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Bruce The "I throw things at people for a living" Guy

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Bruce The "I throw things at people for a living" Guy 14 posts - page 1 of 2
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Smuggels » June 24, 2014 12:18am | Report


Before you Read this know that it is really quite Bloody BIG so ... you've been warned Yzreel!!!!

INTERVIEWER: So Bruce thank you for agreeing to an interview for our magazine "Magic, Melee and Arms" we know you dont like to give interviews and were very pleased you agreed to this one and hopefully we will survive it unlike the last interviewers hey bruce?

BRUCE: .... *silence*

INTERVIEWER:*Ahem* well anyway moving on, so what made you come up with your name?

BRUCE: my parents gave it to me.

INTERVIEWER: Hahaha welll NO we get that, i mean your other name the "I throw things at people for a living " guy?

BRUCE: ... because i throw things at people for a living.... and im a guy.

INTERVIEWER: ahahaha *Ahem* ohhkay moving on. you relatively unknown in the Contract Killer circle, even though you supposedly have over a thousand kills and not one failure. How do you account for that?

BRUCE: i do my job well... and its not supposedly ... it IS 1000 kills.

INTERVIEWER: well ummm Congratulations?

BRUCE: Thank you.

INTERVIEWER: ermm ok, so i heard that The Bounty Hunter thinks that your over rated? what do you have to say to that?



BRUCE: he can think what he wants, he can say what he wants.... as long as its a very... very ... very... long way away from me. for his own safety of course.

INTERVIEWER: ....ohkay haha it seems there is a bit of rivalry between you two, No?


INTERVIEWER: But you just said....

BRUCE: I know what i just said, Rivalry indicates there's a contest, there is no contest because it doesn't matter if i cant see you, i can still hit you, and when i hit you... it hurts.... a lot.

INTERVIEWER: well i dont think ...

BRUCE: By the way your competitor wants your magazine gone and he made a good offer soooo...

*Bruce's hand quickly shifts left and right a small palm sized dagger appears in the center of the interviewers forehead*

*Bruce leans over and slowly carves something into the interviewers cheek with a few deft flicks of his wrist then he languidly stands up and stretches before smoothly exiting the room. the Interviewers eyes stare lifelessly after Bruce as blood drips onto the floor from his cheek where "1001" is neatly carved.*

Explanation of hero:

Bruce is a contract Killer specializing in thrown or projectile arms like daggers, spears, Shuriken's, Crossbow Bolts and the such.

he is played mid as a position 2-3 as he can come online quick and has great mid game damage potential. His late game falls off a bit but can still provide utility to the team.

He is what i call a PURE skill shot hero meaning that he has an extremely High skill cap. with each of his abilities having multiple effects depending on how good you are at them.

He does not have an ultimate Per see but is more like invoker with sub abilities but slightly different where instead of 3 combo sub skills he has 3 abilities with a Toggle (Read:invoke) which changes each abilities effects and attacks. i shall try and explain them as best as i can.


STR (19 + 2.2/level)
AGI (23 + 2.6/level)
INT (18 + 2.1/level)
MANA 420
DAMAGE 55 - 65 (changes depending on the toggled weapon)
RANGE base 550 (changes depending on the toggled weapon)


Bruce has 4 core Arms (Weapons) and 3 Abilities for each Armament. i will explain his Arms first which is his Ulti (if you want to call it that) he can get it first at lvl 3 when it isn't skilled all his abilities are based off his first weapon which is a throwing Dagger.


" Bruce has many weapons, all of which he carries on him at all times. some call him a walking Armory... those people usually don't call him much afterwards or do much of anything really... its hard too when dead"

Mana cost: 50
Cool down: 10/5/3
Channel time: 2/2/1

First able to be skilled at lvl 3, once skilled allows Bruce to access all of his weapons each different one effects base range, damage, attack speed and change the actives on his abilities. To swap out your current weapon mean you must remain static for the time it takes to change weapon These weapons are as follows:

(Base weapon if not skilled)

base damage (55 - 65)
attack speed 1.5 base attack time
range (550)


Damage (+5% of base damage)
Attack Speed 1.7
range 650


Damage: (-10% of base damage)
Attacks speed 1.1
Range (450)


Damage: (+10% of base damage)
Base attack time 2.2
Range (750)

* To swap out your current weapon requires channeling, this may be interrupted with stuns*
* moving attacking or using an ability cancels your channel. it does not put it on cooldown though*


Now onto his actives.
each active has 4 abilities based upon what arm is toggled.



