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Drafting Analysis

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Forum » New Player Help » Drafting Analysis 7 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Dan Is » March 3, 2015 7:41pm | Report

I was randomed to captain and did my best. What could I have done better?
Hard supports are hard.

Dan Is

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sando » March 3, 2015 7:53pm | Report
Which side were you on?

I think the Dire draft was better, they had a hell of a midgame, even if I don't really get how they managed to lane that.

Radiant draft was very greedy ( Spectre AND a jungler?), and it's kinda hard to see where the synergy or strategy is on that team - push, nope - gank, not really - teamfight, meh.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Anteater » March 3, 2015 9:14pm | Report
He was drafting for Radiant here.

May I ask why Anti-Mage wasn't taken last? They had 2 or 3 BIG nukers taken at the time - and they made their intentions known by the Zeus pick (note: also note the Silencer ban FIRST - they were scared of silences wrecking their global teamfighting ability).

They had a few very good combinations in mind, and I'm wondering if you would have been better off trying to break up one of those.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by kkoopman3 » March 3, 2015 10:40pm | Report
Yeah Anti-Mage would've been good here. All-in-all I'm just not sure where you were going with this draft. Sure you have a tank, support, pusher, ganker, and hard-carry, but none of their skills really match up. You also picked THE HARDEST CARRY after they had established mid-game superiority. Someone just a little less item dependent would've been great. I'm also not sure about the Pudge pick after they had already lined up some stuns. I could see it being useful for controlling the Zeus early, but everyone else is too tanky or has a stun (or both).


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sando » March 4, 2015 12:11am | Report
Anti-Mage might have done better than Spectre, but your line up still has severe problems. Basically Huskar can destroy any of your lanes on his own, Pudge needs roaming support or a lucky hook to win his against Zeus, none of your heroes can really stand up to many of theirs.

You did pick one of each role, which is good, but the heroes just don't really work together - ok you've got Maledict and Chakram to go with Dismember, but even Timbersaw and Nature's Prophet can of get in each other's way, skills wise. Witch Doctor needs lockdown to be effective, Spectre needs a lot of farming time, which is tough against a midgame lineup.

This draft went wrong when you picked Nature's Prophet - you already had an offlaner in Timbersaw, so this meant he had to jungle, which left your lanes really weak. You actually did well to take the game this long.

You maybe could have turned it around after that Zeus pick, with say a Viper or Outworld Devourer mid - they'll need a Magic Wand, but both can give him problems, and the rest of their team too. A nice tanky illusion hero like Chaos Knight could maybe have saved your carry pick - his combo with Witch Doctor is pretty effective, and his illusions would give you more teamfight and pushing power. Other possibilities, maybe Terrorblade or Phantom Lancer, they're a bit vulnerable to nuking damage, but at least their illusions could confuse all their single target abilities.

You definitely needed your NP involved instead of going Hand of Midas, but it's kind of hard to blame him when the only lane he can really try to gank is mid.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Smuggels » March 4, 2015 2:24am | Report
well ill break it down into three core area's (which everyone should look at when drafting)

1. Draft Synergy

i.e : lane strength, peak times, role suitability

2. Counter-Ability

i.e : who what when where how why

3. Overall Game Plan.

i.e : what/who do we need to do/buy/get/kill by what time/place/person and why!

ill explain what this entails towards your game

Draft synergy

Looking at your draft im going to be honest but you have no synergy. you have slight niche synergy dismember into chakram and the like but honestly thats just plain old skills at the same time, its not like you ran a 4p1 draft or a Graft (ganking draft) or even a pushing draft .... you had a bit of everything meaning you had nothing...

Spectre needs protection to get to late game and you didnt have it.
Timbersaw needs levels and kills
Natures Prophet is just not good at all in this draft cause ... timbersaw
Pudge .... okay? i can kinda see why but kinda not he doesnt fit...
Witch Doctor yea ok THIS was the best pick of the bunch by so far.

you had a pusher a ganker a skirmisher a late game carry and a team fighting support. also you had no control .... none ... oh yea dismember? channelled. Cask? unreliable and not long enough. they had so much control its not funny. impale hex avalanche pounce toss lightening bolt ...

if you wanted a spectre draft you need to safe lane trilane with protection supports.
dazzle is amazing for that. then you needed a strong offlaner with large aoe lockdown. Tide
then u needed a very strong midgame mid. SF TA TROLL something that can cause problems mid game and hold the game till it goes late. THATS when u pick spectre.



you had very little ... they had a lot.

huskar? Zues? lion? tiny? Slark?

the only person that countered them AT ALL was timbersaw being that he had pure burst damage.

when drafting you have to incorperate SOME counters into your draft BUT (and heres where people go wrong ) this doesnt mean HERO counters ok? this means DRAFT counters... they had a lot of damage and kill potential and they would be looking to fight. but they fall off late late late game so draft something that can take you to it.

Tide Troll Dazzle Tree Medusa .... come at me brah! the tree will let you go later plus him and dazzle would help it. dazzle hurts that line up with his negative armour troll is all physical and medusa amps it up. what i just described would survive early mid and late .... hell honestly? they could take fights at 15 minutes and win really.

Overall Game plan

it didnt look like you had one. they did.

split push with np? they bought BoT's

lots of burst? they built hp.

going late? they built early.

this game i feel you might have had a shot at winning if you bought BKB ... ON EVERYONE. jks but seriously.

BKB on timber.... that should have been after blood stone.

bkb on spectre .... after radiance. (btw radiance? super dumb idea you needed to go diffusal bkb manta skadi heart BoT's)

BKB on np? hmmm yes actually that was needed. you didnt itemise well and you didnt plan well. you should have run a NP as a 10 min jungle then pusher with blink necro .... not shadow blade.... seriously shadow blade? ....THEY HAVE A ZUES!!!! blink necro bkb deso mael thats how it should have gone. also

objective wise. safelane tier one for you should ahve been prioritised, give the spectre space to farm.

then you should never reappear into that lane again. push mid and top and just keep doing it while farming their jungle.

Final verdict:

being honest. you got out drafted outplayed and out thought. they had an answer to everything you threw at them.

dota is not about skill. dota is about decision making. make the right decisions at the right time about the right things? .... u win games.



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by William » March 7, 2015 1:01pm | Report
TL;DR - Far too greedy.

You drafted a Spectre and a jungling Nature's Prophet.

Around the 20-30 minute mark, they must have been running all over you.


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