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November 27, 2015 by secret.doc
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Build 1
Build 2

When Lanes are Worse ...

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

9 12 13 14

Press the Attack

2 4 7 8

Moment of Courage

1 3 5 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Tresdin, the Anti-Carry

Legion Commander is a melee strength hero, whose abilities can snowball into late game. Famously picked for his ultimate Duel, which grants him bonus damage by silencing a single enemy target and immobilizing it temporarily. The Stonehall Champion possesses self-life steal chance that is effective throughout the game and also helps in winning or surviving the duel.

Shopping List and Order

A Stout Shield and Quelling Blade are necessary to be purchased by LC during early stages for jungling. Shield blocks damage from neutral creeps and grants chance to survive a gank from the opponents, especially bounty hunter. Quelling blade provides additional melee damage against neutral creeps and terrain can be cut for stacking or escape.

Iron Branches provide +1 Stats which adds extra strength, armor and mana for LC. Before game starts, ask your support to share a tango in case the centaur or wolf spawn in the initial camps which are difficult to kill with level 1 of Moment of Courage.

The opponent line-up determines your order of items. If they opt for a single hard carry, prefer Power Treads over Blink Dagger so that you can engage in team fights, farm faster or push lanes.

Magic Wand is useful during team fights and comes at a lesser cost due to the already purchased Iron Branches.

Bottle or Ring of Aquila is also every players' choice based on their mode of action with LC. Bottle needs securing of runes which maybe tough with opponents wards or heroes like Storm Spirit rushing with his Ball Lightning, Spirit Breaker charging to bash LC.

Once Blink Dagger is over, Blademail is the next best item or rarely an opponent team will be completely filled with spell casters whilst should you rush Black King Bar.

After Black King Bar, try to get some stats based items for survivability or focus on Monkey King Bar for countering evasion on Agility Hard Carries granted by Butterfly or Heaven's Halberd or Solar Crest.

Desolator is highly situational but Assault Cuirass suits a melee strength hero like LC for it's aura and makes LC tanky against physical damage.

Desolator maybe purchased in case duels are easily won and the team is owning by a large margin, leading to destruction of towers along with Opponents' barracks with the weapon's armor reduction effect.

Suppose the game is balanced and goes into late phase, always aim to take out the weakest hero in the opponent team with proper initiation and activation of Blink Dagger, Blademail and Black King Bar.

In most of the LC games opponent heroes prefer Linken's Sphere for protection from duel, buy Abyssal Blade to counter this by disabling Linkens' Sphere but needs some experience and practice of skills to win duels easily.

Sange & Yasha and Eye of Skadi suits LC best with it's slow and boost in stats that ensures one or more kills even during late game.

Moon Shard, Mjollnir and Butterfly are situational items based on opponent heroes and amount of damage LC possesses at mid game.

Satanic is highly restricted on LC due to his Moment of Courage skill but if team is owning by large margin, Satanic can be suited for it's Health Pool boost and Unholy Rage.


Legion is one of the hardest anti-carries after Slark who can lead the allies to either an easy victory or a suicidal defeat. With Overwhelming Odds being casted by the Stonehall archers during team fight, the horde of enemy forces get demolished in the battlefield. Any allied soul with suffering can be healed with “Press the Attack!” blown by the horn of Legion. When someone attacks Legion, they will be surprised and countered with a return life steal effect (Moment of Courage) during their most vulnerable moment. Legion is scared by many mages and casters for his ultimate power of gaining permanent bonus damage through duels that upholds her rank at Stonehall and her anti-carry role during the game.

Before playing Legion with online players, additional practice with bots or friends is highly recommended so that duel remains non-suicidal for his allies. Winning duels is key to winning the game, so it is experience that enables some of the following factors to decide whom to duel and whom NOT to.

Casters are high priority targets; soft carries like Sniper, Drow Ranger, etc. come next. In case sufficient damage is sustained, Tanks like Axe, Pudge, etc. can also be duelled and won easily. Actually, Legion can win a duel at any point of the game with assistance from correct correlation of Blink Dagger, Blademail, Black King Bar and allies’ help, suppose that the enemy is not too tanky to survive through the duel.