*Bruce Flings his dagger along a straight path the first target it hits (neutral, Enemy) takes a small amount of damage and gives true sight of the target for 1/2/3/4 seconds.

Type: Point Target
damage : 100/125/150/175
cooldown : 30/20/15/10
mana cost : 100
range: 700/800/900/100
projectile speed is 822

"Bruce flings his dagger with such speed that sometimes the target doesnt even know its been hit, then Bruce likes to smile and watch his target from afar"


*Bruce Readies his spear then launches it along a straight path for a fixed distance, stun duration and damage based upon channel time. first unit it hits natural or enemy takes moderate damage and is stunned for Channeled amount. max channel time is 3 seconds. 1 second of channel equals 33.33r% of stun and damage and distance possible traveled.*

type: point target
Damage: 175/200/250/300
stun: 1.5/2/2.5/3
range: 1400
mana cost: 200/175/150/125
projectile speed is 622
cooldown: 35/30/25/20

"Bruce slowly takes aim then draws back and launches his Spear at his target, sometimes it hits, sometimes it doesnt ... but when it does he hits with such force that target is usually to busy figuring out what their name is to defend against Bruce's next attack"


*Bruce throw his Shuriken along a curving path, the curve is based upon the distance to the target point AoE of 75. The Shuriken passes through terrain along the way which affects its final damage at the target point AoE. Trees and units affect the final damage by 50 damage per unit passed through and 50 damage per 100 square units of trees passed through. if it doesnt pass through anything along its path it deals massive damage to any target in the AoE point spread evenly. the minimum distance is 600 the maximum is 1200*


(imagine if this is the easy skill what the hard one is ??? haha)

type: Point target 200 unit radius
damage: 450/550/600/650
mana cost: 250/200/175/150
Range: 600 minimum / 1200 maximum
projectile speed is 700
cooldown: 50/40/30/20

*NOTE #2* the hitbox on the shuriken is 100 while the final AoE point is 75. this means it has more chance to lose damage then to hit the target and with the projectile speed of 700 it is slow enough to be dodged. this skill will require excellent positioning. and or a long stun in a safe no wooded area.*

"aiming for his targets weakest spot takes precision unlike anything witnessed, the downside is that the smallest thing can affect his deadly projectiles flight path lessening its effects"

*NOTES: this skill if landed deals massive damage early game but is very difficult to land and if incorrectly thrown may do little to no damage"

^^^ this is the flight path of the Shuriken, the skill required of this is extermly high and i imagine that 99.9% of the time it will either pass through tree's or units along the way with any more then 4 units reducing the damage to basically nothing. throwing it through tree's will just make it sting like a bee. for example throwing through a creep wave passing through say 4 units and 200 units of tree's will reduce the level one Shuriken to 150 damage.


"Unslinging his trusty crossbow from his back Bruce notches a Bolt and takes aim at his target, trusting in his own abilities he fires, the bolt flies true striking the ground at the feet of his target and releasing its pay load of spores into the surrounding air. Watching them gasp and squirm brings a rare smile to Bruce's face before it quickly disappears as he gets back to the business of killing"

*Bruce fires a bolt at any target point with 1200 units when it lands it releases spores into the surrounding area. Any units caught within its radius will be slowed and take damage over time. while within the spores radius.*

Type: point target
Radius: 450/500/550/600
Damage over time: 10/20/30/35
Move slow: 8%/12%/14%/18%
cooldown: 40/30/25/20



*Bruce throws his poisoned dagger at target unit slowing its move speed and attack speed and mini stunning for 0.2 every 2 seconds for the duration of the effect. this slow does not stack with any of his other slows. mini stuns start from the point of the daggers contact*

type: target hero
Move Slow: 4%/6%/8%/10%
attack speed slow: -20/-40/-60/-80
duration: 2/2/4/4/
mana cost 100/100/150/150
cooldown: 18/15/13/10

"Knowing poisons the way Bruce does it would take a particular rare one to make him surprised and excited but the extract from the blood of a Endilon of the illusive Enigma makes Bruce nearly as excited as a puppy with a new toy .... though we can only surmise this since anyone who has seen Bruce this happy somehow hasn't lasted long after."


