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Why use Tango?

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Forum » New Player Help » Why use Tango? 5 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by AxillaInAJar » March 25, 2015 9:55pm | Report
My friend just started playing a few weeks ago. He refuses to believe that tangos are effective. I've been playing about a year and can't figure out the correct way to persuade him to use tangos. Any veterans that could explain in depth for me to show him would be super great.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Eightfold » March 25, 2015 10:00pm | Report
Tangos provide ~450 health for 125 gold, don't cancel upon being hit, and come in charges so you don't waste your salves.
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Hit that Rep button, you know you want to.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Xyrus » March 25, 2015 11:05pm | Report
Early on, you can't take much damage without dying and can't afford any Items that offer you any sustainability in Lane. Tangoes are necessary so that you can safely Farm up an Item that can do their job much more effectively, e.g. Bottle, Tranquil Boots, Mask of Madness

...I see your's hard to put it into words for someone who's never played the game before.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Janitsu » March 25, 2015 11:12pm | Report

my comment has some useful tips over there as well


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Timminatorr » March 26, 2015 12:32pm | Report
Say you are a hero with 600 hp and you have been damaged so now you are at 450 HP. A salve would be a waste, because then you are getting very little out of the item and therefore wasting money.

Now imagine the enemies have about 400 damage in nuke damage, because you have 450 hp you are in danger of getting killed by those nukes and 1 or 2 attacks.
Now if you use 1 tango you get healed up to a comfortable HP level where if your enemies attempt to go on you, you will have enough HP to survive.

Does this explenation work for him?


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