Significant allies hailed by Stonehall include Spirit Breaker, Slardar, Spectre, Lion, Lina, Zeus, Invoker, Ogre Magi, Nature’s Prophet and Pudge.

All of those allies except Zeus could be devastating if they are picked by enemies who could turn the tables during your duel.

However, some enemies are prominent in disabling the chances of victory of a duel for Legion. This highlights heroes like Bane, Faceless Void, Naga Siren, Outworld Devourer, Dazzle, Shadow Demon, Winter Wyvern, Omniknight, Oracle, Vengeful Spirit, Enigma etc. puts into this category with their abilities to dislocate, disable Legion, heal or delay the death of it’s ally to avoid the gain of bonus damage.

Also, weapons like Scythe of Vyse, Heaven’s Halberd, Solar Crest, Blademail, etc. may favor the opponent during the duel if Legion fights without Black King Bar.

Timing, position, items, allies and target are essential ingredients to cook up a successful duel.

Legion can also be a ganker with Blink Dagger and Blademail taking out safely farming enemies, assuming there is ward vision about Legion’s movements before his upcoming duel to victory.

Sometimes, Legion can take out or cause a lot of trouble to rats like Tinker, Nature’s Prophet etc. with his combo of Blink and Duel. Suppose they purchase Linken’s Sphere, Abyssal Blade or allied help is essential before duelling or it will be left to a cooldown of 50 seconds.

Shadow Blade is an highly situation based weapon for Legion due to possible enemy wards in case of team games and time for setting up the Blademail, Abyssal Blade combo.

Not once, but always remember to “Press the attack!” before preparing the combo to duel an enemy solo or in team fight. Don’t let your spirit go down, if you’ve died after losing a duel; it’s just one duel lost and not the game.

Legion stands for comeback. Make it real!

Pros / Cons

Known for :

    Good initiator and ganker
    Anti-carrying potential
    Versatile role
    Perfect disabler
    Free satanic

Limited to :
    No escape
    Countered by linken's sphere
    Numerous counters to duel
    Items and Duel dependent
    Needs allied help to win duel in early game


With great Damage, comes great Advantage!

The first rule of a carry is to play safe in the early game, farm in the mid game and kill in the late game. However, Legion is one of the snowballing types owing to her dueling ability used to gain damage that is useful to kill opponents easily, push towers quickly and claim aegis independently. The advantage to this hero comes with her inborn insane attack speed and life-steal chance, so even if Legion duels at low health doesn’t necessary mean she loses.

Recommendation for picking Legion comes with allies like Spirit Breaker, Slardar, Lion, Lina, etc. who can be some of the best utility available from the whole hero pool. For every hero, there is a bad side and it can throw games; as for Legion, she’s best at it. Choosing the target for duel is the best decision and effect a Legion can make in the game. Sometimes, Legion may die after duel but it’s trivial as the damage won periodically scales into late game and with a Daedalus, Legion can morph Phantom Assassin or Drow Ranger with a Butterfly.

Damage is all that matters and it’s painfully permanent for the opponents to face as the game goes on. Last but not the least, there is a great deal of choice for Legion to choose between Shadow Blade over Blink Dagger. It’s the best choice for Tresdin to get both before mid-game, as the latter is for initiation and the former for escape.

I wish my luck to all the prodigies of Stonehall

Role in the Team

Save the allies with "Press the Attack" as it will cure them off many debuffs and possess some map awareness to hunt opponents especially the rats, if they're alone.

Suppose the opponents are illusions based such as Chaos Knight, Phantom Lancer, etc. it is better to level up Overwhelming Odds over other abilities to control the push and inflict some AOE damage.

Prioritize the healing power and bones attack speed for harder carries like Medusa, Faceless Void, etc. to make their damage output more effective at earlier stages of the game.

Legion should never farm a lot, lose a duel and throw the game.

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