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6.85 how to play "nerfed" Techies

October 22, 2015 by 50 Shades of Gandalf
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Toplane Techies (support)

DotA2 Hero: Techies

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Gettin´ started

After 5-10 mins

Later in the game

Luxury shit for Ganstaz

Hero Skills

Proximity Mines

1 4 5 8

Stasis Trap

10 12 13 14

Blast Off!

2 3 7 9

Remote Mines

6 11 16


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6.85 how to play "nerfed" Techies

50 Shades of Gandalf
October 22, 2015

Early Game

Heres a quick video to show you the basics if you are new to techies
-When the game starts. teleport to mid and place ~5 Land Mines on the river so creeps dont run to them, but make sure they are in a location that allows your team to easily bait enemy hero to the mines.

- Timer hits minute 0. Then you run to top (place your ward to top rune on the way). And while the other hero with you in top farms, you just simply auto attack enemy heroes. This makes them unable to farm and allows your mate to farm in peace. Also use Land Mines to damage enemy heroes if possible.

-When you hit level 2 and learn Suicide, the enemy heroes should be on low enough hp by now to get killed by the DMG Suicide causes so go ahead and try it. Try using this ability as much as possible to kill them untill you manage to get down the tower, You and other heroes on the lane get gold and your suicide spam makes it even harder for them to farm.

-Continue doing this untill you get the first tower down and learn your ultimate, Remote Mines .Place 4-5 Remote Mines front of your top tower and then tp to mid or bot and place Remote Mines in front of your own towers like you did in top.

Mid Game

-Help your team to push lanes using Suicide and Land Mines. Also remember to buy and place sentry and observer wards.

-Use Remote mines to keep your Towers running. 4-5 mines is usually enough for an kill (unless its pudge or some other fat **** you want to kill then you need about 10~30 mines)

-Use the Force Staff you should have by now and Statis Traps to save your team from ****ty situations. For example force staff people away from Faceless Void´s Chronosphere. Thats mad skillz.

-Your main goal is to defend. Remember that.

Late Game

-You just continue the same **** you did in mid game, now you should have your aghanims that increases the DMG your Remote Mines do.

When to pick Techies and when not to

Pick Techies if
-Enemy team has squishy heroes like Lina or Witch Doctor
-Enemy team has alot of heroes that can push
-Your team doesnt have any support
-If you team has heroes that make a nice combo with yours,Like Axe,Crystal Maiden or Magnus
-When you just want to kill scrubs

Dont pick Techies if
-Enemy team has heroes that dont give a **** about dmg like Pudge
-Your team has heroes that cant push
-Enemy team has heroes that have summons or use illusions

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