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Talent builds for some of the heroes

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sclipzer » December 12, 2016 9:03am | Report
After the latest update i'm going to come back to Dota after taking a break from it. Here's what I think about some of the new talents on some of my favorite heroes.

Nature's Prophet

+6 Treants Summoned
+35 Attack Speed
+10 Intelligence
+20 Damage


-35s Respawn Time
+8 Armor
+15 Speed
+175 Health

Level 10: +20 Damage / +175 Health
Depends on how you want to play. Do you want to hit harder or stay alive for longer?

Level 15: +10 Intelligence / +15 Speed
Same as above, but you also get some extra mana if you go for the intelligence bonus. I don't think that really NP needs the speed that much since he can teleport to the other side of the map every 20 seconds.

Level 20: +35 Attack Speed / +8 Armor
More DPS or being able to stay alive for longer.

Level 25: +6 Treants Summoned / -35s Respawn Time
Both of these are awesome. +6 Treants Summoned makes your pushes much more dangerous but the -35 Respawn time is awesome if you like rat pushing because the enemy team will have little time to push. Rat push NP usually teleports to an empty lane and starts pushing when the enemy team starts pushing/teamfightning, and the only way to stop this is to kill NP before the push/teamfight or teleport to the lane that NP is in and fight him, meaning that there will be 1 less enemy in the teamfight, making it much easier for your team to win it.


+25 Strength
+25 Speed
+5 Armor
+25 Damage


+200 Apotic Shield HP
+15% Cooldown Reduction
+200 Mana
+15% XP Gain

Level 10: +15% Xp Gain / +25 Damage
At level 10 +25 damage is a big buff. Imo it's way better than +15% Xp Gain unless you're behind.

Level 15: +5 Armor / +200 Mana
This one depends on how you want to play. Do you want to be able to survive for a longer time or use your actives more? I'd pick the +5 Armor.

Level 20: +25 Speed / +15% Cooldown Reduction
+25 Speed. The effect of the 15% cooldown reduction is too small on Abaddon to have any larger impact. When Borrowed Time is maxed out it has only 40 seconds of cooldown, meaning that the 15% cooldown reduction will only remove a few seconds.

Level 25: +25 Strength / +200 Apothic Shield HP
Because of how I play Abaddon I would pick +25 strength since it increases my damage output AND health.


+3s Pounce Leash
+250 Health
+15 Agility
+10 Lifesteal


+12 of all stats
+25 Attack Speed
+10 Strength
+15 Damage

Level 10: +10% Lifesteal / +15 Damage
The lifesteal is not really that useful this early on, and he already has a really good heal, so I would pick the bonus damage.

Level 15: +15 Agility / +10 Strength
DPS or Health. Depends on how you want to play.

Level 20: +250 Health / +25 Attack Speed
DPS or Health again. Depends on how you want to play. Been dying a lot or been very close to death a few times? Get some extra health. Have enemies been able to escape with less than 100HP a few times? Increase your DPS.

Level 25: +3 Pounce Leash Duration / +12 of every stat
If you need to disable enemies for longer or help allies with spells like Sun Strike you should get the extra Pounce Leash duration. If you're the hard carry you should get the stat bonus.

Link to where you can see all talents: Link

Comment what you think below and why.
Hero DPS and EHP Spreadsheet coming soon.


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