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Bloodthorn Morphling

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Forum » Theory Crafting » Bloodthorn Morphling 22 posts - page 3 of 3
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by plaq » June 15, 2016 1:28pm | Report
@hamstertamer or you know.. you can get arc boots (as 4pos) drums (because nobody seems to build this item up and the aura is pretty nice tho) then aghs and actually not be useless in teamfight after some teammate of arrow target just use glimmer on him... and I think you can have those two items even as 4pos roaming support in pretty reasonable time if you use arrow to farm big creeps when you roam.

I think Mirana's arrow is such a unreliable teamfight iniciator that I would not even consider her as that...


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Hamstertamer » June 15, 2016 1:49pm | Report
First off, don't go off topic. The topic is Bloodthorn, not Mirana.

Dimonychan wrote:

Yea sure, and with Eul's you always get into range undetected.

She has an ulti, and using Mirana ult to initiate teamfights with euls-arrow and have your team walk in on it is the best way to use her ult. Popping it once the teamfight already started is just a way to get your team slowed by dust.

Also I used to go blink on her for even more initiation when ult is on cooldown / when there are sentries.

Dimonychan wrote:

If you want a reliable stun why don't u just pick Beasmtaster who brings a lot more?

Because Beastmaster can't level 1 roam, which is the only reason why I'd ever pick Mirana in a serious game?
Because she's got a 5 second stun at level 1? You know, the only niche of the hero?

Sure, you can argue that BM is better in the late game than a Mirana with a utility build. Which isn't even obvious, because Mirana has her ulti, and BM is really a walking stun + bird. Seeing that they have a similar stun (BM's stun piercing BKB is easily made up by the fact that Mirana's has a much lower cooldown and lasts 1 more second) ; is BM's bird really better than Mirana ult? There's no easy answer so the argument doesn't hold.

Besides, Mirana's big strength is her early game kill potential, something BM just can't match. BM needs to lane until he's 6 and even then he has a long cooldown on his ult. While Mirana can roam with mass clarities and kill everything in the first 10 mins of the game.

Dimonychan wrote:

Playing a hero as a walking 5 sec stun is a waste especially if you can output burst and stable DPS with Aghs+rightclick items.

Ever heard of support Morphling? Walking 4 second stun. At some point it was so OP in competitive that Morph's W was nerfed so hard it completely destroyed the shotgun combo and made carry Morph unplayable for 3 patches. Such a waste to play a hero for his stun.

Besides Mirana has an ulti so saying that utility Mirana is a walking stun is nonsense.
Actually all of her skills are self-sufficient and don't scale with items.

Dimonychan wrote:

Like I know u don't like Aghs Mirana because it;s greedy but we are not playing @ TI here, greed is way easier to get away with even in 5k+ pubs and it's been like this forever. It's not.

Greed ruins games. You have no idea.
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