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170,000 Zappy Zap Damage

July 12, 2020 by Lightsong
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Overwatch Zappy Zap

DotA2 Hero: Zeus

Hero Skills

Arc Lightning

1 3 7 9

Lightning Bolt

5 13 14 16

Static Field

2 4 8 11

Thundergod's Wrath

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+100 Arc Lightning Damage
+50% Spell Lifesteal
+0.4s Lightning Bolt Stun
+100 Thundergod's Wrath Damage
+1.2% Static Field
+350 Health
+20 Movement Speed
+1.25 Mana Regen

Arc Lightning or Die (Early Game)

Hi Zeus Fam,

Welcome to my very first Dota Fire build. Today I will go over how to play a build that has given me 177,000 damage in quite a few games.

First and foremost, this is a mid build only. I've tried this in other lanes, and it didn't work out so well.

So to start your match you need to buy: (Boots),(Vision Ward), and (2x Clarity). This is the hardest part of the match for you. You have no mana, mana regen, or damage. Your best bet, is to only cast Arc Lightning to secure a creep kill in lane. Do this until you can buy your next item. Place the ward on the other side of the lane out of their towers range. Don't reveal you have it there by attacking when you shouldn't be able to see the enemy. It's to help keep you safe from early ganks, and to know their mids position

Now you have $900 gold, it's time to buy (Arcane Boots) to supplement your extreme lack of usefulness... to an extent. Just keep securing gold with Arc Lightning until you can buy (Void stone X2). Yes, that's right you want that sweet-sweet mana regen. That's your core asset! From there try and build (Kaya) as fast as possible to get a bonus 8% damage output, and 24% mana regen. ((17:00 Mins in)) By this time hope someone has found **(Nether-Shawl)**, and beg them for it. Offer your first born, just get your hands on that. It give a crucial 8% spell damage bonus that you need really bad. **(Vambrace)** gives a nice 6% if you can't get Nether-shawl. From here turn your two void stones, into (Perseverance), yes both of them. You need them for your next big purchase.

Items From there~

These times are what I usually go for now:
1) Refresher Orb
2) Aghanims Scepter
3) Yasha & Kaya
4) Linkens Sphere
5) Octarine Core
6) Aghanim's Blessing
7) Bloodstone

Buy them in the order listed above ^

Now remember to keep using the Nether-shawl or Vambrace until 37:00 mins in. Then start looking for Spell Prism or Timeless Relic. I prefer the Timeless Relic but either works. Just take the first one you get, don't waste time looking for a specific one.

The combo of the Orb and Scepter give you a lot of long range damage. Nimbus allows you to push lanes/farm or help in a team fight you aren't close too. Map awareness is critical for this part of your build, and should be an expected part of your routine. Use Thundergod's Wrath and Nimbus, then use Refresher Orb, and then drop another Thundergod's Wrath and Nimbus at the same location. It is a lot of fun! **Use Thundergod's Wrath first, so you can see where to put Nimbus.

Getting Yasha and Kaya is pretty Obvious. You want that bonus 16% spell damage. The 10% movement increase helps too.

This next item is something I've been experimenting with. Linken's Sphere has saved me so many times, and the additional mana boost helps.

Now it's time for some cool down, so we go with the Octarine's Core. The 25% spell/item cool down is heaven sent. No explanation needed.

Now you need to make space so upgrade to Aghanim's Scepter, to make space for you last item.

Now to top off our damage, we need the Blood Stone. It gives an additional 8% spell damage boost.

What You're Looking For

Your endgame build should look something like this:

1) Guardian Greaves (This item has active/passive/and aura abilities). Could save your life/team's lives, if in a clutch situation.

2) Yasha and Kaya (16% Spell Damage/ 30% Spell Life-steal amplification/ 10% Movement Speed)

3) Bloodstone (10% Magic resistance/ 8% Spell Damage/ 30% Spell life-steal amplification).

4) Linken's Sphere (Passive Spell block/ Transferable spell-bock). I have saved team-mates lives, and myself with this a lot more than expected.

5) Refresher Orb (Why else, to spam abilities).

6) Octerine Core (10% Magic Resistance/ 25% Cool-down Items and Spells/ 25% Spell Life-steal).

Other Boost:
*) Timeless Relic (15% Spell Damage)
*) Spell Prism (-20% Cool-downs)

Final Thoughts:

You want to use your amplified spell damage/ with low cool-down and life steal to harass. Then when it comes tome to get serious, pop the refresher orb, to punish they puny mortals even further. With your sphere throwing them off their game and your blood-stone pumping you full of mana, you will rule over the enemy team with over 100,000 damage every game if used correctly.

I hope you all enjoyed my build, best of luck!

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