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6.88 Elder Titan 4th pos

June 26, 2016 by Arta999
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Elder Titan

Purchase Order

Starting item

Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Stout Shield
Ring of Protection

Early game

Soul Ring
Tranquil Boots
Wind Lace
Town Portal Scroll
Enchanted Mango


Soul Ring
Tranquil Boots
Town Portal Scroll
Eul's Scepter of Divinity


Blade Mail
Force Staff
Aether Lens
Drum of Endurance
Glimmer Cape
Gem of True Sight
Veil of Discord
Pipe of Insight
Crimson Guard


Aghanim's Scepter
Refresher Orb



Hero Skills

Echo Stomp

2 3 5 7

Astral Spirit

1 12 13 14

Natural Order

4 8 9 10

Earth Splitter

6 11 16


15 17 18

6.88 Elder Titan 4th pos

June 26, 2016


Hello All! Welcome to my first guide. I hope you'll enjoy it. You need to know that english is not my first language so you'll enjoy some grammatical issues too here.

Elder Titan is typically normal STR hero. He has high HP which make him quite tanky in early and a problem with manapool. This hero is one of the best INITIATOR/COUNTER INITIATOR. His Echo Stomp is the pick up skill that synergies with any positioning initiator like Pudge (100% hook) or Legion Commander (EZ duel AF) etc.

He can play as 3rd, 4th, or 5th position. But sometimes you cant to be play as 5th pos because you need some items that make you online in early game. When you already got you early item, then you may help your support to buy some Observer Ward or Sentry Ward dust etc.


In early, you may need Clarity for able to spam Astral Spirit. Buy Stout Shield to tanking creep while harass the enemy. Dont forget to bring Ring of Protection for your Tranquil Boots so you dont need to use courier anymore.

When you have your early item, that means you are ready for ganking anylane and get the kill as much as possible.

Situational Item

There's several situational item that you need to deal with this patch.
One of the most picked hero in this meta. ET is one of his counter due to his Natural Order that remove all stolen agility armor from Essence Shift. In early game, you actually can go dual offlane and deal with him. The problem is in the mid game. You need either Blade Mail or Eul's Scepter of Divinity to sustain your life from him.

You need to make sure that you have Eul's Scepter of Divinity if the enemy has a tons of disable or Orchid Malevolence.

Veil of Discord is great item to increase your magical damage rapidly. Since your Natural Order remove your enemy base magic ressistant (at level 4).

Dont ever mind to buy Radiance. Except you are not activated that after stomped the enemies. It burn damage will wake your victim up from Echo Stomp+ Earth Splitter combo.


Echo Stomp
You need to max this skill asap for aggresive or defensive purpose.

Astral Spirit
Just take this 1 level. You dont need to max this earlier since you are not build to be hitter.

Natural Order
Max this skill after Echo Stomp. Your team always need any amplifier damage potential

Earth Splitter
Take this skill whenever its possible. This skill pierces spell immune that can prevent your enemies from Black Hole+ Black King Bar or Blade Fury+ Town Portal Scroll combo.

Pros / Cons

Pick this hero when:
1. You need strong teamfight combo
2. Your enemiest carry has a big agility armor such as spectre, slark, PA, etc.
3. Your enemies strat is 5 man dota pusher.

Dont pick when:
1. You need babysitter. This hero cant even deal with offlaner such a Timbersaw or Faceless Void
2. Your team has aura DPS such Radiance carrier, Acid Spray that can break your Echo Stomp combo.
3. Your allies is a ****** (most of time, they will wake your enemy up after Echo Stomp and break your Earth Splitter combo.


This heroes winning rate increase from early to late game due to his potential. So this hero is good against enemy that depend on late game carries. In early game, just play safe and dont be aggresive since one die can delay your early item. The most important item for this hero is Town Portal Scroll. You are the real punisher of tower divers like Night Stalker or Earth Spirit. If you not bring the TP that time, you miss the possibility to get gold as killing hero or pulling neutral creep are the only way you can get some gold at early game.


For some real case when 5 your team trying to get enemy tower's while all of them are defending near their tower. Your job is trying to Echo Stomp the enemies as much as possible. That's why your spirit need some extra speed to catch the enemies in their towers with an Eul's Scepter of Divinity or Tranquil Boots. When you get at least 2 or 3 Echo Stomp, combine it with Earth Splitter then easy kill and towers for you. Remember to watch your position from enemies initiator like Clockwerk or Spirit Breaker so you dont get wiped out.

Allies and Enemies

Allies: Stunner, mana provider, ganker. I have to mention special heroes

Faceless Void
This hero is your best friend. 100% easy combo along with amplifier (place your spirit inside chronosphere). Add veil if you have that. Most of case, it wiped out all the enemies inside the combo area.

Legion Commander, Pudge, Disruptor
Another your best friend. 5 sec of sleep is too damn enough to set up good position for a war.

Bane, Naga Siren
Your best allies for the enemy that need enough sleep.


Your real problem. once you get caught in his rocket vision, his hook shot along with Blade Mail and his skill combo are more than enough to destroy your war.

Riki, Bounty Hunter, Nyx Assassin
If you are the initiator, you must watch this hero out. If they catch you first, you'll fail. In this case, better if you become the following initator instead the one who initiate.


Elder Titan is simply underrated in pub. Because he doesnt has a real stun or something like that. The key to play this hero is a teamplay then you'll find his best potential. Let me know your opinion about about this guide. Thanks for reading.

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