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Parvious, The Wielder of the Portal Shield

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Parvious, The Wielder of the Portal Shield


Parvious is a Agility Dire semi carry hero that is very mobile and has a lot of control on any battle field. he is unique for having a slightly longer attack range than other heroes but shorter than monkey king's. His Q is only means of defense, allowing him to quickly counter attack any nearby foes who dare attack him. His W allows him to quickly strike a target and retreat quickly allowing efficient hit and run tactics. His E allows him to create portals for him and his allies(Enemies too) to easily get through the battle field and get total control. His R Causes Parvious to create a circle of portals around him and start a rapid onslaught of charges, penetrating anyone who gets in his way. Parvious fights for an unknown god that has bounded his arm with the portal shield and he intends to use it to create a path of destruction in hopes of pleasing the unknown god.

Roles: Escape, Carry, Durable, Initiator

Difficulty: Medium


Primary Attribute: Agility
Base STR: 19
Base AGI: 29
Base INT: 17
STR Gain: 2.0
AGI Gain: 2.6
INT Gain: 1.3
Base Movement Speed: 305
Base Attack Time: 1.6
Base Attack Damage: 23-43
Base Health: 200
Base Armor: 2
Base Mana: 85
Base HP regen: 1.8
Base Mana regen: 0.01
Base Spell Amp: 0%
Attack range: 200
Vision Range 1800/800 (Day/Night)

Abilities (Work in Progress):

(Q) Counter Attack(No Target):

Pierces magic immunity? (no)
Ignores Spellblock
Details: Parvious raises his shield up preparing for a counter attack for 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds, during that time Parvious gains 75% damage reduction until he gets damaged. If Parvious gets hit by any attack or damaging spell during that duration, his next attack deals bonus damage and bashes, stunning them for 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds. If Parvious does not get attacked during the duration, the effect gets cancelled.
"The shield Parvious wields has the power to create portals, bashing heads was just an extra effect"

Duration: 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds

Stun Duration: 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds

Bonus Damage: 25/50/75/100

Damage Reduction: 75%

Mana Cost: 90/80/70/60

Cool down: 18/14/10/6

[*] The Damage Reduction will only affect the first instance of damage applied during the duration. Example if two spells dealing 200 damage each hits Parvious, the first spell hit will be 50 damage(before magic resist reductions) and second spell will still deal 200 damage.
[*] Damage over time spells will not trigger the counter attack nor it will not cancel the damage reduction.
[*] Author's note: Since the main part of this hero is his special shield, gonna have to give him a shield ability, and based off the similar ability of Legion Commander's (E)

Animation: Parvious raises up his shield in a defensive position, if he gets hit, he swings his shield right away in a wide arc.

(W) Portal Strike(Target Spell, Physical damage):

Pierces magic immunity? (Yes)
Spellblocks the damage but not the teleport
Details: Parvious Immediately jumps through a portal and opens up another portal to strike his target dealing instant damage. Reactivating the skill makes him jump back to the portal returning to his original position. Reactivation skill has a 3 second window before cooling down.
"The Ability of jumping through portals helped Parvious develop new means of "hit and run""

Cast Range: 750/850/950/1050

Base Damage: 55

Attack Damage: 30%/50%/70%/90%

Reactivation skill duration: 3 seconds

Mana Cost: 65

Cool down: 13/11/9/7 (16/14/12/10 seconds with Reactivation skill duration)

[*] He will appear right behind the target upon striking.
[*] Applies on hit effects and Unique attack modifiers.
[*] The skill starts to cool down after the Reactivation skill duration ends.
[*] Silence, stuns, and rooted will prevent Parvious from reactivating the skill to retreat.
[*] Casting the skill will leave a purple marker where it indicates where Parvious will retreat to if he reactivates the skill (Both Allies and enemies will see the marker. Its gonna look like a tiny portal)
[*] Said marker will not been seen on minimaps nor fog of war.
[*] Author's note: I thought about Phantom Assassin's Phantom Strike and asked myself "wouldn't it be cool if you could jump back?" thus creating a hit and run ability.

