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Nyam, Empyreal Messenger

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Ahmazzan » July 3, 2013 9:31am | Report
Hey neurotoxin,

I know that in reality if he ever made it into the game there would be a tonne of chopping and changing and I'm fine with that, but its not like I'm short of time so, if I can have a little fun fleshing out his lore and background whilst I am at it then so much the better! :)

Also to a degree, I think the casual reader will be more inclined to carry on reading if the hero is distinct and catches the imagination as well as possessing good abilities; and whilst its the wall of stats or as you put it: how well you sell his usefulness and abilities that will get him in the game, if a group of people have picked up the idea and said: "I like the sound of this guy, I like his abilities, I like his feel and I want to see him in the game." then that is also a big help.

I understand and basically agree completely with what you are saying - for it to be considered it has to be role/impact on the game rather than lore/feeling, and to that end I think you've prompted me to add a brief explanation at the start. That being said, I add/tweak his lore and responses because I have fun making them, and I think it adds to the character!

Thanks for the feedback!


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