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Earthborn Flask

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by FangzofFuzzy » June 2, 2019 7:23pm | Report

Earthborn Flask

Offerings by nomads for Desert Deities to avoid harsh sandstorms during their travels.

Recipe: Vanguard + Urn of Shadows = Earthborn Flask (3025 Gold)

+300 Health
+7 Health Regeneration
+2 All Attributes
+4 Armor
+1.5 Mana Regen

Passive – Damage Block

Gain a chance to block damage from incoming attacks.

Proc Chance: 50%
Blocked Damage (Melee): 80
Blocked Damage (Ranged): 40

Active – Earth Release

Gain and consume charges like Urn of Shadows.

Ally Cast: Provide health regeneration and damage block for 8 seconds.

Enemy Cast: Deal damage per second and reduce their attack damage for 8 seconds.

Cooldown: 7
Range: 950
Health Regeneration: 30
Proc Chance: 50%
Blocked Damage (Melee): 80
Blocked Damage (Ranged): 40
Damage per Second: 30
Attack Damage Reduction: 20%
  • Active damage block can stack with passive damage block on self.
  • Attack damage reduction includes main and raw attack damage.
  • Successive casts do not stack and only refresh the duration.


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