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[7.0.7d] Crystal Maiden Build

December 21, 2017 by MrDallas
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[7.0.7d] Crystal Maiden

DotA2 Hero: Crystal Maiden

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Core Items(AoE Disablers Team)

Core Items (Point Target Disabler Team)

Mixed (AoE+Point Target)

Physical (Clinkz/Drow Ranger/Sven)

Situational Items

Hero Skills

Crystal Nova

5 14 16 17


1 3 7 11

Arcane Aura

2 4 8 9 13

Freezing Field

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+300 Crystal Nova Damage
+1.5s Frostbite Duration
+60 Freezing Field Damage
+250 Attack Speed
+14% Mana cost/Mana loss Reduction Aura
+120 Gold/Min
+250 Health
+100 Cast Range

What is supporting? Is it important?

Support role is probably the most important role for every match you play in Dota 2. Why? They help the team by providing vision with wards, deward enemies vision and most importantly keep the team alive.

Let's take a look at a few support that gives the team buffs.
Dazzle can provide team with more "Physical Armor" and heal his teammates, and he can shallow grave to keep one of his teammates alive and bring some extra time.

Ogre Magi can provide attack speed and movement, allowing his teammates to chase after slower enemies.

Now what about disabler supports? The next chapter we will be talking about Crystal Maiden, a powerful nuker, disabler support.

Summary Of Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden provides mana regen and has a very powerful root skill, she also has 2 slowing abilities, 1 which is crystal nova which slows attack speeds and movement, and freezing field is her most powerful skill and provides movement slow.

Skills(How to use? When should I use?)

Let's take a look at Crystal Maiden's first skills.
Crystal Nova:
This skill is used more often on team fights or chasing down an enemy, when everyone is close to each other, the movement and attack slow is great for allowing your ally to catch up. You can also use frostbite and then follow up a crystal nova to deal massive damage and slow.

Frostbite is an amazing root for the team, it does alot of damage in early game and is very useful, use it to harass for early game, if your having trouble rooting someone, I suggest you put a level point on Crystal Nova to harass. Really, it depends on your situation

Arcane Aura:
Crystal Maiden's mana regen is useful for any team, she can quickly regen overtime with her tranquil and arcana aura regen, making her a more durable hero. This also enables her to jungle too.

Freezing Field:
Take your time and use it once the enemy have used their stun, you don't wanna run in with a slardar that has AoE stuns. BKB is always useful but sometimes we have Pierce Spell Immunity Stuns, which is why we should always take the time to use it once the enemy has no more disable. Remember, freezing field is a very powerful skill and is a great damage output for any team.

Situations(Game sense)

Struggling your lane? Unable to buy wards? Poor like a beggar?

This chapter is probably suitable for you.
We all know supports do a lot to help the team. Here is a tip to actually prevent the horror of feeding increase. Early game 2 minutes, look at the lanes, a hard opponent on the lane could bring down the tower quickly, if you see a lane struggling, ward that lane! You wanna prevent ganks!

Another thing we should know, what are you doing as a support?
You want to initiate for the team at the cost of dying or living.
You want to disrupt the flow of the fight for the enemy.

Teams have stunners, tankers, supports and offlaners.

If your team has an invisibility hero, they can target you easily. Which is why sentry & dusts are needed. To prevent you becoming an easy target, stick with a teammate and be cautious of your lanes, if you see everyone are in their lane, try farming more outside boundaries, if you see them missing, try farming closer to tower creeps. This can help a lot! :)

If you know the enemies like roaming in a team, don't stack! Yes, we know stacking can help but always ward the stack, just in case your unlucky and someone gets some free loot!

Item Build (Determine which build suits the game)

This chapter will teach you how to choose the correct build.

AoE stunners or even pudge hook, can disable you easily since your ultimate is channel for a long duration. Using a glimmer will not help. In the game your team would then have to be more durable, blink helps that as you can go between initiative or escaping.

Point Target such as enigma, shadow shaman and ogre magi are different, they can choose to leave you and go on other hereos, glimmer is great for helping a carry and increasing the team durability, most stuns are magical damage, glimmer provides a decent amount of magic resistance.

Mixed stuns are harder to play as Crystal Maiden, making you needing to disrupt the flow of enemies. Eul scepters helps that, not only prevent you from certain skills but disrupt team fights flow and everything. Eul scepter takes mana and Crystal Maiden's early game manapool is less, so a bottle is needed to keep her durability.

Physical Damage are less likely able to stun you, although sven is a high physical damage and a great stunner. Ghost scepter would do enough to disrupt his flow and probably break the flow of the enemy team. However, I would not consider you choosing this build with a game of viper. You probably know why! :)

Are you ready?

So, we learned Crystal Maiden? Are you ready?

Hope this guide will help you!

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