*Grabbing a handfull of his spears, locking his stance in place and readying his mind. Bruce launches them rapid fire one after the other until he either runs out, is stunned or cancels the ability. when being used Bruce move or use items or other abilities unless the abilities cancel button is clicked or he is stunned out or the duration of the ability is over. while active Bruce throws a spear every 0.5 seconds with each spear doing pure damage. he may swap target and rotate to follow target and will continue attack the target until they are either dead or outside of the abilities radius . When attacking a target during the duration that target is subject to a increasing move slow based upon how long they are being attacked for. once the duration is up or Bruce is dead the slow is gone.*

type: activated
damage per spear : 10/15/20/25
duration: 10
radius: 300/400/500/600
Move slow (stacking) :6% per second
mana cost: 250
cooldown: 40/30/20/15

"closing his eyes Bruce holds the spears lightly, he sets his feet, his breathing even and steady, the target approaches unaware... then as they get within range, Bruce Explodes into action throwing multiple spears in seconds replying only on his senses. opening his eyes a self satisfied smirk creeps its way across his face as his target is pinned to the nearby tree with more spears in him then Witch Doctors voodoo doll"


*placing 6 shuriken's in his hands Bruce becomes invisible and locked down for 10/15/20/25 seconds and only reveals upon either an enemy unit walking within the radius or duration ending then Bruce Erupts out throwing his Shuriken's in all directions in an ever increasing spiral damaging all enemy units within a 500 radius*

damage: 150/200/250/300 per unit
mana cost:150
cooldown: 35/30/25/20
projectile speed: 400
duration: 10/15/20/25

*NOTE : toggling weapons does not make Bruce lose his invisibility but using skills or items does.


*after an initial delay of 1.5 seconds Bruce fires a bolt at a target hero within a 1200 radius marking it and giving vision of it and around it for 200 radius for a duration and dealing minor damage. if the Marked hero moves either outside a 2200 radius from your position or within a 500 radius the bolt explodes dealing massive damage to the hero and in an 300 AoE radius around the marked hero. if the hero dies from the initial damage the AOE damage is instant at the point of death *

Type: Target Hero
initial damage: 100/115/125/135
secondary damage: 200/250/300/350
mana cost:150/175/200/225
cooldown: 70/60/50/40
projectile speed: 622

NOTE: Vision is not true sight, if hero goes invis then the vision is lost. if at the end of the duration they are neither outside nor inside the set radius the bolt will be made inactive and disperse. if Bruce Dies before the duration is up the bolt becomes inactive and will disperse. Marked heroes will have the :MARKED: icon on their bar with a countdown timer and when approaching either radius boundary it will start to blink faster until either boundary passed.

" seeing the fleeing little blue smurf looking creature getting away Bruce chuckles to himself, not today he says. reaching into his pouch he finds the Bolt head he was looking for, Made by the tinker himself, or so he was told. attaching it to his arrow and cranking the bolt back he sights down the fleeing smurf and fires, turning away knowing that at anytime soon the smurf will be gone soon, Bruce walks away into the mist, still chuckling to himself as a explosion sounds off into the distance



*Bruce throws a dagger in a straight line for a fixed distance the more units it hits increases the damage and the chance to do critical damage. every time it applies critical damage the critical chance is re-set but the next unit hit takes bonus damage based upon the number of critical hits already dealt. Damage to Creeps is half of the base damage but bonus damage and critical hits apply. the dagger has max stacks that increase per level. there is no max stacks for bonus damage from critical hits. STACKS ONLY APPLY TO THE NEXT UNIT HIT*

type: Point Target
Range: 1400
Damage: 100/150/200/250
Base critical Chance: 1%/2%/3%/4%
Critical damage: 160%/170%/180%/200%
Critical chance per enemy unit: 1%/2%/3%/4%
Bonus damage per enemy unit: 10/15/20/25
Bonus damage per Hero Hit: 15/20/25/30
Critical chance per enemy hero: 3%/4%/5%/6%
bonus damage per Critical hit: 20/25/30/40
max stacks of chance and damage: 4/6/8/10
Mana Cost: 200
cooldown: 40/30/25/20
Projectile speed: 622

*NOTES* Explanation of mechanics: When throw the dagger flies along a fixed path for a set distance any enemy unit it hits along the way takes damage and adds to the stacked damage plus stacks increased chance to critical hit. when a critical hit is chanced the damage is applied to the unit it chanced on and then the next unit the dagger passes through receives bonus damage plus any bonus damage from passed units, the critical damage TAKES INTO ACCOUNT STACKED DAMAGE. once a critical hit is chanced the critical chance stacks as well any stacked damage are reset to zero. DAMAGE DEALT TO CREEPS IS HALF OF BASE DAMAGE BUT STACKS AND CRITICAL HITS STILL APPLY.


