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3 hit K/O

July 10, 2013 by TheBenGerman
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The one and only

DotA2 Hero: Riki

Purchase Order


Mid game 5-15 Min

GG 15+ min

Hero Skills

Smoke Screen

3 5 8 10

Blink Strike

2 12 13 14

Cloak and Dagger

1 4 7 9

Tricks of the Trade

6 11 16


15 17 18


Welcome all Riki players. This is my first guide so please be patient. I am sure I will be editing it along the way with your helpful criticism. I may not know how to make a guide but I can sure play a hell of a Riki game. Also can someone please comment or send a message on how to link items or skills and have the bio pop up.

My guide differs from most Riki guides in one significant way. I DO NOT build a diffusal blade. When people see me playing Riki and not building a diffusal, I get bombarded with harassing comments. This is very controversial. By the end of this guide your Riki will be 2 hitting supports and 3-4 hitting carries.

Welcome and thank you in advance for reading this. Have fun with your Riki pub stomps :)


Welcome to the items section.

Starting: 6 tango's total, Slippers of Agility, and 2 iron branch's. Your goal in the early game is survival. Your levels and farm are what matters most, therefore we buy items that will keep you in the lane the longest.

From your starting items you will transition into your mid game. This happens at 5 min. You should have anywhere from 20-30 creep kills. At 5 minutes I start to get my magic wand and poor man's shield. Once again, survival is key and these items help tremendously.

From your survival items we move on to some key items for Riki. Power treads give agility bonus, attack speed, and movement speed bonus. You will keep these the entire game. Also by 15 minutes you should have your Yasha as well. Yasha gives agility, attack speed, and movement speed. You will complete the Sange and Yasha later in the game.

Mid-Late game is where Riki has all the fun. From here you will want to get Vlad's. This is for survival, jungling when lanes are dangerous, and team fights. Not to mention the aura bonus for teammates! Riki's most powerful attribute is his backstab skill. You will want to build items that feed off that. Therefor the Butterfly and Ethereal blade are key. Huge agility bonus. At this point I always finish up the Sange portion of Sange and Yasha. You already have the Yasha taking up an item spot so you might as well get the Strength, Damage, and slow bonus Sange offers.

As for your last item I usually go Monkey King Bar. This is just pure damage and attackspeed. But as all good Dota players do, we mold our items to who we play. For example if you are playing a team with high magic damage. Lets say Ogre Magi,Zeus, and Queen of Pain. I will build a BKB.


My skill choice on Riki may vary from the usual guides. Most people will go for Backstab as fast as possible. Even though it is Riki's most important skill, it is not his best for early game. Early game is about survival and this is where a skill point in Blink and Smoke will do you good. Either blinking to a friendly or smoke screening yourself out of a gank. You will not be getting a lot of kills in the first 10 minutes(unless you play absolute nubs or have a perfect laning partner)

You may also be wondering why I only put 1 in blink strike until level 12. My reasoning behind this is that it is only 1 attack. For each level you only get 30 bonus damage. You will be doing much more damage by simply right clicking. By increasing the Smoke Screen levels you increase the radius. With the increase in radius I can get 1-2 more attacks in while they run. This far better than a 1 time extra blink strike damage. So whether your opponent is fighting you in your smoke cloud or taking backstab damage by running, you will only be Blinking 1 time to finish a kill or escape.

Late game is all put into Agility Skill.

Creeping / Jungling

Creeping is simple. With riki you are going to be focused. So you simply want to time your walk behind a creep for a backstab to insure a creep kill. Then back off to evade attacks. If you are full in mana I would also recommend blinking on a creep. Remember that items and levels are key to riki so you must stay in lane at all times.

Jungling is perfect for riki once you get Vlads. By this time the enemy will be buying sentry wards or a gem. This way if a lane is pushed too far to safely farm, you can free farm in the jungle without losing health.

When you hit 6 I know it is tempting to start ganking. Try not to unless you are close to the action. Farming is MANDATORY. Sometimes I find myself walking around for a couple minutes trying to force a fight. Try not to do this. Keep farming and wait for a fight to surface. The later the game goes the better Riki gets.

Team Work

As Riki you have a huge advantage. You get to pick who you want to engage! Always always always go for supports/squishy/spell casters heroes first. My strategy is to position yourself behind the target hero. You are going to attack once maybe twice before you throw down your smoke. At this point the will realize you are behind them. They will not be able to disable or cast on you since they are silenced in the smoke. You are hoping they start running so you can backstab. If not they have a 70% miss rate and you will get the kill. If they somehow make it out of the smoke you can blink to insure the kill.

While this is happening your team should be engaging from the front. With you taking care of the supports, their carries or tanks will be left for dead. After your first kill move on to the next support or the next most dangerous spell caster. Attack and smoke as usual.

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