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6.84 guide to mid ember spirit itemization

August 20, 2015 by TinyTitan
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Searing Chains

2 4 8 9

Sleight of Fist

10 11 12 13

Flame Guard

1 3 5 7

Fire Remnant



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6.84 guide to mid ember spirit itemization

August 20, 2015


Hi, I'm tinytitan and this is my first guide I have ever wrote. Ember spirit is my most played hero, and easily my favorite. However almost everything you build can be situational and his items and item progression need to be explained. I apologise if there is any poor gramnar, I'm writing this at like 2 AM lol.

Starting items/skill build

I generally start with tangoes and a poor man's shield. This gives him enough survivability even against harass heavy mids before you get bottle. Against an opponent with little to no harass you can opt for a quelling blade and stout shield with tangoes.

Against certain matchups, I get an early point in SoF around level 3/4. I do this because you can dodge projectiles with it. Against heroes with slow moving or easily dodged projectiles, I always get an early point in it. (notably skywrath and lesh)

Early game

Ember spirit has very odd power spikes. One of these is his level 3-7. If your are at least level three and you get either a haste or dd, I generally gank the closest lane. Searing chains and flame guard at this point does so much damage and can easily result in one or more kills. As soon as you hit level six, I immediately get to full mana, triple remnant and kill the enemy mid. This is an almost guaranteed kill, and really helps with you snowballing.Ember spirit needs a good start in order to be relevant in the mid game. I almost always go for phase boots and RoA but against a lot of physical burst or slows of any kind, I go treads into drums. This will slow down your battlefury timing but it's generally worth not dying over wanting a faster battlefury.

Mid game

Your first battlefury should be around 23-25 minutes average. This item will make you farm ridiculously fast. Farm the lane and then make jungle rotations. Get kills whenever possible/convenient. Unless you are fighting, you should NEVER stop farming. If I snowball hard and get like a 16 minute battlefury, I generally go for deso. You never get a deso unless this is the case. This is because you cannot buy skadi if you already bought deso. It is extremely powerful tempo item and can keep up the pressure if you are snowballing. Next you either go for a second battlefury or a deadelus. If the enemy has poor positioning, ALWAYS opt for the second bf first. The bonus cleave is ridiculously punishing against bad positioning, and one SoF can win a teamfight in this positioning. Otherwise get a daed, and then a second bf.

Alternate core items

As an alternative core, you can go bottle, BoT and battlefury. This makes you into a farming machine and can definitely accelerate your gpm significantly. I only do this however if I can afford to play more passively. This is viable if you need your big items quick. Also this is great if the enemy team has no lockdown. Never get deso if you decide to go for these items.

Late game

Late game, you are a team fight machine. Just starting in the back and throwing out SoF is enough to sway a fight into your team's favour. If I feel my team is lacking in any sort of cc or lockdown, I go for skadi for the 5 sec AoE slow. It also gives great stats and is an amazing late game item for ember. The other choice is a second daed. The crit is insane and two crits are better than one. I only buy rapier if we are very behind or very ahead. Rapier can make a losing game into a winning one with just one SoF, and it can secure victory just the same. Buy multiple if absolutely needed, but one generally does the trick. I know this will sound stupid but DO NOT DIE IF YOU HAVE RAPIER. Do not dive deep for kills, do not play dangerously. Being too cocky out aggressive will make you lose the rapier and the game. Boots of travel are always great late game and should be bought to defend/push

Situational items

BKB- buy it if the enemy team is more than 60% magic damage or if they have crazy amounts of slows and stuns

Blink- if you are having troubles chasing our you are running out of remnants too fast, blink can be a good aggressive option

Butterfly- lots of physical damage, gives armor and damage too, if you are lacking in either

Manta- Buy if enemy team has things that can be despelled like es ult or Naga sirens net

MKB- buy against heroes with evasion/heroes that typically buy evasion like gyro and PA

Silver edge- with correct timing, you can activate it and SoF, and return invisible. However it's not that great and I only get it if there is a passive I need to deal with (pa, bristle) and nobody else is buying a silver edge

Abyssal blade- Lockdown against heroes with escapes it's important. If your team doesn't have hard cc, you can get an abyssal blade. Note- you can bash on SoF but the bash still has a cool down, so multiple bashes are not likely.

Moon shard- only buy as a late game consumable and never let it take up room in your inventory. Attack speed is nice but generally not needed on ember.


I hope this helped anyone who has questions about ember spirit, and specifically about his items. As I said, feedback is greatly appreciated and it will be taken into account if I decide to make another guide. Good day!

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