LVL 2 TRUE SKILL DAGGER hits 3 enemy creeps then hits 2 enemy heroes with a Sven being hit last, the max damage that dagger has is 215 with a 12% chance to do critical damage of 365.5 if chanced.

so it looks like this

Creep 1 : (150 divided by 2 = 75 damage) (2% chance to deal 127.5 damage)
creep 2 : (150 + 15 divided by 2 = 82.5 damage) (4% chance to deal 140.25 damage)
Creep 3 : (150 + 30 divided by 2 = 90 damage) (6% chance to deal 153 damage)
Hero 4 : (150 + 45 = 195 damage) (8% chance to deal 331.5 damage)
Sven 5 : (150 + 65 = 215 damage) (12% chance to deal 365.5 damage)


*525 damage ( 54% chance to deal 1050 damage)

" bruce slowly reaches around behind him and draws out a small sheathed dagger the pommel glints maliciously in the dying sunlight. Bruce regards the dagger with something akin to hesitation. Given to him by the one person he considers his peer, the phantom assassin, as payment for his help on a job. he has only ever used it twice each time even he felt cowed by its potential power. Bruce takes in a deep breath knowing that to draw it means to commit to throwing it. he slowly drags the blade from its home."



*when bruce uses any other ability except Spear abilities he gains a "stack" or "Spear in hand". each stack blocks one instance of physical damage to Bruce (i.e. right clicks or Physical damage spells). once max stacks are reached a charge is achieved Bruce can activate this charge at any time withing the charges duration to give himself a period of invulnerability from all damage and effects(barring BKB breaking abilities like black hole or chronosphere). period time and stacks increase with level's as does max charges.*

type: passive (active on self)
max stacks / instances reflected: 8/7/6/5
time peroid: 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds
max charges: 1/1/2/2
duration of charges: 35/45/55/65

*NOTES* cannot be activated until max stacks are reached once reached any damage instances are still reflected but a "Charge" is retained for activation for a duration. if you have 2 charges when activated you will get one charges period then you will have to activate the second charge for the second period. this ability once your [E] is skilled is always active but to access the active you have to have SPEAR toggled.

"gazing upon the hundred fold flight of arrows soaring down upon him bruce is ready, gathering his remaining in hand he leaps towards the deadly arrows, moving with swiftness which has to be seen to be believed he deflects each arrow with a deft swipe of his spears, stopping solid he sees the little runt of a sniper off into the distance the hairs on his neck stand up... steadying himself he starts weaving his spears in front of him, faster and faster and faster his spears whirl and dance until the air in front of Bruce is a blur of shaft and metal and then faster still the spin and move until. *CRACK* a rifle shot echoes across the river, a whistling can be heard before *PINGG* the bullet is deflected by Bruce's whirling spears... the spears stop and Bruce grins across at the disbelieving look on the keen folks face. You got to be better then that you Midget he yells across the river as he sights down the shaft of his spear at the scared running sniper."



*when Shurikens are toggled, Bruce gains a increasing chance that his Shuriken goes through the targeted unit and damages the enemy unit directly behind for a percentage of the original damage. consecutive attacks on the same target increase this chance. swapping targets reduces the chance back to zero. This is a UAM that stacks with others, critical chances apply to the Shuriken that passes through the first target as well as any other UAM effects. this UAM is only active when Shuriken is Toggled.

Type: passive UAM
Base chance:4%/6%/8%/10%
Chance stacks per consecutive (successful) hit: 2%/4%/6%/8%
percentage of original damage : 15%/20%/25%/30%

*NOTE : if a critical hit is chanced then the percentage of the original damage is now the percentage of the Critical Damage. Any UAM effect is passed through to the secondary target as well.

"When fighting a target for a time bruce begins to see soft spots and weak points, utilising his shurikens to their fullest he is able to slice through those soft points and hit any one behind them as well. some say this takes a supreme level of skill to accomplish, Bruce says he just keeps his Shuriken's sharp enough."


