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FoC Submission

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Unscathed » September 7, 2015 2:23pm | Report

Restless Revenant

You can find it here

There are more than a few folktale of the restless dead haunting this world. The fine people of Elze told a story of a mother's ghost forever haunting her own son for murdering her, his sleep was full of terrifying nightmares of the heartbroken sobs and questioning of her mother. The people of the Hoven tell stories of the archer-demon Clinkz, once a proud and beloved man fell on darkness after his battle with the demon Maraxiform, his soul corrupted with the fires of hell and embodying his skeletal body.

But there is one story noone knows and never told before. The restless souls, be their death from betrayal or war or curses, gathered in one place and became one, single entity out of nightmares. Its origin unknown to any soul, and even the greatest of wizards could not feel regular magics from it. Its essence were of ancient times, it is power not even the Fundamentals could comprehend. It did not control what little mana it possesses, instead it draws on its own vital essence to sow fear to any unlucky mortal that crosses his path.

The Revenant became an entity of no heart, it do not have mercy or remorse, and it has only one desire: to be free and rest. But the souls in their host do not know how, and so they wander the wold, killing everything in its path, trying- to no avail, but this they do not know- to find peace and rest.

Dire, Strength

Base Health: 587 (0.9/s)
Base Mana: 169 (0.5/s)
Base Damage: 51
Base Armor: 3
Base Movement Speed: 295
Base Attack Time: 1.7
Attack Range: 128 (Melee)
Vision Range: 1800/800
STR: 23 (+2.2)
AGI: 19 (+2.2)
INT: 13 (+1.0)


Q/W/E: Level 2/3/5/7
R : Level 1/9/17

(Q)Vengeance (unit target, pure, affects enemies)
Each nearby allied creeps that died will grant Restless Revenant one Vengeance charge. Stacking to a maximum of 4, all charge will be consumed by this spell to let out a bolt that deals magical damage.
Cast range: 600
Cooldown: 6
Death radius: 450
Damage per charge: 10/20/30/40


Souls that do not merge with the Restless Revenant still obey its command, and its powerful magics convert the soul to a bolt that destroys vitality.

(W)Soul Tear (toggle, magical, affects enemies)
When toggled, each of the Restless Revenant's attack will cost of a portion of its health. In exchange, the Restless Revenant's attack will have increased attack range and deal bonus magical damage and have a movement speed slow.
Health cost: 25+ 6.5% of max health
Movement slow: 12/19/26/33%
Movement slow duration: 2
Bonus damage: 30/50/70/90
Bonus attack range: 170


The Revenant uses its dark essence to enchant its blade. The enchantment grants it phantasmal powers, ravaging body and soul by cutting the air around its foe.

(E)Mist of Terror (target area, affects enemies)
At the cost of a portion of health, shrouds the targeted area with a mist of dark magic, granting it flying vision. In addition, enemies in the mist has a chance to miss their attacks.
Health cost: 150 +20% of max health
Cast range: 1000
Cooldown: 34
Mist duration: 17
Miss chance: 17%
Radius: 400/475/550/625


The Restless Revenant is often encountered in the woods with light blue mist. It is here where hunters, wanderers, and warriors sword-danced with their doom.

(T)School of Souls (passive)
Being an entity formed of souls, the Restless Revenant gains charges of souls that blocks incoming damage. Lost health and used souls will regenerate over time, but will be put into cooldown upon being attacked or losing health. Levelling this ability will prevent any healing done to Restless Revenant and other sources of health regeneration will have no effect. Can be activated so that for 6 seconds the soul charge (but not health) always regenerates regardless of cooldown. When activated, this ability will be put into cooldown. Cannot be activated if this ability is already on cooldown.
Number of souls: 11/15/19
Cooldown: 20
Health regeneration rate: 3% max health per second
Soul regeneration rate: 1/2/2 souls per second


The Restless Revenant had its souls to protect their host from any damage to its dark, vital essence to its animation.

So here it is, my hero. I tried to designed him to be a lane dominator and early-midgame monster that falls off in the late game. The hero uses no mana, instead uses health. However, spending his health is mostly not a big deal due to the soul charges protecting him from harassment. But

Vengeance is a free harassing tool that allow him to zone his opposing laner and maybe allow him to be played mid at some situations. However, unlike other heroes who uses mana, this ability can only be used once per wave (Most of the time) and cannot be followup with a Lina-style combo

Soul Tear is his attack modifier. At first I meant it to be an auto-cast orb but my head spin with the orb+attack range on melee hero thing in ability draft that makes it increase range with manual cast only, but then I realized a melee hero that can orb-walk is somewhat OP. So I made it a toggleable ability. Moving on, the fact that the only thing that pierce BKB is the bonus range makes him weak late game (which was intended)

Mist of Terror is a way for him to siege high ground, take roshan, manfight, or catch juking enemies. Solid utility all-around.

School of Souls is his bread and butter. He levels this ability at level one and he needs it to survive harasses. Against few heroes he is utter **** but against some he is a monster to lane against. When activated, he automatically has sustain for fights but getting caught means he cannot use it.

-Great laning
-Okay attack damage
-Good early-mid game

-Is a niche hero (Some hero ****s him up really bad)
-No initiation skills
-Somewhat kiteable

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Late credits to Janitsu for the sig


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