Animation: Drops a purple marker and opens up a portal with his shield and jumps through it, portal disappears but marker does not, he then jumps out of another portal and stabs his target, that portal remains until he reactivates the skill. if he does reactivate it, he'll jump back into it, that disappears and then another portal opens at the marker he jumps out, the marker and portal disappear.

(E) Open Portal(No Target):

Details: Creates a pair of portals from his starting position to his target position, freely moving back and forth. Jumping through the portal gives him a small burst of movement speed, the movement speed burst doesn’t apply to allies and enemies. Allies and Enemies can also use the portal. Portals last 20/40/60/80 seconds. Anyone that uses a portal will get "Portal Sickness" debuff causing them to not be able to use a portal for 3 seconds. The debuff is halved for Parvious.
"Creating a path of destruction is a tough job for one person, so thats why Parvious brings his allies with him"

Max Portal Distance: 850/900/950/1000

Duration: 20/40/60/80 Seconds

Burst movement speed: 15%

Burst movement speed duration: 2.5 seconds

Portal Sickness debuff duration: 3 (1.5 for Parvious) seconds

Mana Cost: 100/90/80/70

Cool down: 15/13/11/9 seconds

Max Number of portals: 1/2/3/4 Portals (2/3/4/5 Portals with talent)

[*] Has a 0.25 second cast delay when entering
[*] Portal radius is 150
[*] takes 1 second to "teleport" to the other portal, during that one second the target moving through is invincible but can't attack, use items or spells.
[*] Portals will linger if a target is still "teleporting"
[*] Parvious automatically moves through the portal after casting
[*] Portals provides 0 vision
[*] being at least within melee range will "teleport" the target to the other portal
[*] if multiple portals are present, each pair will have a different shade of purple
[*] spells that knock back or move targets towards the portal will cause them to "teleport" through
[*] Portals will destroy trees within a 500 radius area
[*] Authors note: I got this idea from Anti Mage's Blink but it leaves a portal behind allowing rapid movement in groups

Animation: Holds the shield up and fires a portal out of it and he immediately jumps through

(R) Portal Rush (No Target, Channel, Physical (Pure with Aghs):

Pierces magic immunity? (No (Yes with Agh's))
Ignores spellblock
Details: creates a circle of portals Area to begin his portal assault for 4 seconds. Within that area, he starts his assault by jumping through portal to portal charging and Piercing through targets with his Lance dealing damage. he is invincible during the duration. His last charge leaves him right at the center of the spell. Upgradeable by Agh’s Scepter. Agh’s Scepter effect: reduces cool down, adds additional attacks and changes damage type to pure being able to pierce magic immunity.
"Death is imminent when you're surrounded by portals"

Radius: 650

Damage: 65

Number of attacks: 12/15/18 (15/18/21 With Aghs)

Cool down: 125/115/105 seconds (80 seconds with Aghs)
[*] Each charge is linear, so it has a higher chance of hitting any target in the center of the ult than targets away from the center
[*] Collision size is 200 units in a line
[*] Number of attacks per second: 3/3.75/4.5 (3.75/4.5/5.25 with Aghs)
[*] Total Damage: 780/975/1170 (975/1170/1365 with Aghs)
[*]This is the top view of the ultimate
[*] Authors note: If Juggernaut and Riki had their ultimates combined, this is the result

Animation: sinks into a ground portal, a circle of portals appear and then rapid images of Parvious Dashing portal to portal, hitting targets in the way. After the last charge, he'll rise up from the center of the ult (the same spot where he casted).