*Notching a two special arrows that Bruce made himself with a Belt made from Shurikens dangling between them, he fires along a fixed Cone of distance. the arrows spread apart in an increasing spread to distance ratio until max Spread is reached with the chain between them, until one hits a tree or Hero, then the one that did not connect rotates in a decreasing spiral until it either hits a tree or another hero or hits the first struck hero/tree. any hero caught in the chain when moving is silenced and disabled until the duration is up while taking damage over time. Being hit by the arrow deals instant damage as well as the damage over time. if he fired correctly Bruce can wrap all 5 enemy heroes to a single tree or hero. the initial hero struck by an arrow can still move until the second arrow either hits another hero/tree or them, then they are disabled and silenced. the duration starts from the initial arrow contact*

type: Target point
Arrow damage : 100/120/140/160
Damage over time when caught in chain: 20/30/40/50
duration: 3/3.5/4/5
radius: 400/500/600/700
distance: 800/900/1000/1200
mana cost: 100/150/200/250
cooldown: 50/40/30/20
projectile speed: 722
sppeed of second arrow when first arrow has connected: 822

^^this illustrates how the projectiles path would look being fired (first image) and when one arrow has connected with the decreasing spiral and the distance between the two being when the chain is which is illustrated by the straight lines (second image).

"cocking his crossbow Bruce sights down the fleeing trio of oddly assorted targets, a floating weird tower of lighting, a short squat ugly as all hell orc like thing with a malformed hand and a hulking brute of a bear like creature with underdeveloped legs but massive claws. calming his breathing he sights the fleeing targets and pulls the trigger. The jingle jangle of the chain of shurikens quickly dissipates as the two arrows fly apart heading towards the fleeing targets. A solid *THWUNK* sounds out as the arrow on the left smacks into a tree, this is quickly followed by a whistling sound as the arrow on the right Rips around in an arc Gathering the Scared Trio within its belt of Blades and slamming them into the treeline as the other arrow embeds itself into a tree. Watching them squirm and wiggle as they try to escape from the chain of Sharp edged Shurikens makes Bruce shake his head, that's just going to make it hurt more he says to himself as he puts his crossbow away and picks up his spears."

since i guess you could say this guy is pretty complicated i thought id try and explain how he is played and maybe clear up some confusion.

Bruce is a hero that requires a high skill cap to be played well, like invoker if you don't utilize all of his skills then he is not being used to his full potential.

PRO's and CON's


- potentially high damage output
- lots of utility skills
- lockdown and vision benefits
- semi track skill
- AoE lock down skill with DoT
- large single target damage skills


- low mana pool
- high skill mana cost
- VERY high skill cap
- no reliable escape
- no instant stun or instant damage skills
- all his skills require great positioning and skill


How to play Bruce: Combo's, Laning and general play.

Early game he is really best at Mid lane where he can get his early levels and not have too much competition for farm. once lvl 3 is reached he can start toggling his arms. a good early lvl 3 combo if his [W] and [Q] are skilled is to toggle crosbow fire his spore arrow at the hero then fire his Tinker arrow at them. this will slow them and then when they know they are marked they will stay in range for the 10 second duration, then toggle to Shuriken and if you have enough skill then sit just off to the left of your tower like pudge does when he wants a hook and to throw your curving shuriken around the creep wave over the river so it will just hit between the creep wave and the tower (most likely where they would be situated and as you have 10 seconds of sight on them hopefully you will be able to see them. At lvl 3 the potential damage out put would be if they stay in spore range for 3 seconds : 580 damage before reductions now if that doesnt kill them they might panic and run, if it is still within the duration this will set off the tinker arrow causing 200 damage. *FIRST BLOOD*

this combo though takes, i would think, a high degree of skill (dendi anyone?) and the ability to land the Shuriken is very high as well as easily dodge-able.

this is just one combo i would think would work another one would be the Trap Set combo. Used in lane at what ever lvl toggle shuriken then activated its [W] near a transition point like the rune spots or the radiant secret shop to river point, then toggle Spear and when someone comes close your shuriken should activated and you would burst up doing anywhere between 150-300 damage depending upon the level then because you already toggled spear activate you [W] so now they will be right next to you and your doing beetween 20-50 pure damage a second and slowing them for up to 6% move speed per second if they escape the radius you charge your [Q] and release it for up to a 3 second stun and damage. then if they are still alive you toggle back to dagger and [Q],[E],[W] for a kill.

for team fights bruce should be staying out of them flinging his daggers and shurikens and bolts into them but not getting close.

a good combo for dealing with more then one hero is the Bolt Combo Whombo.
toggle Crossbow and wait until you positioned in such a way that you at an angle to the tree line and the enemy heroes are between you and the trees then aim somewhere in between the heroes and fire your chain bolt [E]. the bolts should spread apart and catch the three heroes in the chain dragging them back into the trees and silencing and disabling them, then fire your spore arrow [Q] at them, then fire your final arrow, tinker bolt [W] at the lowest health hero marking them and giving sight then toggle to dagger and position your self so that you will hit at least two and throw your phantom dagger [E], then your silent dagger [Q] then your endilon dagger [W]. then if they are still alive and you have the mana toggle to spear and aim for anyone fleeing with [Q].

there are many more combos and as you can see he would require a lot of mana which leads to Play style and Item Builds.



