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200% Winrate Meepo

August 1, 2016 by Meme.Overlord
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DotA2 Hero: Meepo

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200% Winrate Meepo

August 1, 2016


Hello everyone, and welcome to my first guide on my favorite hero, Meepo the Geomancer. Today I will show you what you will need and why you will need this to be an effective Meepo.

BEFORE WE START AT ALL, we're gonna need to talk about control groups. Control groups are what Meepos you will control when you click a specific key.

My control groups are as follows:

1. Main Meepo
2. ALL of your secondary Meepos
3. All of the Meepos.
4. The 2 Meepos after the main one.
5. The last 2 Meepos.

You can of course make your own control groups. These are just mine and the ones i prefer.


I go for Bottle first as it is essential to your Meepos. If you have no more charges in your bottle, then go for a rune or if that is taken, take your MAIN Meepo back to base and poof it back to your 2nd Meepo who can be last-hitting creeps or just standing in the tower, and ctrl + whatever hotkey you put bottle on, onto your 2nd Meepo.

You'll keep yourself in lane with that strat.

2nd item, BoTs. This is one of the reason why I tend to do so well with Meepo, as I can just teleport one of 5 Meepos to a lane and start farming.

And after that lane is done, I'll just TP to another lane and do the same thing again. And get some kills too, you never know.

Aghs is an item that you MUST get as soon as possible. It is your main objective after BoTs. Why do you need an Aghs for Meepo? Well, for one, you get an extra Meepo. You can nver have too many. But the reason we want that Aghs is because of the 100% stat share between the Meepos. This is why Meepo becomes such a pain to the other team.

With the 100% share, this means that the other Meepos will get equally as strong as the main Meepo. This is HUGE and is probably why Meepo can be so strong and annoying.

If you can't Blink-Poof, then you might as well give up on this guide. Or well, you could do it, but it*s gonna be so hard to get kills without any good initiation on you. Blink Dagger fixes that problem tremendously, and is one of the best items on Meepo. I'll give you a quick-fire tutorial on how to blink-poof.

1. Make a control group (which is gonna be 2 on your keyboard) with ALL of your secondary Meepos.
2. Have a control group on your main Meepo. (which is 1)
3. Switch to your 2 and poof all of your Meepos as fast as you can. Switch over to your 1.
4. Blink over to your target.

And done! This is how I learnt it, and it is honestly the most easy way to do it (IMO).

And for our final item, which you probably didn't expect, Dragon Lance. "Why Dl? Are you 1k?" This is the usual message I get when people see me buy DL, but they won't be laughing when the whole other team is dead.

DL is one of the most cost-effective stat items in DOTA. And probably one of the best stat items for Meepo, atleast in early and mid-game. 14 AG and STR for just 1,9k gold? That's insanely cheap for such a good item.

Don't believe me that it is great for Meepo? Well, for 3,8k gold (for 2 DLs) you get 28 AG and STR for such a cheap price, and that is ALOT of stats for Meepo. Buy it. It is absolute core for your mid-game. If you don't want to feed the other team atleast.

Early Game

The reason that i do so well with Meepo is because I ALWAYS get kills in mid. Why? Because Meepo is an insanely strong hero who can solo alot of midders at lvl 4-5. You may say "But isn't lvl 5 too late? The other hero is so strong already.". Well, yes and no. It depends on what hero you are against.

Midders like Invoker, Pudge, QoP or alot of other midlaners are REALLY easy to kill. "Pudge easy to kill? Pffft, ********." Say that to the lvl 3-4 poof that just almost one-shotted him.

You may think that this is a bit too daring for you, and that is okay. You can get just as much gold from stacked camps as you can from a kill. Go crazy on your stacked jungle and you'll be fine.

Mid Game

Mid game is where Meepo truly shines. This is your strongest phase and you should be using it all you can to help your team. Splitpush with BoTs, get blink-poof kills, TP with your BoTs and blink-poof at the same time for a kill. Do whatever it takes to end the game. Fast.

Ain't much to say here, so lets go to the dreaded late game for Meepo.

Late game

This is danger territory for Meepo. At this point in time, the other teams carry's have probably gotten farm, and you aren't so strong anymore. Sometimes you can get a kill off on the enemy carry, but you should really be helping your team by splitpushing and come to teamfights, since you can't really 1v1 anymore.

Do whatever you can to disable the enemy carry and any other potential threats by using your Sheepstick on them, and then poofing them to hell. After that, try to push as if your life depended on it.

By the way, it is very bad if you die as a Meepo, as a simple death with you not having a kill-streak could net the other team up to 1k gold. Watch out for your Meepos.


And that's it! Here's a pic of my dotabuff with him if you are wondering.
Well, I'm off to Meepwnd some more. Be sure to comment if something was unclear or not.

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