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Ivah the Trickster

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by dedessert » December 30, 2016 7:06am | Report

Hero Introduction

Ivah the Trickster is a melee intelligence hero armed with spells which take advantage of moving enemies. Garrote is her signature spell, setting a trap which stuns and damages enemies passing through it based on their movement speed. Trip stuns enemy heroes who dare move near her. Poison Needle Barrage shoots out poison needles which slow and damage enemies, hitting more the nearer they are. Her ultimate, Constrict, entangles enemies in barbed wire, allowing her to reel them in at her will, sending them flying at high speed towards her.

Typically, the expected teamfight playstyle is Ivah uses Constrict to pull enemies towards her, preferably through as many Garrote wires as possible dealing large damage due to the pull speed. If enemies are pulled really close to her, she can use Trip timed carefully so as to hit them during the reel, maximizing stun duration. Enemies really close to her will be hit by maximum poison needles from Poison Needle Barrage, adding some additional damage over time as well as slow.

In lane, Garrote can be used to prevent enemy ganks on your lane by setting up garrote traps to block paths where enemies would usually come from. It can also be used as a retreat area.


[Q] Garrote (Mana Cost:100, Cooldown:25, Pure, Target Unit(Tree))
Ties a garrote on the targeted tree. Garrote wire is created between the nearest tree in a radius tied by a garrote wire. Each tree can connect to a maximum of two trees at a time. Enemies passing through the wire will be stunned and receive damage based on their movement speed when passing through the garrote wire. The wire breaks a second after an enemy passes through, or immediately after two more enemies pass through it. Has charges.
*Throws a projectile moving at 700 movement speed to the target tree, tying a garrote.
*Each garrote tree is able to create 2 garrote wires, each tied to a different tree.
*Therefore, if a wire breaks, then 2 garrote trees also break.
*The wire is visible to everyone.
*Does not grant vision around the garrote trees or the wire, but does give a brief moment of vision of enemies who trigger it.

Maximum Charges: 2
Cast Range: 800
Garrote Tree Search Radius: 525
Damage per Movement Speed: 0.40/0.55/0.70/0.85
Stun Duration: 2
Break Delay: 1.5
Max Garrotes: 2/2/2/3

[W] Trip (Mana Cost:90/100/110/120, Cooldown:30/22/14/6, Magical, No Target)
Ivah swiftly spins her legs around her, tripping any nearby enemies, stunning them based on the speed they moved during tripping and damaging them. If the enemy did not move, they are merely mini-stunned and take a fifth of damage.

Trip Radius: 125/175/225/275
Stun Duration per Movement Speed: 0.008
Damage: 60/120/180/240
Mini-stun Duration: 0.2
Fail Trip Damage: 12/24/36/48

*The trip is instantaneous

[E] Poison Needle Barrage (Mana Cost:115, Cooldown:10, Magical, No Target)
Ivah unleashes a barrage of poison needles around her, poisoning and damaging the first enemy hit. Enemies are hit by base damage once only. Poisoned enemies are movement slowed and damaged over time. Poison from multiple needles stack.

Barrage Max Radius: 500
Needles: 20
Needle Base Damage: 20
Poison Movement Slow: 2%/3%/4%/5%
Poison Damage per Second: 5/10/15/20
Poison Duration: 3

[R] Constrict (Mana Cost:200, Cooldown:50/40/30, Pure, Target Unit)
Ties the target enemy in garrote wire, allowing Ivah to pull them towards her at her will using Reel. Everytime she reels, constricted heroes are pulled for 70% of their distance from her and take damage. There is a chance that the wire will break during reel. If a constricted enemy stray from a radius around Ivah, the wire breaks and they take damage. Has charges.

Max Charges: 3
Cast Range:675
Pull Speed: 750
Pull Damage: 50/100/150
Reel Break Chance: 50% (*25%)
Break Distance: 1000
Break Damage: 150 (*400)

*Aghanim's Scepter reduces the break chance of Constrict to 25% and increases the break damage


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by corin » January 4, 2017 2:28pm | Report
love the idea of melee/close range int heros, tricksters etc. always a fun challenge to work on.

got some feedback ideas, just quick ones after first read through.

i like where you are going with this idea.

could also make aghs remove or lower the break chance of constrict.

i think poison needle needs more explaination, you say that poison from multiple needles stack, so i assume an enemy that is next to ivah gets hit by multiple needles, takes initial hit damage from only one, but is affected by the dot from all the hit ones.

also trip could be balanced a bit more, at a 6 sec cd at 120 mana, could go oom really quick and only to stun/mini stun enemies. i think this move could use a bit of flat damage on top to make it more worth while.

seems odd to have an 800 cast range on garrote when the text says ivah ties the wire to a tree, perhaps make the description match the cast range, could through the wire bundle to hit the first tree in range. also does this provide vision when proced and does it have a timed life?

now i want to play ivah! :D


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by dedessert » January 10, 2017 6:53am | Report
Thanks for your feedback! The poison needle base damage is 10, regardless of how many needles hit you. The poison from multiple needles stack, so yep you're correct. Honestly I considered adding a small damage to trip, but my mind finds tripping becoming lethal quite odd. However, I do think it could use some damage to it. Hard to describe garrote, but I'll try my best. Technically she throws a boomerang-thing(like I said, hard to describe :P) which ties a garrote wire. I'll edit the description to make it more understandable. The lower break chance sounds like a neat idea, though removing it completely allows you to disable enemies, well, forever :P


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by The Magnus Magus » February 12, 2017 7:36am | Report
Poison needle does at max 70 damage, this is almost half the damage of aftershock(earthshakers passive). I would make it so trip does a base 70 damage and make poison needle barrage have better scaling (40 base damage and 20/30/40/50 dps for 2/3/4/5 seconds?)

Trip is a really interesting idea, but it doesn't state how long it takes to trip someone. Is this a delay, the cast point, or a channeling? Also is there any way to link it to force staff or the ult?

I agree with corin, making the break chance lower (25%) with aghs seems more impactful than adding more charges to garrote. There doesn't seem to be a reason to have garrote be able to hit 2 units, either. Also, having only one location with the wires seems a little underwhelming, especially since enemies can see the wires. Maybe having 3/4/5/6 max garrotes would make this ability more useful.
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