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Clinkz S&Y?

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Forum » Theory Crafting » Clinkz S&Y? 6 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by theMightyNugget » August 28, 2015 4:48am | Report
On Clinkz, it seems that the currently recognized system is to get Orchid Malevolence before anything else. In this new meta of the early agressive carry, I have found Sange and Yasha to be better because:
  • gives strength to participate in fights before lvl 2 Death Pact is up, and provides similar AS bonuses as Orchid
  • Movespeed (eventually negated by Skeleton Walk)
  • Maim, nuff said

Orchid is still viable against a magic heavy lineup, but I think that it draws away from Clinkz' ability to take part in early fights.

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by strider » August 28, 2015 10:34am | Report
quick Desolator is most common since UAM change on arrows,people almost never get Orchid Malevolence anymore.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Hamstertamer » August 28, 2015 10:43am | Report
Eye of Skadi is better than Sange and Yasha on Clinkz. Like on almost every agility carry really. SnY is an item designed for strength carries like Naix, CK, Bristle, Sven...
Skadi is only 1500 gold more than SnY but it gives more than twice as much HP, a 100% reliable slow while SnY is only a pathetic 16%, and actually solves the hero's mana issues while SnY gives no mana at all.

Orchid Malevolence has never been core on the hero, even before the orb change. Going Soul Ring/ Medallion of Courage into damage items has always been a perfectly viable alternative. You buy orchid if you need the silence that's it. Right now the most common build is actually soul ring into Medallion + deso...although personally I'd still rather get a MKB since there's evasion in every game right now.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by theMightyNugget » August 29, 2015 4:52am | Report
Thanks for the tips, guys!
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in the meantime, be sure to read thoughtfully and +rep if I deserve.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by R-Conqueror » August 29, 2015 6:02am | Report
You hit a nerve unfortunately with this post :P (the comments really about desolator). I HATE the Desolator trend on Clinkz, and I especially hate it in the pro scene. SO here's my reasoning.

Deso is completely one dimensional on him, it makes him get stuff more deader faster. But it makes him such a glass cannon and soo easy to escape from. "ohhh but its good for split pushing" YOu want to know what Clinkz can't do? Clear creepwaves. You want to know where Clinkz doesn't like hanging out? Near true-sight(towers).

And then if you get deso you still have mana problems, so you have to buy a soulring or some junk, and then you still have these massive control problems where no one will just. sit. still. That's what makes it espcially idiotic in pro games. Oh the other team has Storm Spirit, anti mage, and qop? "BETTER GO DESO SO THAT I CAN HIT THEM ONCE REALLY HARD BEFORE THEY ZIP/BLINK AWAY."
"OH NO THE AM NEVER STOPPED FARMING AND WON THE GAME I WONDER WHY." Teams literally lost games in the international because they drafted a hero who traditionally builds to counter AM and then they didn't build that item. It's like they thought he would still magically counter him without his signature item.

"So what? you say," just get the nice deso and then get a sheepstick! WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM. CLinkz is efficient at farming heroes, by the time you get a freaking sheepstick the other carry will have BKB and become more of a threat than you because you've missed your window. HP pools are too large now, Strafe doesn't last long enough, creeps don't make you tanky enough.

You get orchid? Your mana problems are solved, you can control blinkers and zippers, you still have great right click damage, you can find kills on the map and create space for the rest of your team. I still think orchid is the way to go on clinkz, that's where my success with him comes from.

On to Sange and Yasha: My philosophy on that item is this: nobody wants to get that item. YOu never are gonna be excited about picking up SnY or for that to be what you think will make a big impact, it's a gateway item. For Clinkz it just doesn't give him much of anything. He will still need mana, doesn't help his damage, he doesn't really need the movespeed, you'll have levels of skeleton walk before you finish SnY, and you still have no way to catch slippery foes, maim just won't be enough. Put that money towards a BKB and it will be much more helpful if you want to participate in fights, although that's not really Clinkz' jam.

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Blubbles » August 29, 2015 6:15pm | Report
He cant use the Upgrades from it so no point really.

Only viable on heroes like Gyro DK and Troll bc they only need stats where as Clinkz needs damage.
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