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5 minute read it then you pro :)

December 19, 2012 by KMP Hasabe
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Pro Silencer

DotA2 Hero: Silencer

Purchase Order

Early Game


Mid Game

Null Talisman
Null Talisman
Force Staff

Luxury Item

Mystic Staff
Orchid Malevolence
Scythe of Vyse
Shiva's Guard

Hero Skills

Arcane Curse

1 3 5 7

Glaives of Wisdom

2 4 8

Last Word

Global Silence



17 18

5 minute read it then you pro :)

KMP Hasabe
December 19, 2012

5 minute read it then you pro :)

Hai guys... sorry if you find so funny usage of english in here because it's not my preferred language of course... I just gonna go through this guide in the simplest way you've ever read... and believe me if you read another guide from me.. it still gonna be the simplest guide ever.. so it ease you in using Silencer. First off all, silencer is my most Favorited noticeable hero.. very fragile in the beginning of the game yet as for me..even in the mid game, he already a hero that should be afraid off.. don't believe me? Go and fight with Silencer... lol .. wanna learn some more... you can see my reply in dota 2.. sorry could not stated here.. problemo with steam -.- can add me @[email protected]
then you see is it Silencer really a supporter hero?? believe me
he a tanker... lol

sorry.. i will not said anything about silencer background or etc... sorry.. this is not academic school class.. dont waste time in reading.. if you really want to read.. go and seek history book....

Skill build (just follow this b***h)

Curse of the Silent
Glaives of Wisdom
Curse of the Silent
Glaives of Wisdom
Curse of the Silent
Global Silence
Curse of the Silent

then skill whatever you want.. that enough for me..

One thing.. before you put the first skill.. wait it until you fight your enemy.. look who your enemy... if your lane got enemy which really mana dependent in doing the skill.. dont hesitate.. keep spamming or harrasing them using your 1st skill.. believed me it hurt like hell... dont believe.. hope oneday you experience by yourself by fighting with a silencer.. pray for that..

however.. if you laning with an enemy which do not realy much on their mana in skill or killing.. then upgrade you second skill 1st.. or another choice.. go and change lane....

wtf man.. silencer is only fun when you can silencing them.. so just change your lane.. without 1st skill you just another "food" to them... remember in lane.. your are the boss.... if you could not be the boss.. change lane.. otherwise.. kill youself..

one things to add also.. always do combo in cursing.. ulti them.
1st skill them.. and attack them with your 2 kill..
enough already to get double kill..
dont believe me? come on man.. do you expect to repeat it agains.. damn... go and fight another silencer... they your fu**

i think no need for me to mention specific hero which mana dependent right.. I dont think you as noob as like that...
just go and try all hero in dota.. that you can see the advantages...

Item Build

one thing you should bear in mind.. every person has their own skill build so there is no such right and wrong.. so just accepted which one that suit you better...

1st item

go directly for this things.. and believed me helping..

[Early item]

the reason for this things.. it help you generate you health of kos. you know how fragile are you in the early game.. so go directly for it.. and another reason is.. like i said before.. keep spamming or harassing your enemy using 1st skill... it also decreased your mana.. so use the bottle to get mana back... but remember.. always use it at when you found your mana is no more..
use it in a very very very dangerous and needy time..
dont waste it just like junk food.. it is your survival.
you use it well... you control the lane.. you got mana as well as
health while your enemy nakedly without both of it.. lol
try it for sure... it kinna funny actually harassing your

then go for this for sure

[Mid game item]

try to get two of this.. or one.. it should help your damage
for second skill in killing...

[Mid game item]

then.. remember.. you are supporting hero..
you just can kill to much in early game..

you must have one of this..
you teammate will love you for sure...
for your own good as well

[Mid game item]

to get both is better.. which what i usually do....

i think that enough for supporting.. it your showtime...
farm this things.. and you own the map...

done with that..
seek one of this

[late game item]

as for me i usually go for orchid 1st...
believe me.. even SB think twice to attack you...

I think if you buy all what i've mention above.. you already 'fat' enough.. buy whatever you want left.. i've got no concern with that anymore..

just one thins.. never buy divine.. if damage is what is you seek.. then try to improve you intelligent.. it will increase you damage and divine just wasting your money.. though there are special cases when you are too rich.. buy it for you friends...

is it really can?? lol

that all for me.. rate this if you like it.. i think i write in the simplest way so it will benefits you..
just follow it nicely..
believe me..

you rampaige for sure....
can come and play with my silencer in dota 2..

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