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50 Shades of Gandalfs techie

February 27, 2015 by 50 Shades of Gandalf
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DotA2 Hero: Techies

Hero Skills

Sticky Bomb

1 3 7 9

Reactive Tazer

Blast Off!

2 4 5 8

Proximity Mines

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 17 18


So, I created an account here to get my guide out since people praise my tactics with techies lately when i started playing like this with techies

- This build is based on 2 skills, your Land mines and Suicide squad, Attack! .You basically could go without the rest

- You play in top or in bot, you dont go around the jungles alone not getting XP or gold. You help your lane friends to push, last hitting and using your ulti/land mines to kill/damage, enemy heroes

-DONT rush in the rune area when game starts, they are expecting that.

Early game In this picture i have used my beautifull skills of art to mark the spots where you should be placing your Land Mines Throught the game. So yeah no rune traps and ****.

-When you have succefully bought the early game items use the teleportation scroll to get on your lane and place 3x Land Mines to your lane on the spot marked in this pic ->

-After you have placed dem bombs just wait for the fun to beging! dont run away from the lane, push and last hit creeps, place Land Mines on the spots marked on map that are near you.

-If your lane is good your pal will atleast try to pull enemy heroes to your mines so make sure they arent too far away from the battle!

-On level 2 you have now learned Suicide squad, Attack! and it does ~500DMG and that son, is ****en bad-***. Use it whenever you get an enemy hero below 500 to kill him or to deny enemy from killing you. You get good kills with it (atleast you bloody should)

Mid Game!

-You should be on the same level as other in your team atleast or even ahead them a few levels. you destroyed few towers? got some nice kills and items? looking good. If not, Go play against bots (oi, thats what I did)

- you should have your Tranguil Boots aaand the Eul´s Scepter of Divinity You need them both since they give you speed and other sweets but the speed is the thing making them important. Since you need to be moving fast towards the enemy to use the Suicide Squad, Attack!

-and if the enemy team has gotten nasty wards and they see yar bombs, you just get wards too and destroy their wards, then continue placing your invisible bombs of death and ***.

Late game, close to victory

-So game is closing to its end and you need gold for the Shiva´s Guard since its expensive as ****. compared to earlier items bought, dont be afraid to use Land Mines on enemy creep squads to get gold fast, since you get mana back fast.

-After the Shiva´s Guard I usually get the shadow blade OR the force staff but I usually go with the Shadow Blade since its better for escape and gives you lil bonuses for normal attacks. Why you need an escape item? no matter are you losing or not you should be lethal to your enemies and they wanna focus you like you are the damn antichrist or a ginger. So you need some escape item for that, you cant just suicide anymore when you are about to die during late game unless it of course, kills someone.

the + of the shadow blade, you can easily sneak up on mofo´s and use suicide

Lets not continue this guide, its a silly guide anyway

So this was my way to play Techies usually ends the game with good results.

also this is my first guide, its awfull and i hate it already. next one will be (if i make one) about my main hero, The Lich

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