Talent Tree:

25: 25% cooldown reduction OR 25+ Agility
20: 10+ all stats OR 100+ Counter Attack bonus damage
15: 15% evasion OR 15+ Attack Speed
10: 15+ movement Speed OR 1+ Max Portals


[*] Hit and Run Ability allows him easily poke and harass
[*] VERY slippery and high mobility
[*] one defensive trick up his sleeve
[*] Great Team player with the use of portals

[*] Other carries are probably stronger than him damage wise
[*] Mana Dependant
[*] Long Cooldowns
[*] Silence, stuns and roots will minimize escape
[*] Awful Team player if his portals are being countered by enemies
[*] hard to achieve full damage potential with ult if allies don't have any aoe disables

Noted Ability synergies:

[*] Q then W "Smack and Wack": Cast Q and then jump onto the enemy. If the enemy reacts, let the Q stun and get at least two hits and press W to retreat
[*] W "Hit and Run": simple just cast W, autoattack and W again to retreat
[*] W then R "Hit then Rip": cast W to jump onto the enemy or group of enemies and Cast R, hopefully you deal some damage before the enemy reacts.
[*] E then R "Charge and Barge": gather your allies and jump through a portal casting E, let your teammates apply their spells and let loose your ult immediately, hopefully you get your whole damage output of your ultimate. use W to get anyone retreating.
[*] E "Home Invasion and tax evasion": before diving into tier 3 towers use your E to help you and your allies get across the wall and surprise them in base, use any previous combos before to ensure a EZ fight.

Allies and Enemies:

Best Friends:
[*] Heroes with a strong aoe disable
[*] Heroes that help out with mana probables
[*] Heroes that could utilize your portals

Worst Enemies:
[*] Heavy disable heroes
[*] counter initiators
[*] Heroes than can silence, stun, root
[*] Mana eaters


Parvious, before he was bound by the Portal Shield, was a mercenary hired by an explorer to help aid him explore an abandoned temple known to an unknown god. Parvious was very skilled warrior and his weapon of choice was a Lance. As the exploration team of 20 men got deeper, they hit the bottom of the temple. The bottom of the temple was a very big circular room with a light purple fog in the air, all the walls look like carved pictures of circles that look like portals, and sitting in the middle was a pedestal with a strange object sitting on top of it. The strange object was a shield with the front part of it was filled with different dark shades of purple swirling around it. The size of the Shield was big enough to protect its carrier but light as a feather. But whenever one of the explorers approached it, they felt a strange force shoving them back restricting access to the shield. When Parvious was near the shield, the shield started to whisper to him, “come closer and take me.” It got louder in Parvious’ head as he got closer. He was the closest one to the shield than any other of the explorers, the others got worried and turned against him ready to kill him. The shield spoke, “touch the portal, let them feel my wraith.” Parvious didn’t hesitate, fearing for his life, he grabbed the shield but it felt like shield grabbed him bounding him with purple tendrils. Then all the sudden everything went dark and he felt like being controlled without knowing who was controlling him. when he woke up, he was in a different location, in a dense forest. He was a new man, the purple armor on him was bound to him just like the shield, his lance was changed to a dark purple metal instead of iron. The shield spoke, “good your alive, you are a portal warrior and my champion, show them the power of portals.” When Parvious got his bearings he heard a group of soldiers chatting, “did you hear about that man that murdered 19 explorers”, “each explorer was left with a penetrated wound”, “that weapon must have been a lance!” Parvious was ambiguous of his new found powers and gear, but he must serve his god. He opens a portal, seconds later one of soldiers scream in pain.

Author's notes:
I love to take criticism so fire away! I'm slowly adding new things every day. not a good artist but I'm good at numbers/balancing. I'm pretty new at hero creations but more ideas will be posted after this contest. All images were created personally by me with SumoPaint then uploaded to Imgur then brought back. More Feedback = More Changes ;)

Changes made:
Day 1:
[*] Creation of this wonderful post for HCC
[*] Added Lore!
[*] Grammer and spelling fixes
[*] Did some color changes
[*] little bit more lore in the abilites
Day 2:
[*] added Animation descriptions to clarify how each ability works
[*] Ability icons (not the best artist in the world, bear with me folks)
[*] added author notes to some abilities showing which hero abilities I got it from
[*] First balance changes! lowered base health from 225 to 200 and increased base mana from 75 to 85
[*] Added a Hero Concept Art!
Day 3:
[*] Added Day/Night Vision
Day 4:
[*] Oh Boy over 100 views! thanks everyone!
Last Changes:
[*] Reworked his (Q) to be useful
[*] Changed the talent tree to react with the Reworked (Q)


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