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Dues, the Elemental Magus

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by IgnoranceIsBliss » May 23, 2015 6:31am | Report
oceancalm wrote:

Actually, I prefer this mechanic over Invoker. You have to give another attention while playing Invoker to form a combo, when there is no need to do so while playing others. But strangely, Invoker is interestingly addictive, maybe because though he has 10 spells at his disposal, well, he has no ulti. His ulti is changing his skill set so that he may have 10 spells at his disposal.

So IIB, it's more interesting to me to make his [D] as ulti. Nice ulti for this hero, especially due to the fact that he has 12 spells. But if Invoker has 10 spells and has no ulti, this hero seems overpowered.

Incidentally, I have Tornado too at my skill library T_T ... so, I ask a permission from you if one day I'll post the same skill (a little bit different mechanic though).

Its fine you can use the spell idea, its not like its copyrighted anyway :P

Edit: about the [D] i dont really think it is too OP, all of his spells dont deal too much damage since he is all about early team fights thus having 3 spells at lvl 1 that dont have the capability to deal much damage to heroes even to enemies like Cm, Pugna, or other really squishy heroes is fairly balanced.(its just my opinion but hey if you could tell me any other things that make him OP in a valid way then why not :D)
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