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Why am i kick?

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Forum » General Discussion » Why am i kick? 6 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Freedom Dream » December 3, 2011 8:01am | Report
Why am i not an editor anymore?

Freedom Dream

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by kumquat » December 3, 2011 8:55am | Report
Probably because you start threads with sentences like "Why am i kick?"


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by ixFusion » December 3, 2011 11:57am | Report

Probably because you start threads with sentences like "Why am i kick?"

Why didn't we hire this man?

Lyralei, the Windrunner


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by LuvLes » December 3, 2011 1:18pm | Report

Why am i not an editor anymore?

For justice shall always prevail.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by mcus » December 6, 2011 8:47am | Report
Because you're trying to replace/re-skin Morphling! You monsteeerrrr! (jokes, although, if you try and hurt Morphling I WILL fight you :3)
Morphling puts the 'ling' in bling and the 'Lin' in linken's sphere.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by dirrwen » December 7, 2011 8:57am | Report
And your signature. what the **** man.
LoL has a learning curve, DotA has a learning cliff.


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