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Bunkansee » June 24, 2014 1:19am | Report
Oh my! This seems like a great hero. Good ideas. The weapon switching is cool, and I feel good players could get a lot of use from the skills. Me on the other hand would have no idea what I was doing. (sort of like invoker?)

Anyway. Great hero, good job. :)


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Smuggels » June 24, 2014 11:57pm | Report
thanks man ive just finished his skills ill get onto working on the rest of it as soon as i can haha, didnt expect it to get so big!!! lol



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Bunkansee » June 25, 2014 12:12am | Report
Woah yeah, there's even more xD
I think this could be the biggest idea yet :P

Good job again ;)


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by porygon361 » June 25, 2014 12:53am | Report
So. Many. Wooooooords.......

Though it's complicated as hell, it's definitely a hero idea to remember :)

Hero Idea Archive

Newest Idea: Ibrik, the Tormentor

And the newest in my series of hero guides...

My Guide to the Grandest Magus of All


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Smuggels » June 25, 2014 1:03am | Report
hahaha yea man though i would expect a full description of invokers abilities would be along the same lines haha, which is kinda the idea i was going for. an invoker with out magic just a lot of skills that he learned through his skill and practice haha. hopefully people like it .



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Bunkansee » June 25, 2014 1:47am | Report
There's even a picture describing the projectile lol!


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Yzreel » June 25, 2014 5:44am | Report
I.... lose
I cannot even criticize this idea since the idea is just too complicated (I don't even want to read all of those text, will do though later on... yeah, later on). It's like trying to criticize Invoker idea without real hero to test it out. I mean, if I am to criticize Invoker back when it came out (around 30 ****ing skills!) I will make the creator cry. So yeah.... I give up on criticizing this one, good job!
However, I won't give up on making a bigger idea than this one! Wait for the moment when I create a hero even more complicated, bigger and harder to use than this one! :p
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by ThreadOfFate » June 25, 2014 6:40am | Report
Yzreel wrote:

I.... lose
I cannot even criticize this idea since the idea is just too complicated (I don't even want to read all of those text, will do though later on... yeah, later on). It's like trying to criticize Invoker idea without real hero to test it out. I mean, if I am to criticize Invoker back when it came out (around 30 ****ing skills!) I will make the creator cry. So yeah.... I give up on criticizing this one, good job!
However, I won't give up on making a bigger idea than this one! Wait for the moment when I create a hero even more complicated, bigger and harder to use than this one! :p



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Ninecent » June 25, 2014 9:52am | Report
Cracks knuckles
I got this.
First off, the weapons are a bit unbalanced. Base Damage isn't going to matter when you have multiple damage items and also 0.9 attack time from the shuriken. And before you start talking about range, Bruce is tanky enough to get that close to his target most likely, and also has a rather fast movement speed. I would make the damage percentages instead of just preset.

Now, time for your Q. Dagger is good I would say, I would maybe buff its speed because 1000 range at 622 speed is pretty slow. From what I gather, it sounds like you meant Spear to have a channel time. Because a 3 seconds stun with good damage is pretty powerful, just get a blink dagger and suddenly you won the game. Shuriken, I'm not quite sure I understand it. If I do, then it deals massive damage to one target, but if it hits more than one unit/tree its damage goes down? I like the idea, it might still be a bit too powerful. Crossbow is good I think, its pretty similar to Ignite after Multi Cast gives it a radius.

W time. So Dagger is like Malefice, except stun time is a mini-stun and it also slows movement speed and attack speed. An -80 attack speed slow that can be kept up 60% of the time is really powerful, and you forgot the manacost(hopefully it costs mana at least). I like the spear ability. It sounds very easy to get away from him though, and if he's only doing 50 DPS then he honestly isn't much of a threat. Shurikan is powerful, but has its own limitations. Crossbow is just... no. It deals 575 damage to a single target, which is really strong against many lvl 7 heroes.

Now for E. Dagger is pretty powerful, might need to be nerfed, but it could only be really effective in the hands of someone good with positioning. I like Spear, it seems pretty balanced. Shuriken is basically a much weaker form of Psi Blades, right? If so, then its good. Crossbow is also powerful, with the potential to restrain 5 heroes for 6 seconds. Also needs good positioning, duration might need to be nerfed.


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