing to say here, JUST GET IT, YOU MUST HAVE IT.

When you are on the same team with Night Stalker things can turn your way very quickly as Luna's ult turns day into night for a few seconds which powers Night Stalker. But try to avoid picking her when facing him as he can take your increased vision away and kill you very quickly.

Luna needs a lot of farm, she mainly blooms in the late game and thus remember to farm, farm, farm and don't be shy to buy a ward or two to cover your jungle as you farm.

As always keep an eye on the minimap and help your team. Many people focus too much on farming and don't help out when it matters and the game can be lost by the time Luna gets ready.

Luna's ult is very powerful so make use of it especially early on. A level 6 ult can take down enemies very fast and it's very important you take the time to gank a bit with it before they feed or buy blademail as that will kill most times you faster than you can run. A BKB is good to counter this but it's expensive and you have more important things to buy. it can be a good tactic to BKB and ult the enemy every 230 seconds, but it can also be a killer.

Partner up with multiplayer stunners/rooters such as Faceless Void, Enigma, Treant Protector, Disruptor ... If you can time it right you should be able to do team wipes easily especially early on, but remember they learn so don't expect this to work many times. but once can be sufficient to change the tide especially if it's late game.


Manta Style is a must get it.
You also need some life steal.

Because the Moon Glaives bounce and Manta Style just takes it to a whole new level it can be very easy to retreat farm/lifesteal some creeps and get back into the fight.


Usually it is a good idea to max out Lucent Beam as this hardens your ult and is a good way to kill a weak enemy running from a fight or mini stun them to get in range.

Moon Glaives will help you fight/farm but it will push the lanes if leveled early, but if you face long range heroes you can alternate this with Lucent Beam.

Lunar Blessing you skill one at level 2 for the vision and thereafter just when you don't have another choice or you avoid leveling the Moon Glaives.

Eclipse points should not be missed unless you have a very good reason for wanting something else instead. Ganks/fights and you need something else more as the cooldown is long.


The talents shown here are a generic build but as with everything there are situations and situations. Use your best judgement on what to pick based on the heroes you are facing and their items. When you die look at the kill info that opens from the killer image on the left and see what they used against you and also check out the enemy items.

Level 1. Damage is nice when you are on top but armour can save you life. See if the enemies you are fighting against have armour reduction or a lot of armour and get that instead.

Level 2. Lucent beam damage is very good on luna because your ult is simply a large number of Lucent Beams so the stronger it is the stronger your ult is. But as before if you are too squishy and need a tad more health it may be worth the sacrifice.

Level 3. +25 Attack Speed is one of those things that will make your glaives and Manta Style hit that much faster and kill/demolish fast. But if you're facing heroes with lots of spells Magic resistance is a must.

Level 4. +15 All stats. You don't need lucent beam every 2 seconds. It's nice and there may be the case for it, but I haven't see it yet. Also remember +15 ALL STATS, that is a lot.

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