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[6.84] Legion Commander Guide to "Powerful Damage and Health"

August 20, 2015 by KARUN
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Powerful Damage and Health

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

10 12 13 14

Press the Attack

2 4 8 9

Moment of Courage

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

[6.84] Legion Commander Guide to "Powerful Damage and Health"

August 20, 2015

Early Game

You can let your support (if you have) to pull creep with the small neutral stack. You can tank lane creep because of your Moment of Courage skill. If the enemy are melee, you can pressure them very well because you can back and lifesteal creep from your Moment of Courage. If anyone in your team try to gank in your lane, don't forget to Duel. Don't too scare, anyone in early game are afraid of more than 2 ganking. You can get damage very fast if your friend is very powerful early game ganker like Pudge.

Mid Game

After you got Blink Dagger and Armlet of Mordiggian, you can Duel alone if the enemy is...
1. Alone and 2. Health less than 1000. You can get them easily but don't forget to check very carefully about their teammates that wait to help him/her. In teamfight, you can startle them by Blink and Duel (Basically) but if they have stunner, Duel the strongest stunner first like Earthshaker. Let's your team get the other one because at mid game, you can take down every stunner if they can't stun.
Note: No jungling! You fat but have no damage from Duel will can't take out the most powerful part of Legion Commander out!

Late Game

This is the most powerful time of Legion Commander if you did well in Early and Mid Game. You will have more than 200 damage if you joined every teamfight and try to get damage alone. From my build, Eye of Skadi will help you to follow enemy because at Late Game you must try to kill the other one after you Duel and it's hard to Blink because your position will be the center of the war. Daedalus will boost your damage instantly and Mjollnir can boost your attack speed very much so plus with your damage it's mean you can take down anyone, may be except Tanks. You can sell Armler of Mordiggian away and get Heart of Tarrasque instead. You can get additional damage (because you are Strenght Hero) and health from it.

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