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Z10n, The Nano Assassin

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Z10n, The Nano Assassin 12 posts - page 2 of 2
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by ThreadOfFate » November 20, 2014 1:49pm | Report
Wakkatata wrote:

Thanks! Great Feedback.

For the Ult, I'm not sure if you realized, but you cannot use it to teleport. It sends you back to where you were when you cast it after the dash is over. Also, I'm adding in that for the time that you are at the target location, doing the dash attack, you can take damage from AoE spells and auto attacks, but you cannot be interrupted or stunned. This should add a little more risk if you are low health and are trying to decide whether or not to use your ult to kill that fleeing enemy.

I actually had some buddies that said the Surges doesn't fit him either and I plan on reworking that completely. Not sure what I'm going to do, yet. My thought process for them when I made them was that early it can give you some lane presence and some sustainability, later that much damage is basically just tickling enemies and the heal is nothing in a teamfight, but the movespeed will remain useful throughout the game.

Unfortunate that you didn't have much about Phase, I love that ability. Probably what I like most about him.

Nano-Blade could use some buffing I agree. I just didn't want it to seem rediculously over-powered when I posted.

Thanks again! Looking forward to seeing your hero!

Tis already up, m'boy.

I didn't realise the ulti worked like that. Opens up a whole new pathway of gameplay.

That probably made no sense.

EDIT: Here. Epsilon.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Wakkatata » July 21, 2015 4:10am | Report
Shamelessly bumping my old idea.


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