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Grey, The Polarshock

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by porygon361 » July 4, 2015 3:48am | Report

Grey, The Polarshock

Radiant Intelligence
"We exist together and apart."

Base health

: 530

Base mana

: 325

Base damage

: 40

Base armour

: 2

Movement speed

: 300

Base attack time

: 1.7

Attacks per second

: 0.68


: 500

Vision range

: 1800/800


: 75.2 (20 +2.3)


: 51 (15 +1.5)


: 97 (25 +3)

In a land unvisited by travellers and unknown to most map-makers, storm clouds constantly brew at ground level, electrifying the entire desert landscape. Known to native beings as the Static Sea, it creates and supports a completely different host of life unlike anything found anywhere else on the planet.
The creatures and beings which reside in the Static Sea are not born, but materialised as a living mass of electricity. They do so in polar opposite pairs, then immediately drift apart. Static walkers in particular separate into different clans depending on their polarity. It is unlikely that they ever meet or associate with each other again.
However, on one rare occasion, a fluctuation in the electric field created a fused pair of static walkers that were bound tightly together, never to leave each other's side. The anomaly had no way of going separate ways to meet the two different clans. As a customary tradition of the static walkers, newly-materialised static walkers fight the elders of their respective clans to test their skills before they are given a name. Word quickly got out to the clans of the fused static walkers and, puzzled as the clan elders may be, they decided to converge on their location. It was the first meeting of the two clans in several thousand years.
The Black clan was a reserved group of static walkers, more inclined to deep thought and never using their powers if not necessary. The White clan was a more lively, cheeky bunch who loved to use their abilities to play pranks on other static walkers. Both clans absolutely despised the other. "Normally, we wouldn't meet under such circumstances," said the Black elder, Dark Lightning. "We should begin the battle at once so we can leave immediately," spoke the White elder, Lightcrackle.
The fight had begun. Immediately, Lightcrackle zipped into the fray, while Dark Lightning charged a ball of electricity. With a spark and a flash of lightning, the fused pair separated and began fighting as well, White against White and Black against Black. At first, they had trouble keeping up with the elders' deliberate movements and oftentimes accidentally struck each other with their own abilities. Eventually, it dawned upon them that to defeat the powerful elders, they needed to cooperate. The pair tried fighting as a team, complementing each other's abilities to strike out the elders one at a time. With this new strategy, both Dark Lightning Lightcrackle were beaten in an extraordinary display of teamwork.
Both clans were astounded by the outcome of the battle. The clan elders had never been beaten by newly-materialised static walkers. More astounded were they at the pair's synergy, for it was once assumed that members of the Black clan and the White clan could never cooperate due to their polar nature.
Realising they could improve together, the Black and White clans agreed to meet again at the same location each lunar cycle to exchange ideas and learn from the other. To commemorate the beginning of the tradition, the pair of static walkers were named Black and White, representing the Black and White clans, and their fused form was named Grey, representing the new unity between the two clans.
For bringing the two clans closer, the static walkers regarded Black and White as heroes. But are they truly deserving of the title for such a small deed? A wise thinker, a former Black elder Duskwind, once said, "One's polarity is irrelevant; those who deserve to be heroes have proven their worth." With this proverb in mind, Black and White said goodbye to their fellow static walkers and the Static Sea, venturing into the distant lands to prove their worth as heroes, and only then will they return to celebrate the oneness of the clans.

Q: Polarity Split
Type: No Target
Affects: Self
After a delay, the Polarshock temporarily overcomes its attractive forces and splits into 2 heroes, Black and White. When split, their powers are amplified and stronger than when they are together. Black has more health and damage, but has low movement speed. White has good attack and movement speed, but has low health and attack range. Black and White can also use spells which are adapted versions of the Polarshock's spells.
- 0.5 second transformation delay
- 100/80/60/40 mana cost
- 15 second duration
- 30 second cooldown



In Grey's fused form, much of their power is suppressed, but as Black and White their full potential can be expressed.


W: Lightning Strike
Type: No Target
Affects: Enemies
Damage: Magical
Blocked by spell immunity
Blocked by Linken's Sphere on main target only
Zaps the nearest enemy with a weak bolt of electricity, dealing damage and bouncing to all other enemies in the area.
- 1000 range
- 80/120/160/200 damage
- 300 damage AoE
- 80 mana cost
- 6 second cooldown

When together, their powers are unstable and sometimes gush outward in the form of a lightning shock.


E: Electric Orb
Type: Point Target
Affects: Enemies
Blocked by spell immunity
Creates a stationary orb which shocks enemies that touch it, stunning them briefly and slowing them afterwards.
- 400/500/600/700 cast range
- 0.3 second priming time
- 300 trigger radius and AoE
- 1 second stun
- 30% slow for 1/2/3/4 seconds
- 80 mana cost
- 10 second cooldown

Balls of electricity are shockingly simple, but can gain different properties depending on its charge.


R: Polar Charge
Type: Passive
Affects: Self
Passively decreases the cooldown of Polarily Split and gives Black and White their ultimate abilities.
- 5/10/15 second Polarity Split cooldown reduction

Not all static walkers can harness their full range of talents, but Black and White did so with ease.


There we go! Meet Black and White, otherwise known as Grey, the Polarshock! This hero requires a lot of micro to manage, micro that I myself do not have. However, if done properly, the hero is very strong. White's Lightning Conduction can be used to catch up to opponents and Repulsion Orb and Electrocute helps the slower Black to catch up. White does very meagre damage, which Black covers for with Lightning Blast and Shockwave. Attractive Orb also helps Black to prevent enemies from chasing White if he is in trouble. The Repulsive Orb + Lightning Blast combo has the potential to be very strong. This hero is meant to be played as a #3 offlane role, as he can get last hits on the lane with Lightning Strike and survive with Electric Orb and, of course, Polarity Split. Once he gets to level 6, it will be extremely easy to kill any enemy in the lane. Utility items like Mekansm could be acquired on the hero. Items like Orchid Malevolence and Scythe of Vyse are also very good potential items. To offset this hero's early game prowess, his late game is a lot weaker. Though he does do more damage with 2 forms attacking, all his abilities are blocked by magic immunity and White is extremely squishy.

This was my entry for the FoC. Tell me what you think!

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by neurotoxin » July 12, 2015 7:56am | Report
The lore seem unecessary long. And how many bounces for W? All once in 300 aoe ? E do slow AS or MS or both ?


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